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The Real Reasons Why You Still Thinking About Your Ex And What To Do

Moving on is one of the hardest things to do after ending a relationship. Some of us may be asking "why do I think about my ex?" There are many answers to that question. You may have spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking about your ex and what happened with the relationship. That is completely normal in the beginning because it is still fresh in your mind. Relationships can be complicated and painful but in order to move on you have to understand the reasons why you can't stop thinking about your ex. There are eight reasons as to why your partner is constantly on your mind after a breakup but first you should know what happens after a breakup. What Happens After A Breakup?   When...


8 Important Things To Consider Before You Date Your Ex

Should you date your ex? That is a big question that many people want an answer too. You invested a lot of time and energy into your relationship before you broke up. You may still have feelings for your ex, but you may not be sure if you should rekindle an old flame. Many people have different opinions and mixed feelings about dating an ex. Sometimes when you break up with your ex you may still have feelings for each other, so should you go down memory lane and try again? There are things that you should consider before you decide to date your ex. Here are eight important things to consider before you decide to date your ex:   Dating your ex again: 8 Things you must...


How to Make Your Ex Miss You And Really Want You Back

Getting dumped is not fun. Regardless of the reason why you broke up you probably wish that your ex would miss you. You probably want revenge for the stuff that happened between you and your partner but that is not always a good idea. If you want your ex to miss you so you can get back together or if you want your ex to think about you, you may be successful with these eight tips.   Relationships can sometimes be complicated but absence does make the heart grow fonder, and maybe your time apart will make that person miss you. There is a lot of advice on how to make your ex miss you. Following these simple steps that I listed below will give you the...


How to Get Over a Broken Heart- 7 Tips You Must Use

How to get over a broken heart can be a little difficult . While it is painful and devastating, there is a positive side to it and the best part is that you can look forward to life and bring out the best of it.   You may have spent years in the relationship but if it got to the point where you called it quits, there is a reason for it going as it did. You can get back on your feet sooner and even after a breakup. The following are tips on how to get over a broken heart How to get over a broken heart: 7 Tips you Must Use 1. Listen to more music Music soothes the heart and when listening to your favorite music, you...


How to Get Over Someone You Like-6 Tips You Must Know

How to get over someone you like can be very difficult sometimes. Breaking up is as difficult as it can get especially when you were not ready for that step. It can be devastating but on the other hand, with the right step, you will get over it and enjoy life as it is if not feel better about yourself. Life is not always a bed of roses but the ability wakes up from a fallen situation will always give you reason to look forward and give life the best shot possible. The following steps will help you on how to get over someone you like Getting over someone you love -6 Steps you must take   1. Get out and about You are hurting and the last thing you...


No Contact Rule After Breakup To Get Your Ex Back

The no contact rule after  breakup is simple and straight to the point. It means that you will not communicate with your ex for a given period of time and it applies after a breakup. Whereas it is rather obvious, there are different purposes of doing so. Some will implement this in the right way whereas others have difficulties doing so. The following guideline is on the No Contact Rule to help you get your ex back. It is all about strategy as well as working with the right time. It applies to both those who are trying to get their boyfriend or girlfriend back. No Contact Rule to Help You Get Ex Back-Exactly What to do   1. Not Allowed to Call or Text Your Ex During the no...

How To Deal With A Break Up 10 Crucial Tips You Must Know

How to deal with a break up can be hard sometimes if your significant other just break up with you you nee to read this post.So Are you extremely heart-broken? Did you honestly believe the two of you would last?Are you looking for any break up advice? Do you feel like it's not actually over? Did the two of you just work so well together, that you are left feeling as though it can't possibly come to an end?Are you left feeling lost and confused? You don't know what to do? Where to turn and how to deal with the break up? Well, your heartache ends now. I am here to provide you with some break up advice and some helpful tips on how to get...

What To Say To Get Your Ex Back ?

What to say to get your ex back is a question that often ask by so many after a break up especially when the other person is stuck on words to say to get their ex back. Nervousness comes along because you are scared of rejection. The only way to deal with being rejected is to tell yourself that this is not about you. If your ex does not want you back, then what you say in order to get them back will have no effect. The bottom line here is that you won’t succeed if your ex is not interested.So what to say to get your ex back depends on the circumstances of your breakup. If you broke up with your ex, then perhaps you...

How To Get Back With Your Ex Fast ?

How to get back with your ex is a question ask by so many after a break up. You made a mistake in breaking it off and you want to reunite. How do you go about this. There are many strategies you can use to get back with your ex , you just need to pick one. You will also find many books on this topic, so you may want to start looking for advice via the Internet. Some relationship experts will tell you to give this time. Your ex might have only just walked out of your life and while you want them to return, begging, pleading and .declaring your love is not going to go down well. If you are pining for your ex...

How to get over a break up fast – 14 Crucial Tips You Must Know

How to get over a break up may not be easy.There are several reasons why people breakup and even when others think it is for the best, the impact of a breakup can be devastating. Many questions keep pondering your mind and you simply cannot come up with answers. Keep in mind that getting over a breakup does not necessarily mean that you and your ex may never see eye-to-eye. First of all before you understand how to get over a break up, it is important to understand why it happens  at the first place . There are many reasons for a breakup. It may mean you were never meant to be or it is simply a wake up call for the two of you so...