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How to know if you love someone : Early Signs You Should Know

There are many articles and pieces of advice from friends and family about the subject of  how to know if you love someone especially early in a new romance . People have said you fall in love, grow into love, or that love is really not much different from eating your favorite chocolate and not to worry. Some say there is a psychological condition where some people just love to be in love, like and addiction. Of course, if you are someone who is a true romantic and want to know if you love someone, Below you will find some signs to look for that can act as a guideline. Before we start the list, there are a couple of underlying principles to apply when doing...


Being Friends With An Ex After A Breakup: Pros And Cons You Must Know

You go through a tough break up, and you guys needed some time apart. Now it has been awhile since the breakup and you are wondering where should you go from here. Can you be friends with an ex? That is what a lot of people want to know. Being friends with your ex has a lot of pros and cons. Sometimes it is good to be friends with your ex and other times there is just too much damage done in the relationship. Can you really go from being in love to just being friends? Well lucky for you I have the answer to those questions. The pros and cons that I am about to mention will help you decide if you and your ex...


The Real Reasons Why You Still Thinking About Your Ex And What To Do

Moving on is one of the hardest things to do after ending a relationship. Some of us may be asking "why do I think about my ex?" There are many answers to that question. You may have spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking about your ex and what happened with the relationship. That is completely normal in the beginning because it is still fresh in your mind. Relationships can be complicated and painful but in order to move on you have to understand the reasons why you can't stop thinking about your ex. There are eight reasons as to why your partner is constantly on your mind after a breakup but first you should know what happens after a breakup. What Happens After A Breakup?   When...


8 Important Things To Consider Before You Date Your Ex

Should you date your ex? That is a big question that many people want an answer too. You invested a lot of time and energy into your relationship before you broke up. You may still have feelings for your ex, but you may not be sure if you should rekindle an old flame. Many people have different opinions and mixed feelings about dating an ex. Sometimes when you break up with your ex you may still have feelings for each other, so should you go down memory lane and try again? There are things that you should consider before you decide to date your ex. Here are eight important things to consider before you decide to date your ex:   Dating your ex again: 8 Things you must...