how to get a guy to notice you

How to Get a Guy to Notice you -14 Tips You Should Know

How to get a guy to notice you require the right strategy. Fairy tales often have magic spells that the ...
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open ended question vs closed ended question

Best Examples of open ended questions and Closed ended Question

If you are reading this post you probably struggle to find open ended questions. First of all it is important ...
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indecisive woman-she can't make up her mind

The Real Reasons Why Women Constantly Change Their Minds

There is an old saying that states something to the effect that it is a woman’s prerogative to change her ...
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how to propose to a girl

How to Propose to a Girl-9 Tips You Must use

How to propose to a girl can be mind blowing especially if you are not sure if she will say ...
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how to pick up girls

How to pick up Girls-15 Tips You Must Use

How to pick up girls require the right skills and you must not be afraid of rejection. Movies and books ...
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how do you know if a guy likes you

How Do you Know if a Guy Likes You-19 Tell Tale Signs

The mysteries of attraction run deep, and many of their secrets remained locked. Why does one girl attract a boy ...
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