How to attract women – 17 Crucial Tips You Must Know


The concern on how to attract women lingers in the minds of many men. It can be devastating when trying to get a girls attention and all that is happening is that she can barely hear you nor see you. Every attempt you have put in place to get her attention has been futile and this has happened with more than one lady.

The flowers, chocolates as well as the endless text messages or cards have not sent her your way. While getting the attention of just one girl is proving difficult, the following tips should get girls flocking around you without having to go the extra mile of spending so much effort.

Remember, different women tend to love different aspects of a guy and this is why women get attracted to different personalities. This put into consideration, there are however other preferences that girls share and grab their attention first hand. Below are tips to help you learn how to attract women and make her gain confidence in you.

These factors have been categorized so the combination will work out just perfect to get you to achieve your objectives.

17 ways to attract Beautiful women


1) Physical Appearance

As much as men love their women in a given appearance, women also have their preferences. The following tips point out what attracts women when considering the physical appearance. What they get to see before anything else that will get their judgment. They may sound simple, but the impact they have on women is effective and outstanding.

2) Cleanliness

The theory that men can survive on just a few showers does not apply here. If you are looking at how to attract women, take regular showers and top this up with the use of a mild colon or deodorant. Women love to hang around men who are clean and do not smell like they came off a garbage bag.

3) Wear nice clothes

Nice clothes have nothing to do with expensive designer clothes. Nice clothes will accentuate your body type. Expensive is not always the answer. Get rid of stains and stitch up any tears. Brands and designer labels are not what you need. The point is that girls get attracted to men who they can be proud to be seen around.

4) Maintain neatness

You may be clean but the aspect of neatness needs to be looked into as well. Being clean and being neat go together perfectly to attract women. Everything is in its right place.

5) Smell great

Man think that smelling great applies to just the ladies. This is not true. As much as the men want a lady that smells like a rose, women also love men that smell amazing. All you need do is identify the best scent to go with. The market is flooded with a number of deodorants, colons, body sprays and roll-ons for men. Pick one that is mild as too much of anything can be a turn-off.

6) Keep physically fit

This can be a tough one but the aim is to look lean and athletic. You just need to remain fit and watch your calories. Do not go straining to kip a 6 pack but you can watch on the excess belly fat. Some men are genetically built to be heavy but they can be fit as well. It’s not about being skinny or a model size. This tends to attract women as they feel that you care about your body’s well-being even when it is not exactly what you are thinking.
2. Working on your Personality and Charm

How to attract women wouldn’t be possible without working on your personality. After you are all cleaned up and ready to go, you need to sharpen your charming skills and get the ladies to follow you without having to try so hard.

7) Identify your talent

Everyone has a talent and it does not have to be sport related. Identify what you are good at. For those who already know their talent, they should not just sit around and let it waste. Even when you are not working on your talent to better it, it works to attract the women. It, therefore, becomes a win-win situation. If you cannot identify your talent, you can nurture one. Arts can be taught so why not give it a try?

8) Be exciting

If you are going to meet women and kip them around you, make it exciting so they have something to look forward to the next time they see you. This makes it easier for the women to approach you and not think too much of what they can talk about. Even when they do not know exactly what you are all about, they know that they will not get bored around you. You may be clean and all but no one wants to hang around a boring neat guy who has nothing to offer. They will probably admire you from a distance and that’s it.

9) Be kind to everyone

Women are gentle and warm in nature and they like men who try to match up. Being firm does not have to come with arrogance. Women get attracted to kindness. While you are trying to attract a given girl, it is important that you are kind to everyone in your environment.

You may be kind when around women and change when not, but rumor has a way of spreading the worst. It is better than they hear about how kind you are even when they do not know who you are exactly. It’s like being the robin hood of your area. Everyone wants to spend time with a masked personality and will do anything to be a part of your life.

10) Respect should be all round

Respect goes hand in hand with kindness. Though many say respect is earned, women tend to be remorse towards people who get disrespected. If you were looking for pity attention, you would have been advised to get bullied and disrespected but the aim is to get them to get attracted to you. Respect your neighbors and preach the same. It works like a charm.

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11) Be hardworking and stable

A lazy man who is always trying to get someone else to do his dirty work for him is a turn off as the person cannot be relied on. Get a job and be outgoing. Women love this as they relate it to being outstandingly a turn on. It is not about chasing after the money but about stability. Sometimes the job may not be cashing in so much but the effort counts for women as they perceive you as a motivated man.

12) Be responsible and keep your end of the bargain

It is one thing to talk about so much in a big way and it may attract a few ladies in the beginning. If you do not keep your word, you will lose these ladies one by one. This is because they will perceive you as a liar and a big mouth who cannot do much.

13) Make the effort to be a knight in shining armor

This has nothing to do with fighting and killing dragons. Try to help out where need be. It is important that you do not appear as a stalker. Being a knight in shining armor is about providing the support to help her make it and meet her objectives.

Do not treat her as if she cannot be able to do something by herself. The aim is not to make her appear weak but to show that you know that she is strong but you are willing to provide the necessary support to meet her goals. Help out a few times and women will be wondering where you dropped from.

14) Remain positive

Sometimes as much as you would love to attract a given girl, it may not work out. With all the stunts, you may find that you are attracting women but the one girl you want is not falling into your charm. It is important that you remain calm and positive.

Sometimes it may not be either person’s fault. At any cost, do not become a jerk and start fighting back and even making false accusations. Wrong move… you may just be killing your chances in the long-term or with the right Miss who may run in the fear of going through the same endeavor. Remember, not everyone is a match for everyone.

15) Be your own man

Do not try too hard to get attention. Women adore men who are their own men. This means that rather than turning out to be desperate and constantly sending flowers and cards, you can get stuff to do and still appear as a charmer. You look independent.

The idea is not to ignore women. Do not get this wrong. It is about using your personality to get them to come to you. For example, hanging out with your friends and having a good time will get you noticed. The guy who always hangs out at a given point creates a brand that women can easily associate with. The idea is not to hide away in your room as no one will remember you exist.

16) Do not stalk girls

While you are trying to attract women, always popping up and trying to e controlling is a turn-off. No one wants a clingy dude. Allow for some sense of freedom. It becomes irritating when you always have to hang around them and go out with them even when it is a girl’s night out.

This is similar to trapping them around you. Be more of an understanding pal than a clingy guy who is full of himself. It may start off impressive but you are likely to lose them faster than you attracted them.

17) Keep your creepy personality to yourself

It is important to check on the comments and jokes you want to make before you make them. Some comments get to other people even when you think they are funny to you. When women think you are a creep, it becomes harder for you to attract them and keep them around you.

Things That Make A Man Attractive

You are probably wondering why some other guy is always hanging around gorgeous women all the time and there you are still struggling to get one woman aboard, the real question is what do women find attractive in men. It is about time that you understand that looks do not count for everything.

what do women find attractive is a whole lot and is not dependent on how you look. Of course, it contributes towards being attractive but this has to come as a package.

Other than your looks, the following will help you understand the bonus points that will help you understand why he is attractive and hanging around all the girls.

1) Sense of humor

A guy who has a sense of humor means you will be happy around him. He is a charmer, he is a natural with this trait he is not working too hard, and it will definitely get people around his table any time there is free time.

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Though a sense of humor may differ from one person to another, the reason she is around him and not you is because your sense of humor matches his. A guy with a great sense of humor will light you up even in your dull days.

2) Strength

Strength is a great virtue that will get people to notice you. This is not about getting into fights all the times but using your strength to make things right. For example, you can defend a girl.

Strength goes a long way into boosting maturity. This also reflects on the physical capabilities of the man. Even if he knows he is not willing to do much but looks like he can, he remains attractive.

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3) Generosity

A generous man is attractive to write about any girl. However, the catch is that he is not generous because he has too much money on him but because he is glad to give a helping hand. Being a brag over your financial capabilities actually makes you unattractive.

When a man likes to treat the ladies rather than simply join them and have a great time, it is rather more important to be a helping hand than to simply want to be seen around some girls.

In fact, you can do something generous and walk away. Also, do not do something for the sake of recognition. Rather, it is best that you do it even when there are few people. A good deed is likely to spread like a fire bush even if just two people witnessed it.

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4) Affection

Every woman loves an affectionate man. A man who is welcoming and warm is more attractive most men think that being warm is a sign of weakness. On the contrary, this is a great sign to show that you are able to communicate and make a woman comfortable around you. This is one of the major reasons girls will hang around this type of man.

5) Cleanliness and smartness

Being attractive can also be about what the eye can see and cleanliness goes hand in hand with looking attractive. Cleanliness is about ensuring your clothes are clean and ironed, your hair is kept. Your nails are clean, as well as ensuring your shoes are clean. In addition, smell well and do not overdo it.

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6) Modesty

Even when you know you are good looking, do not go about highlighting it all over school or the workplace. That is the greatest turn off even when you are Mr. World. Women will run from you and the probability that no one will want to hang around you.

7) Intelligence

If you are good looking and cannot answer a simple question, more people will avoid you. Do not get this confused with showing off over how smart you are. This is about using the right opportunity to show that you know how to go about it.

Your mind will play a great role in highlighting that attractive look that women cannot resist. This can trigger chemistry faster than when simply relying on your good looks.

8) Confidence

The confidence in a man should be both in the bedroom as well as outside. This contributes a great deal to drawing attention. This is because you appear like you are not sure of what you want.

Build your confidence and you will realize how much more attractive you appear. Girls want a man that can pull the shots without seeking consultation at all times.

How to attract girls- Flirting tips

How to attract women require the right techniques. The above tips will get you to attract right about any group of girls. They do not require you to undergo plastic surgery to change who you are and how you look. The aim is to transform you into a chick magnet.

All you need to do is enhance your physical appearance to get them to look at you and like what they see. In addition, sharpening your personality will keep them coming back to hang around you.

The “don’ts” at the end will keep you from retaining personalities that will kill your every effort at being charming and attractive. As much as women get attracted to different ideas, these basic ideas will make you work your way to the top.