How to Approach a Girl You Like- 40 Crucial Tips You Must Know


How to approach a girl take a lot of preparation. Men are often nervous about approaching women, for the first time. They are worried about rejection or what to say. Planning on what to say and some other tips could make this a comfortable experience.

How to approach a girl is a kind of art, and it takes preparation, chemistry, and a little luck. It helps to remember that women are just like you, they worry about rejection and of embarrassing themselves. They are insecure and unsure too. Maybe it isn’t fair that men have to make the approach, but consider it a part of a man’s honor.

Here are some tips on how to approach a girl.

40 Great Tips On how to approach women


  1. Before you try to talk to a girl for the first time, learn as many things as you can, about her. This will give you an idea of some subjects to talk about
  2. Be selective about where you approach a girl. Public transits or quiet restaurants are not ideal. Parks or of course, clubs make great greeting places.
  3. When you see a girl you want to meet, smile at her. If she smiles back, you should take that as a good sign.
  4. If you simply see a woman that you want to meet, the best idea is to walk up to her and say, “hi.” Don’t use cheesy lines.
  5. When you are walking toward a girl, have good posture and walk confidently. Let her know that you are someone trustworthy.
  6. Look the girl directly in the eye and maintain good eye contact as you talk.
  7. Honesty is the best approach, just tell her that you saw her and wanted to introduce yourself.
  8. Make sure you are dressed nicely and you are appropriate for the occasion
  9. Freshen your breath before you approach the lady.
  10. Do not take a posse with you to meet the girl. Make it a one on one. Girls may feel intimidated by being approached by a group.
  11. Don’t interrupt the girl if she is talking or interacting with others. Wait for a private moment. If you do interrupt…make it worth her while by saying something clever like; “Are you talking about me?”
  12. Once you introduce yourself, begin by asking her questions about her likes, dislikes, work or school. Take an interest in her answers don’t let them go in one ear and out the other. Repeat something she has said back to her, later in the conversation.
  13. Do not monopolize the conversation it should have a give and take flow to it.
  14. Girls love to be complimented but only on general things…nothing too personal. A simple, “Great dress,” or “Like your hair,” goes a long way.
  15. If you are in a social setting, offer to buy her a drink or a cup of coffee.
  16. Think of a few funny quips you can say about yourself, like “I am an accountant, but I’m only boring at work.”
  17. Most women love to have a gentleman open doors and pull out chairs for them.
  18. Give the lady plenty of personal space, so she doesn’t feel crowded.
  19. A light touch on the shoulder during a laugh lets her know you are interested.
  20. It is important to be genuine-women can see right through phonies.
  21. Be yourself don’t try to be something or someone you aren’t. By the same token, go with your strong qualities.
  22. Don’t brag or boast of your accomplishments. Self-defecating humor is attractive.
  23. If some of her friends join the conversation, be friendly to them but let her know she is the focus of your attention.
  24. If you are somewhere, you can dance, ask her to dance, but only for the fast tunes. Slow dance may be appropriate later in the evening.
  25. Watch for her signals. If she is mainly looking at you,them-that…that’s great. But if she is staring at the clock or a door, try excusing yourself to give her an out if she wants it. You can also watch her hands. If she is gripping them together, that’s not a good sign. But if she is using her hands to gesture while she talks, that says she is interested.
  26. Humor is great but nothing raunchy or inappropriate.
  27. Ask open-ended questions that will illicit more than one-word answers. Example: “What are your hobbies or your favorite foods?
  28. Try to find a connection between you…maybe some mutual friends or attending the same school. Many girls are passionate about their sports teams.
  29. Talk about things other than “guy topics.” Women are not really interested in the mechanics of your car or endless details about your job.
  30. Find out what subjects make her eyes light up. You can tell when she is really passionate about something. You’ve struck conversational gold.
  31. Don’t overstay your welcome. Recognize when you can leave on a high note.
  32. Don’t ask her out. Try to mention an activity you do regularly and tell her to stop by sometime. It could be a weekly tennis game, church activities or some antique stores you frequent.
  33. It’s okay to get her number or email.
    Contact her by the next day with a casual friendly greeting.
  34. Relax…that’s the best way to success. You are taking a chance but it isn’t the end of the world if she isn’t interested.
  35. Believe in yourself and know that no one is better than you nor worse than you.
  36. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Some of the most attractive women have inner beauty.
  37. Don’t let your friends pressure you to make an impromptu approach.
  38. Women worry about rejection, just like you do and they are nervous, as well.
  39. Don’t be discouraged if you flub some words or trip over your shoelace. That will just be a funny story to laugh about later.
  40. You will never meet the ideal girl if you don’t take those first few dreaded steps toward her and try!


How to approach a girl you like video tips

How to approach a girl shouldn’t be difficult, you simply have to use the right strategy. So, the first approach to a girl can be frightening, but like most things in life-practice makes perfect. Try starting conversations with strangers you come across and that will be great practice. Have a few witty comments in your hip pocket as conversation starters. Look your best and then just go for it. The worst thing that can happen is she isn’t interested. Chalk that up to experience and move forward. The worst place to get advice about meeting women is from your buddies who are still single. It is better to ask a trusted (girl) friend for ideas. Married friends will also have good advice.

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In today’s world, women often do the approaching. That practice is music to the ears of the shy men out there. In any case, you can be successful by being your best self. Women love confident men, who are not cocky. They also love men who can make them laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously. Some of the most beautiful women you see on television or the movies end up with average guys who just knew how to approach them in the beginning. You can do it and it will be worth it in the end.