If you are worried about making the move and kissing your girl or your guy because you are not sure of how it is going to turn out, the following will guide you through how to be a good kisser. A kiss will do wonders for you and it will probably get you closer to each other once you do it right.

7 ways to be a great kisser

In a relationship, it is your first ticket to help turn things up. There is much more to a kiss depending on your situation. You can secure a second date, get someone crazy in love with you, or even get you into bed. If you are looking to learn how to be a good kisser, the following tips will guide you through it.

Get real close and stare into each other eyes

get close and stare in each others eyes

Before you can actually get into the physical act, it matters a great deal how you prepare for it. Get close together and simply stare at each other as close as possible. This initiates the thought and starts to work the magic. Just allow your lips to touch without making anything else happen. This glare goes a long way into making the both of you thirsty for more. Take the time to learn a few discrete ways of how to make him horny. It will definitely come in handy for later!

Start off slow

start of slow

If you want to know how to be a good kisser you really have to start slow, Start off slow and make the best of this moment as it works a great deal into getting the two of you closer. Take a seconds break and just breathe while still touching on each other’s lips. This works through your mind and there is an endless stream of fantasies for both of you. Keep it slow for some time and enjoy the moment as you monitor your partner’s reaction.

Gently bite on your partner’s lips

gently bite on partners lips

To help you turn things up, kissing will also involve your teeth. On this note, be as gentle as you can. As you kiss gently, take a break and while during this one or two-second break initiate a gentle bite on your partner’s lip. Start with one lip at a time and pull on it in a playful manner. This also gives you time to breathe so you can get back on the saddle.

As you start to keep it external

Still, in the initial stage, it is recommended that you keep it external and play around with each other’s lips. Keep it intimate and by getting closer to each other. This is one of the many ways to make him fall in love with you. Play around with your head to keep the motion going and remember to use your hands to explore other parts of the body that will help you to turn your partner on.

However, do not go overboard. This is just a physical that will help you get your partner comfortable around you so that the kiss is memorable and the effect is positive.

Pick up the pace gradually

As the two of you get comfortable and cozy, you can start to pick up your pace with the kiss. By this time, you are probably a step ahead and none of you wants to let go of each other. Because you will be increasing your pace, your breath will also be heavier and you can help each other keep your hair off the face. Your body will be closer than ever and the every body part is touching.

Use your tongue

use your tongue

Intimacy at this point cannot be controlled and you need a plus to keep things heated up. Using your tongue is more intimate and things are bound to take a different turn. Take your tongue and insert it into your partner’s mouth gently allowing him or her play with it for a while. This is a lock position where you will probably not want to away from.

Get into the moment and close your eyes

get in the moment and close your eyes

Kissing works better when you are working with your mind. To help you get into this moment, it is best that you close your eyes and work with your mind. Heck, you can recreate your fantasies and make them come true in this situation.

Kissing is an art and to perfect at it, you will need to practice. However, with the above tips at hand, you will have a head start on how to be a great kisser. Whether you are the man or the female, these tips will make him or she wants you more and more.

Whether you are looking to secure a second date or rekindle memories with your partner, a great kiss will make this happen. Get started slowly and things will pick up from this moment onwards and you can only stop when you want you.

If not, go all the way and make it much more as kissing can change the turn of events. While you can initiate it, you can also allow your partner to take control after some time just to make sure that you are both into it with equal measure. With this, you are both chipping in with your skills and expertise. How to be a good kisser shouldn’t be difficult with the above tips you should be able to satisfy your partner.

How to be the best kisser