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4 Best Breast Exercises For Women


Breast exercises come with several benefits to both men and women. You will not only have a fuller bust for women but you will also get firmer breasts.

breast exercises for women

The breasts have two major muscles. These muscles play a major role in providing the shape and firmness of your breasts.

They are positioned underneath the breast tissue. When talking of the best effective breast exercises, you will be looking at exercises that will address your upper, middle, and lower chest muscles.

While exercising is generally recommended for everyone to ensure a great physic, it is important that you target specific regions. The following are the best breast exercises that you should incorporate.

Top 4 Breast exercises

1. Push-up

Push-ups are ideal for helping you workout your chest, shoulder, and your back. With the right equipment, you can achieve this at home or you can enroll yourself in a gym where you can work with a professional. To carry out this exercise, you are required to lie on your belly with your hands placed flat on the ground.

Ensure that your hands are next to your arm pits. In that position, push your body up so that your elbows take a slightly bent position. Bend your legs at the knees and follow by bringing your feet up. Remember to keep your stomach tensed.

Start to lower your chest towards the ground gradually and then push your body back up. Repeat this process severally and make it a frequent routine. This exercise aims at making your breasts firmer.

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2. Bench presses

This breast exercise aims at firming your breasts and giving them a fuller appearance. This exercise is diverse with the ability to work on your chest muscles as well as on your triceps. Working with an unstable surface of a stability ball will serve the purpose of working your core muscles.

In addition, this exercise will help improve balance and co-ordination. To achieve this exercise, it is best that you invest in a stable ball. Lie on the ball with the mid-section of your back. As you lie down, ensure that your shoulder blades have sufficient room to facilitate movement and easy maneuverability.

On the other end, your knees are bent to about 90 degrees. Place the dumbbells net to your armpits ensuring that the knuckles are facing down. Push the weight upwards away from your chest, you can count to 3 to an effective lift rather than moving fast.

As you lift, try to ensure you lift until it is straight above you. Gradually lower back to the original position. Repeat this procedure a number of times on a frequent basis until you receive your desired results.


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3. Burpees

This exercise firms your breasts by incorporating movement on your shoulders and arms. Other benefits include serving as a cardio exercise. It is incorporated while exercising push-ups. To get started, you need to perform a push-up. In that position, keep your hands firmly on the ground.

Jump your legs forward to leave a bent over posture. In this position, you will lift your hand off the ground and jump into the air. Get into the bent position once again with your hands on the ground but this time jump directing your feet into an up position.

This counts for one set. Repeat the procedure at least 20 times and avoid long breaks between each set.


4. Tricep Dips

This exercise works towards working on your arms and chest and is ideal for both men and women. In addition, it also focusses on your triceps. To perform this, you are required to sit on a chair or on a surface that allows you to comfortably sit. Place your hands on your side and stretch out your legs.

Using your hands, lift the rest of the body off the seat or bench while still ensuring that your legs are still in position. Do not fold them. Once you lift, gradually reposition yourself to the original position back on the seat. Repeat this a couple of times on a frequent basis until your desired results have been achieved.

Breasts are a very sensitive area for every individual. It is not just about the size but the appearance is a great deal of importance. While medical procedures are being advertised to help individuals have their desired breasts, it is important to note that a more natural way can still meet this objective.

Breast Exercises Natural Method


One of the natural methods and techniques will include exercising your breasts. By performing the above exercises effectively, and exercising some patience, you will not only be boosting your overall health but also ensuring that your breasts appearance is great.

There are no negative side effects and the results are bound to last in the long-term. The exercises are recommended and the individual should remain loyal to the routines. It is also recommended that you incorporate different exercises for better results.

Breast Exercises is a great way for women to get firmer and stronger breast especially if you are looking to impress a guy,with the above tips you should be able to get the full result that you are looking for.