Domestic violence and abuse have been evident in society. However, while many would come to the conclusion that leaving the relation is the best option, you will find that many women in abusive relationships will stay in the relationship.

This raises the question, why do women stay in abusive relationships.

7 Reasons why women stay in abusive relationships

The following are the outlined reasons as to why they stay in abusive relationships with bad boys they tend to love.

They may stay for the sake of their children

they stay because of their children

Women have a special attachment to their children. When thinking of walking out of the relationship, the question of how it will affect the children cannot stop but add to their line of thought. It matters how the children will address and think of her.

They may blame her for ruining the perfect family especially if the partner is looking to blame his woman for all the bad things happening in the relationship. The idea that she may lose her children will also be the reason for her to tolerate an abusive relationship.

Isolation from the outside world by her partner

Some men believe in tying down their women and preventing them from mingling in the outside world. These women stay at home and abide by the rules laid down just as the kids by their men.

Over time, these women find themselves isolated without any friends to even call and talk to. They will rarely talk to anyone and if they do, the abuse becomes more intense. They would rather prevent it from worsening and play along with the current situation.

The belief that they do not deserve better

the belief that they do not deserve better

There is a group of women that after hardships all their lives, they take abusive relationships as part of their life. While it may hurt, they are willing to stick around as they have the assumption that the world has nothing better to offer them.

When asked, they will tell you that they are already used to life being as it is or that it is better the devil you know than the one you do not know. In this, they have perfected the art of staying in an abusive relationship and made it work for them.

She feels that the consequences are heavier

she feels that the consequences are heavier

Even with the thought of living, many women will stay back with the fear of the consequences. Many times, their partners will lay down threats that they will affect in the event that she leaves.

Some of the threats include hunting down the woman and hurting her more, kidnapping of their children and fleeing, and if you are an immigrant, you stand to lose out, as he will report you to the authorities. Looking at the reasons, they live a life of feat and it can be tricky. Eventually, they will stay in abusive relationships and do nothing about it.

Experience and livelihood

There is a woman who has been raised in families where the father was abusive. To these women, abuse is part and parcel of every relationship and will find it difficult to leave their own abusive relationships.

They will also try to compare their situation to more hopeless things. In this, if they are getting a beating, they would make it a better option in comparison to other worse things they think are not worth staying.

Beliefs are some teachings

There are several teachings that women will hold on to when staying in an abusive relationship. Some of the teachings are based on religion, marriage vows on how death should be the only thing to tear a couple apart, or even listening to what the spouse has to say even when he lies about it on every occasion.

Some partners will go for therapy when the woman gets to the point of destroying the relationship. These beliefs create a false sense of change that never comes to be. In this, they find themselves, staying in abusive relationships as they hope for some change.

Holding on to the idea that it is a woman’s role to strengthen a relationship for better

Many women hold on to an abusive relationship because they have been taught that they play a major role in keeping a relationship intact. In the event that it fails, they are to blame. In this, they always feel like they need to take care of their partners and not the other way round.

Economic dependence

economic dependence

Stays at home women are financially dependent on their partners. By opting to walk out of the relationship, they stand to lose out of their financial support. This will also reflect on the children. A woman who cannot sustain her kids will stick around even when things get tougher. This ties them down and because they think they have no way out, they will prefer the abusive relationship rather than become homeless.

The above will answer why do women stay in abusive relationships no matter how bad it gets. While many will say that there is a limit to how far an abusive relationship can go, there are women holding on to the above reasons to stay in an abusive relationship.

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