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8 Signs A Guy Is Flirting With You

Most women know when a guy is flirting with them, but sometimes men are hard to read. There are many subtle things that men do that will give you a hint that they are flirting with you. It feels good when a man is flirting with you; it means that he has an interest in you and he wants to get to know you. If you want to know if a man is flirting with you, then you should pay attention to the things he says or does. Some men are shy, and they may have trouble sharing their feelings with women. That is why it is very important to be more attentive to the actions that men show if you want to know if he...


The Pros And Cons of a Double Date – Why you should or shouldn’t do it

We have all heard the old saying, “there’s safety in numbers.” Does that logic apply to dating? Double dating is popular among certain groups of people today. Supporters of group dating say that it promotes strong relationships and is just more fun. There are some detractors who don’t think double dates are a good idea. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of double dates. Pros of double date - 5 Things you should know 1. Eases stress of first dates We all know the stress and worry of that first date with a special someone. We worry about what to talk about and awkward pauses in the conversation. What if we don’t like the other person as much as we initially thought? Double dates provide a cushion...


How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You: 16 Tips You Must Learn

How to make someone fall in love with you require the right techniques . It would be great if life were like the fairy tales and there was a magic potion that would make someone fall in love with us. Unfortunately, magic is reserved for books and movies, so we have to depend on other things to help us.   16 Tips To Make Someone Fall For You More   1.Love yourself first The first step on how to make someone fall in love with you is for you to love yourself. You can’t be in a healthy relationship if you are down on yourself. You don’t have anything to give if you are constantly criticizing yourself. Work on liking yourself before you enter into a relationship.   2. Look for a...


How to Make Him Fall In Love – 13 Tips You Must Use On Your Man

How to make him fall in love shouldn't be difficult. That is an age old question. Since the beginning of time, women have searched for the magic formula to capture a man’s heart. Luckily, we live in a time where research and experience have given us some hints on how to make him fall for you: How to make a man fall in love with you:13 Tips You Must Use 1. The easiest person to be is…yourself. There isn’t a man around that is worth changing who you are as a person. Now, there is nothing wrong with pretending to like baseball or horror movies to be more in sync with him, but you should never change who you are at the core. Men can spot a phony...


How to Text A Guy you like If You Want to Make The First Move

How to text a guy you like especially if you want to make the first move shouldn't be a rocket science . Many young women have been taught that the man should always make the first move. We are told that we have to wait and hope that he likes us and then does something about it.   However, in this day and time, there doesn’t seem to be as many hard and fast rules about how relationships begin. If you like a man, you can let him know. And what better way than text? Texting is the number one way to communicate in 2016. So, what should you say? When should you say it? Here are some ideas on how to text a guy you like...


How to Make a Guy Fall In Love With You- 12 Easy Tips That Really Work

Are you sure you want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you? Times have changed, but some things never do. Women have many different ways to make a man  fall for them, but you need to know how to do it right. Below you will find some tips  that will help you to spice up your relationship. Here are the secrets of the ages: How to make a man fall in love with you - 12 Crucial tips you can use 1. Appearance Appearance is the key if you are looking to learn  how to make a guy fall in love with you. No matter how you cut it, the first thing a man will notice is the way you look. Attention to...


Side Chick Signs – 16 Ways to Know For Sure If You Are His Side Girl

Side chick simply means that you are not his real girlfriend Let’s face it; every date doesn’t make a relationship. Not every hookup means a commitment. We hope that these things lead to something, but it isn’t always the case. No one wants to be the “side chick girl or the side girl .” This does happen, however, and if you suspect this of your guy here are some tips that you can look for to see if you are the “side girl.” 16 Signs that you're his side Chick 1. All of your dates are at your house. If your guy doesn’t ever take you out in public or to parties with his friends, you may want to ask why. Cozy dates at home are great, but...


Falling in Love With Your Best Friend- 9 Crucial Things You Should Do

If you are reading this post you probably searching for answer with the question: What if I fall in love with my best friend or What if you're falling in love with your best friend ? What to do ? The best relationships begin with friendship because it provides a solid foundation to build on. If someone is a friend, you know all about them. You have been through good and bad times together. There is a history of trust and respect between the two of you. All of these things add up to a great relationship. But what if you are in a friendship, and you suddenly realize that you have feelings for that person? What if you're falling in love with your best friend? Don’t...


How to Let a Guy Know You Like Him-16 Things You Must Do

Men and women struggle daily with dating issues. We seem so far apart that one often wonders how we ever get together. One age old question is how to let a guy know you like him ? This dilemma has been around from the beginning of time. I’m sure the cave woman had her special techniques for cluing in her favorite cave guy. Nowadays, we are supposed to be more sophisticated and worldly but here is a few time approved ways of  how to let a guy know you like him:   Telling a guy you like him - 16 Ways to to do that Be a good girl   You would think that this would be a given but for some reason, ever since we were five years...


How to Get a Guy to Notice you -14 Tips You Should Know

How to get a guy to notice you require the right strategy. Fairy tales often have magic spells that the princess can use to get her prince to fall in love with her. Girls everywhere can relate to this problem. How many times have we longed after a certain boy, only to realize that he doesn’t know you are even alive? It is frustrating and discouraging to try and get him to notice you, much less, to ask you out. For those of us who have endured this problem here are some pointers for you, girls, to try if you are looking to learn how to get a guy to notice you: How to get guys to notice you:14 Crucial Tips you Must Know   1. Love Yourself First First...