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How to please your man in bed

how to please your man

Pleasing a man is sometimes a daunting task in today’s world as sex as almost become a sport to many.

Sex now is where some men keep score as if it were like football or basketball.

Sadly, women are becoming jaded on how to please a man? as well after watching the exploits of Kim Kardashian who seems to make a spectacle out her activities in bedroom and made her most recent splash with full nudity to “Break the Internet.”

With all the sex that can be found on the Net, what is a wife have to do, who truly wants to please the man who is her husband, which doesn’t look or feel like something out of a XXX movie? Today you’ll learn some of the secrets that have made some women legends and you can embed yourself in your husband’s mind and heart like no other. Read Now: How to make a man crave you?

All it takes is a little creativity and imagination. You can learn the secrets of how to please your man in bed today in this article in no time. When you’re finished, reading it you’ll know just what it takes to get his attention and once you do that the rest is easy.


How to please your man?Hand trick Video !


Seduction starts in the mind

Men today are bombarded with sex. If they kike cars there are pneumatically inflated bimbos on the car magazine covers. If he likes guns, you’ll find articles with barely clad women toting heavy armament through the brush or posing suggestively with a freshly shot animal that supposedly she brought down herself.


You have to differentiate yourself from the superficial and play with his mind, heart, and soul.


You can do this with just a trace of perfume. He might be watching the game. All you have to do is walk by with the right scent and you can watch a change come over him.

What scent? You might ask.

Vanilla extract has been shown to be more effective than many of those musk ladened and pheromone laced products on the market. If you don’t have any of that try the scent of apples. This is one of the great secrets of how to please your man.

That, a button strategically left undone, and a slow languid walk toward the bedroom may be all that it takes to get the fireworks started.


Men get turned on inside their heads and a trace of skin especially around the bellybutton, all it takes is a flash of flesh, and it starts visions in his head,this a great way to please your man.


Cosplay is not just for comic conventions

You’d be surprised at what goes on behind the scenes at those comic on events with all those people dressed up as their favorite superhero or heroine. Read now: How to make a guy horny ?


Pictures of the girls at these events are downloaded by more than one adult male and they are the stuff sexual fantasies are made of. Cosplay is pure fantasy and all it takes is a little preparation and some music and candles. Shading your skin green or violet and wearing a pair of harem pants, some slippers with your eyes done up in an exotic manner, and you become an alien seductress who wants to be tamed by a wandering space hero. The variations are endless. All you need do is Google “Cosplay”, “YA Ya Han” or “Comicon” for ideas on how to please a man.


“Steampunk” is also a good source of ideas as well. The combination of Victorian Era clothing and Steam machinery offers endless possibilities to excite and tease your husband’s imagination. Your husband may have other areas of interest. You know best what he likes. Become the woman of his fantasy and light up his evening.

The new art of spray on body painting offers possibilities for seduction as well if he comes home and see you in clothing or a costume that is painted on. This will surprise and arouse him.

The real story on how to please your man

Try sex in unfamiliar settings

how to please a man,Engagement Session Shalini & D by Lindarosephotography.com, on Flickr                                                       by  Lindarosephotography.com 

Go to the beach and find a little grotto has always been a favorite fantasy of  some people.

  • But, how about a romantic interlude on the moon!
  • Under a waterfall?
  • In the wild west?
  •  In the wilderness?
  •  Bungle in the jungle?
  • Become his Cave Woman?
  • Make him James Bond For a night?
  • Sleep in a healing mud bath?
  • Sex in a bowling alley suite?
  •  !950’s Cadillac Sex?
  • Do it in a plane?
  • Inside a mountain with a running stream going through your room?
  • At the bottom of the sea?


In Dubai, there is a hotel at the bottom of the Arabian sea. You can of course have a simulated version here in the states as many hotels now cater to those who want to let their imaginations run wild in a special suite themed to challenge your imagination to please your man.


Of course, you needed go far from home to create a fantasy room of your own.

  • A little decorating and some ottomans or even Pilates balls and Gymnastic or exercise mats offer a change of pace from your ordinary weekend sex.

Creation of a small fantasy world all of your own where the both of you can enjoy pleasure with each other by trying activities that you’ve never done before in places you’ve only read about in books or seen in exotic movies of the orient and India.


  • You can be like a movie producer and create your own sets for your own private interludes where fantasy runs free.

Mood can be made with…

Colored lights can change the entire look and feel of a room. Black light and Lingerie that glows under black light makes for a different sexual encounter,this is a great way to please a man.

If you want to know how to please your man, imagination is important. you can find sweet things to say to your boyfriend here

  • Some body paints and lipstick you can take him back to the Woodstock era and have mind-blowing sex to some of the Psychedelic music of the 60’s that is almost forgotten today.


  • A fantasy feast at a medieval restaurant where you are both in costume, then go home, and treat him like a lord by his lady is an alternative to ordering out for pizza and beer.

Unless of course you want to play the part of the Pizza Delivery girl, get your husband to pay big tip for service, and have a wild evening of fantasy sex.

  • Role play is different from Cosplay as you act the part in a romantic drama, skit, or play.

Again, imagination is a critical factor, to get the most arousal out to please a man or your husband.

A few props, old fedora, and your husband becomes a prohibition era gangster and you’re his moll at his beck and call.

The same hat and the next night he becomes the hard boiled private detective Ala “Mike Hammer” and you play the part of a mysterious woman who is in danger.

For this one you might want to go to one of those murder mystery dinners that are held in many cities and then continue the charade later at home.

Lingerie sparks the fire and helps fight impotence as well

  • Once you are in the bedroom the right makeup, perfume, and clothing can change an otherwise routine sexual encounter that is regular like clockwork into something extraordinaire.


  • Men put sex into a higher plane and the more it is treated special the more excitement, arousal, and enjoyment they get out of it.If you want to know why men pull away ,sex is one of the reason.


One of the major causes of male impotence is boredom. Sex has become routine for them and it holds no more surprises anymore.

One of the other reasons is fear of performance to expectations of today’s world. Many deep inside still hold the john Wayne outlook on life and the woman of today doesn’t fit with that image anymore.

Men have been in the last 30 years had much of what for the last 10,000 years of evolution has defined what a man is changed until it is hard to know what makes a man a man anymore.


You need to give him back his masculine identity again and by dressing up for him before sex makes him feel like a man again.

Too often women let themselves go and just walk in to the bedroom naked and…

There is no mystery or excitement. But if you wear something, a little special and a little attention to detail you can change your husband’s outlook on sex and life to one of boredom to one of excitement and rekindle his zest for life and you as well.

  • Toys, Toys, and more Toys

To add variety different toys are available for his and your pleasure.

Amazon has an amazing selection of toys for use in the bedroom. Currently there are over 208,000 sex toys available for your sexual enjoyment and your man pleasure.

  •  Along with that, there are many Sex Themed Games (STGs) That go way beyond Strip Poker to bring excitement to your evenings in the bedroom.


  •  Even ordinary games such as Scrabble can take on an entire new connotation if played in the bathtub between you and your husband.


  • Even D&D, a game that dates back to the 70’s has sexual overtones if done correctly.


You see if you look at ordinary Games in a new light you can ignite passion in your husband as it shows you care which is the most important thing to a man is knowing his woman cares about his needs in this “ME ME ME” crazed world we live in today.

You don’t have to be a Hindu Mistress of the Kama Sutra

This by the way if you actually read it is rather a boring book.

Only when the sexy pictures were added did it become one of the best sellers in the world. On Amazon, there are almost 3,700 variants nowadays.

Many of which if you could actually do them might land you in the hospital. However, having said that variety is the spice of life.


How to please a man with different position?

So learning a few different positions for intercourse adds variety and excitement will be a great way on how to please your man.

  •  Standing is one way to excite him id you meet him at the front door and use any one of the standing positions for sex such as on called “Climbing The Pole” where you raise one leg up and press him against the wall is an exciting way to welcome him home from work.


  • Doing the dishes after dinner by walking past him into the kitchen with nothing on except an apron is a sure invitation to excitement by the sink and all you have to do is lean forward a bit.


  • The kitchen table with a white tablecloth and candles is the best way I know to end a delicious meal. You have a variety of positions that lend themselves to making a TV dinner exciting.


  • If you husband is working late on the computer you merely have to lean backwards and pull him close and the desk can be your playground.


  • A Pilates Ball and an exercise video makes for an exciting greeting for when he comes home as well, if it is position properly and you are wearing the “right exercise attire” he’ll be more than happy to help you with your exercise regime.


Learning how to please your man in bed is just a matter of taking interest in exciting him and using your imagination to do so

Today you’ve been given some simple hints that can spice up your sex life and you have learned some secrets on how to please your man by just adding a little makeup or a change in clothing.

You can of course spend some cash and book an exotic fantasy suite. The Sybaris Chain of hotels offer similar amenities at a more reasonable cost.Read Now: How to make a guy hard ?

Toys, mood, and a few alterations to where and when you decide to surprise him for sex will work wonders on his deposition and you’ll both enjoy sex more as well.

You can change you sex from humdrum to sizzling by just using a little imagination and ingenuity. Remember seduction starts in the mind and for a man sex is 90% in his mind any way. Learn this lesson and you’ll have no problem arousing your husband and satisfying his desire in the bedroom.This is how to please a man in bed!

If you want to learn more tips about this topic, I recommend you to read the ebook below.



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