What are the Benefits of Marriage – 6 things you must know


Even though it has been widely published that at least half of marriages fail today, there are also respected studies that show marriage can benefit both partners. Some feel that marriage is an outdated idea that has outlived its usefulness, there are many supporters of the age-old tradition. So, what are the benefits of marriage? Let’s take a look at some proven advantages of being married.

6 Proven benefits of marriage


1) Married People are Healthier

Individuals who are married live longer, according to research. Unmarried men die at a rate 250% greater than men who are wed. Single women die at a rate that is 50% higher than women who are married. Also, single people tend to need more recovery time in the hospital after surgery than those who are married. Being married can also decrease your risk of cancer and add ten years to your life expectancy.

Mental health also seems better when you are married. Men who we are half as likely to commit suicide as single men. Men and women who are married report to being less depressed and stressed, as 40% say they are content with their lives, while only 25% of single people report being satisfied. Men who are single drink twice as much as their married counterparts.

Married men and women report fewer health problems and a greater contentment with their life circumstances.

2) Better Sex Lives

A recent study shows that more than 40% of women said their sex life was physically and emotionally satisfying. Only 30% percent of single women find their sex life to be that good. Married men are at an even higher percentage with 50% of them being satisfied, compared to 38% of single men.

Experts say that the permanency of marriage enables couples to worry less about being jealous than about how to improve their physical relationship. Marriage provides a sense of security that enhances intimacy and confidence.

Research also shows that people are married younger in life tend to have fewer sex partners and less regret about past sexual experiences.

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3) Better Financial Outlook

Two people who are married have a financial benefit over those who are single. Household debts can be shared by two people working toward the same goals. Homes, furniture, cars, etc. can be divided by 2 to pay off items faster and easier.

There is also more financial security in a marriage because if one person becomes ill or loses their job, their spouse can pick up the slack. This gives the couple more freedom in choosing or staying with specific careers.

Married people also tend to save money for the future as they pool their resources for long-term goals. This was teaming up benefits the entire family.

4) Protects the Family

The formality of marriage protects children legally and emotionally. Children who come from a broken home are more likely to commit suicide, face poverty and suffer from depression. A family that has a substantial commitment from the parents learn to work through issues and to develop a security in their home life.

Healthy families mean strong communities, states and ultimately more powerful nation. Our country was built on the idea that nuclear families would be intact and therefore be strong supporters of education and community welfare.

Children who come from broken families are much more likely to face divorce in their future. Also, children who come from divorce tend to resent or lose contact with one or both of their parents when they reach adulthood.

5) Marriage Makes You Safer

Being married lowers the danger of violence for men and women. A recent study from the Justice Department shows that bachelors were four times more susceptible to be victims of crime than married men while single or divorced women were five times more likely to become victims of violence than married women.

Couples who take the extra step of getting officially married, as opposed to just living together, tend to establish a safer home and environment for themselves and their children. Homes with a man living in them are less likely to be targeted for invasion or theft.

Women who are married are less likely to be victims of domestic abuse than single or divorced women. Although there are occurrences of a husband being batterers, the highest risk category is women with boyfriends or cohabitors.

6) Sense of Security

As already stated, being married provides both partners with a sense of security. In addition to this safety, partners share emotional and intellectual bonds that fulfill the need for intimacy. Married couples often share common interests and groups of friends.

Married people tend to care for each other in a more permanent way. If one spouse becomes ill, the other becomes the caretaker, even to the point of long-term care. Marriages provide support and ensure better medical care for families in general.

Marriage provides a sense of continuity in the family life. Holidays and special occasions can be celebrated all together while future generations of children will benefit from the legacy of a parents’ strong marriage.

As you can see from the things outlined above, marriage has become a time-honored tradition for a good reason. The institution of marriage provides benefits not only the spouses involved but for their children and community. The sanctity of marriage has been questioned and challenged over many years but the fact that we all know people who celebrate their golden anniversary proves the value of the tradition.

The legal and moral definitions of marriage have been under scrutiny for the last decade. Different groups of people have debated the rights of all to be married. No matter what the outcome of the challenge is, marriage will remain a cornerstone of our society. The security and stability of marriage have survived some of the worst scenarios, but as research has proven over and over, marriage is a benefit and a privilege of many.