How to ask a guy out on a date – 7 Cute Ways to Do That

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How to ask a guy out on a date can be a challenge for every woman considering that men will be left to take on such a responsibility in the society. The fear of taking on such a move can be devastating.

Many women are also shy, as they would feel left out and out of the ordinary. On the other hand, it would not be fair that the guy you fancy would never get to go out with you. However, there are a number of ways on how to ask a guy out on a date without having to make it so obvious.

Many individuals find it out of place to ask a guy out. However, no female should have to watch her ideal man walk further away from her. Sometimes, it takes a little push to make him realize you are a perfect match.

Every woman should go ahead and make the move once they find the ideal man that seems to fulfill their ideal satisfactory “list.” Asking a guy out is all about what you do/say and how it is done. The following are cute ways to ask a guy out while at the same time, maintain your cool.

Asking a guy out- 7 Cute ways to do that


1) Mental preparation

How to ask a guy out requires a positive attitude. It all starts with your mindset to make the entire deal go through. It works on boosting your confidence in the overall process. In addition, you will also be ready for any of the guy’s answers. It actually ends as a win-win situation. You manage to ask him out plus you get to know what his thought about you is so you do not have to keep second guessing.

Mental preparation is a great step to tackle. Agreeing that you can do it also prepares you to take on the actual deed eventually. You need to sit down and strategize how to go about it. It is all about making your thought the actual deed.

2) Timing is everything

Always try to find a situation where it seems you bumped into each other or at a common venue. Making a call or sending a text message may not be the ideal move, as it also requires an explanation of where you found the number. In this, it is advisable that you take advantage of the similar places/ venues you are both familiar with.

In reference to timing, you need to avoid crowded areas. While the idea is not to remain alone with him, crowds tend to increase the tension. The right timing will be determined by the guy in question. It is important that you do not stalk him. This becomes a turn-off and reduces your chances of making a positive impact or even getting the right result from asking him out.

Many at times, it is advisable that you ask him out without having to involve everyone else. Even when he is amongst other friends, you can pull him aside or simply talk in low tones. Asking out is public may make him feel pressured and he may freak out and automatically say no.

3) Have an ideal venue

The venue, in this case, refers to where you are likely to have your date. It would not make any sense to ask him out then not know what to do next. Considering that by the time you decide that you need to ask him out you have the basics and a rough idea of what you think they like.

However, it is advisable that you do not make it too much for him. Make it casual to prevent creating tension. With the right preparations, your tension on whether to ask him out or not will not be so intense. The idea is to make him feel free and enjoy the date. This may require that you try to find out his interests and hobbies. Making him excited may help you get a positive feedback. It gets him feeling like the two of you can actually get along without him having to be someone different.

4) Build your confidence

Confidence is the peak on how to ask a guy out. There are several ways of building your confidence. It will ensure that both you and he get into a comfortable zone increasing the likelihood of saying him saying yes to you. Go the extra mile and ensure you always look good. You cannot tell when you will bump into each other. You need to make an impression before making a statement.

In addition, it is important that you control your body language not to make it too obvious. This is in reference to when you are asking him out. You may be feeling the jitters but you cannot show it. Maintain your posture, try and keep eye contact and make that smile count for everything. They actually make you look more attractive. Avoid mumbling at every cost. Be clear and precise. It will also help your ideal guy raise his confidence in you.

5) Try flirting

Flirting allows you to send a message without having to say much. This helps to prepare the path towards positive feedback. It also indicates that you have the hearts for him. Initially, it should not be difficult to as all you need is to smile warmly, make eye contact from time to time over short periods of time or even try teasing him depending on your current relationship between the two of you.

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A simple piece of advice is that you should not overdo it when asking a guy out. It should appear natural and not at all promiscuous. Ladies try to impress too hard that the signs are misread and it seems more promiscuous. This may scare him and make him back out. Do not take so much time flirting. It may seem like it has become an obvious thing and he may lose interest. You have to do it just right so you do not scare him or you do not accomplish your objective of flirting.

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6) Asking the guy out on a date

Depending on the guy, you should have identified the ideal date to go on. At this point, you need to ask if he can accompany you to your venue. Make it casual.

Just as it takes a man nervous to ask a female out on a date, it can be nervous for a female too. Do not worry too much about what to say. As long as you are not clingy, you will be fine. The following are suggestions you can employ.

The suggestion you can employ when looking to learn how to ask a guy out

Hey, could you be busy Friday night?
I am up for a movie, do you mind joining me?
I laid my hands on two tickets to next week’s game and I would love if you can join me.
Want to grab a drink sometime.
It is not just about what you say but also about how you say it. This combination acts as an added advantage. Remain warm, as he is more likely to accept your invitation. Sometimes, asking requires a lot of guts but with the right move, you will take any answer that comes your way positively.

7) Taking on the final answer

At this point, you have worked your way through the most difficult process. It is not a guarantee that he will make a positive response. Whichever the answer is, you must remain positive. If it comes out negative, do not be hostile or make a rash decision. Remain calm and composed. Also, do not demand an answer as to why he cannot go out with you. Remaining casual may actually get him thinking.

8) Drag him along in a group date

Going on a group date tends to ease the tension and while kit throws the obvious signs, it also keeps the two of you at your best. You have the backup of your friends and you do not have to feel pressured. You can ask your friends to arrange for a group date then they allow you time with him. You may manage to go out on the first date but you need to make sure that he will ask you for the second and many more dates to come.

How to ask a guy out-Simple guide you must know?

The following are tips that you can employ to keep you on the right track so do not mess up when asking a guy out.

  • As a guide, always listen to what the guy has to say as it will guide you on the track to take next.
  • Always make the move by yourself. Asking a different person to ask him out can be disastrous, as he will not only feel pressured but also he will not take you seriously.
  • Be yourself. This is important as he gets to know you. A change in personality may tick him off in the future.
  • Check to find out if he has a girlfriend. It serves no purpose trying to get a man that belongs to another. It will only complicate your life as well as his.
  • Remain positive. In many circumstances, it does not mean that a man not asking you out means he does not like you. Maybe he is just cold or shy. In this, you make the move may be saving a relationship that should have been.
  • Avoid pressuring him. It turns out that this can be a scare tactic. As much as you may want an answer to be sure of your position, do not rush him.
  • Make it casual for the first date. It should allow the two of you time to know each other better and allow for a comfort zone.


Unlike tradition would hold it that asking a guy out can be a sign of desperation, this is not true at all. Sometimes, it takes a little push to get a couple to meet.

It can become a little difficult and shaky at the thought of asking a guy out and then you start to think of how you are going to do it. Every woman has things they look for in a guy. Sometimes, the female party realizes first what they are looking at before their counterpart.

How to ask a guy out on a date can start as a friendship call. It may take a while but it is in some of these moments that the two of you get closer to each other. Growing fond of each other can work magic for a couple. You get to know the stuff he likes and how he likes it. This is an added advantage for you and you need to take advantage of these moments. Looking at aspects such as hobbies and his favorite things, he likes will allow you to get closer to. With the above tips, you will be able to learn How to ask a guy out on a date, remember you can make the first move but don’t overdo it.