Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

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Finding cute things to say to your boyfriend will make your him feel special and want to cherish you more.Men and women are very different by nature which makes it very difficult sometimes to communicate with one another.

Men are more direct while women tend to beat around the bush which can be confusing or taken the wrong way.Because of these differences it can be tricky for women to find cute things to say to their boyfriends.

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Understand what guys want

Let’s face it; figuring out guys’ wants and needs is not very hard.Flattering men and building up their self-esteem on the other hand, can be difficult.

Women are hardwired to respond to words while men respond more so to actions. So for all of the ladies out there who need to know how to get a guy to like you and find some  examples of sweet things to say to your boyfriends, this one is for you.

Before we can actually get into these sweet things that their like, there needs to be an understanding of what men want and need. Men are wired to have the urge or want to be viewed as strong and powerful.

What Do Men Want?

All men want their significant other to think of them as strong and manly, capable of anything. Instinctively men also want this because women are drawn to men who are strong and confident.

Going along with what men’s wants and needs, they also want to be the provider. Ever wonder why traditionally men have been the ones to work while women stayed home? Why they are expected to pay for dates? It’s because they are viewed as the protector and the provider.

Men want to be able to provide for their family and take care of them. It has been their responsibility to be the caretaker of the family for thousands of years, so it is incredibly important to them that they are the breadwinner or they play a crucial part in the family’s infrastructure. They crave this because it is what also makes them strong in that they are strong enough to care for an entire family off of their hard work.

Another great example of men’s wants and needs is they want to be flattered. Many men who work out especially want to be complimented for those great biceps. Bulking up is very hard and takes a lot of commitment. This being said, men want to be acknowledged for their hard work and good looks.

As women we get used to always being the ones complimented and never doing the complimenting. Men need these ego boosts as much as we do. Many men like women, deal with insecurity or feelings of inferiority. Men need to be built up as much as women do, if not more.

Men want to feel accepted. In today’s society and really since the beginning, men have always had to be the first ones to approach a girl and ask her out. Depending on how they phrase the question or how they come across can make or break any kind of possibility.

That is a lot of pressure for men that women do not have to deal with. Women need to admit that they have it way easier when it comes to asking people out than men do. Men have learned from a very young age how to deal with rejection.

Rejection is hard to deal with as it is, imagine how hard it must be for guys to feel it regularly. Men want to have that acceptance and want to feel accomplishment through that. Talking to girls is no easy task, we’re pretty scary creatures and can be completely heartless. This being said, men just want to feel loved and not feel that bitter feeling of rejection.

Men are totally controlled by sight and by affection. When it comes to intimacy there are two things that drive them absolutely crazy (in a good way): seeing bare skin and being told that they are doing everything right. Most girls generally shy away from the second part because it can get a bit uncomfortable to talk about things of that nature, but it drives men crazy with desire. This is another form of their need to be a provider.

They want to be able to satisfy their significant other in every way possible and pleasure them to the best of their abilities. Men have more insecurity in this department because of well, anatomy and the expectation our sex fueled society gives them.

In order to pander men’s desire to feel powerful, there are many sweet things that can be said to him. They do not have to be specific or anything because it all is conditional.

For example, if the lid of the pickle jar simply will not open just hand it to him and say “You are just so much stronger than I am.” If your luggage is too heavy or just troublesome to him say something along the lines of: “Can you help me babe? I can’t get this.” Showing these signs of weakness and giving him the opportunity to rise to the occasion will boost his ego, which makes anyone feel happy. Plus it will make him feel stronger and more secure about his position as the provider.

Men traditionally have always been the provider of the family. This role has changed slightly ever since World War II when women made their appearance in the workforce. Because of this it is not entirely uncommon to have the woman make more money than her husband or significant other.

This can be a huge blow to a guy’s ego because it is something that he cannot control and may feel undermined. Regardless of the ratio of incomes it is always important to make him feel like the provider. There are some sweet things that can be said to your boyfriend to make him feel as such.

If he makes dinner a couple times a week or does laundry, it is important to express how much that helps. Phrases like, “I’m pretty sure I’d starve if you weren’t here cooking,” or “What would I do without you here?” make him feel important and needed. Like pandering to a man’s desire to feel powerful, this is all conditional. The main thing is to verbally express just how helpful or crucial his role is in the household.

Men and women are very different creatures but both have this in common: we love to be flattered. Compliments make everyone feel better about themselves, and men are no different.

Sweet Things that you Can say to your Boyfriend

Telling him that he is handsome or that he looks good in those jeans will be enough to make him feel better about himself. The difference between men and women when it comes to flattery is this: women want to look beautiful and delicate while men want to look strong and capable of anything.

Telling him that his new sweater really shows off his arms or makes him look really muscular will make him feel powerful and boost his self-confidence. Let’s face it, we all could use more self-confidence anyway. Men do not typically receive compliments, they give them. It is important to spread the love and tell him “Your hair looks really good like that,” or “The gym is really starting to show” will make him happy and glad that his hard work is starting to show.

Every human being on this earth wants one similar sweet thing: to feel accepted by their peers and loved ones. Men are no different than women in this, which is why it makes him happy to know that he is accepted by his significant other.

Verbally expressing this acceptance and love on a regular basis will make him feel happy and appreciate having his significant other in his life. For example if he was told: “I don’t know what I would do without you in my life,” or “You are so fantastic:)” or “I don’t think you know what a great boyfriend you are” is enough to boost that ego for a long time.

Telling him Sweet things like this also lets him know how his significant other feels about him and is an excellent form of communication which saves relationships. Constantly giving him those words of affirmation will make one happy and will make him more inclined to reciprocate the gesture.

This topic is where things are going to be brutally honest. Many men are very self-conscious when it comes to pleasuring women.

Cute Things to Say to your Boyfriend When you in Bed

The bar is set so high for them on how they deliver and even on their own anatomy which is something they cannot control, that it can be very difficult for a man to feel confident in bed.
Do not be afraid to tell him “no not there, here”, “that feels so good”, “keep going,” “yes you’ve got it,” because it all boosts his confidence.

Even correcting him makes him feel good because then he knows he will get it right the second time around.
Do not let him flounder and fail or make anything awkward. It makes men feel happy to know that they can pleasure their girlfriend and can be a stellar lover. Everyone wants to be able to bring people pleasure and expressing to him that he is fantastic in bed will make his day.
Saying cute things to your boyfriend will boost his ego, but showing them how much they are loved is equally important. Actions speak louder than words. In the beginning stages of a relationship when both parties are just shy, it can mean a lot to trust him with your body.

Those  sweet things  alone makes him feel happy and special because he is being allowed the forbidden fruit: the naked body. Men are driven visually so seeing that will one: drive him crazy and two: show him how much you trust him an three: show him how much he is loved and four: show him how lucky he is.

It is very important that appreciation goes both ways when it comes to relationships because without it, then the relationship is dead. It is not worth the hard work and struggles to date someone who cannot even show that they appreciate everything that is done for them.

When it comes to relationships and saying cute things to your boyfriend or other significant other, it is very important to know what their needs are. Knowing their needs and being aware of their insecurities gives you the power to satisfy those emotional needs and build them up.

Of course, every situation is different making it nearly impossible to make a set chart of cute things to say to your boyfriend. They are all conditional because of the nature of the relationship and nature of the boyfriend as well.

This being said the best way to find sweet things to say to your boyfriend is know him and know what he likes and dislikes. Know what he excels in and where his pitfalls are so that it is easier to pinpoint what would build him up higher. Building him up will make him appreciate you more and will soften his heart so he opens up more as well.

Overall, when you get cute things to say to your boyfriend can keep the relationship going strong because he is fully aware of how you feel about him and also feels good about himself.