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bad breakup life lessons

Life Lessons From A Bad Breakup

It seems like everything changes after a painful breakup. Nothing makes sense anymore, as though your life has been flipped on its head. You use any coping mechanisms you have. …

how to know if you love someone

How To Know If You Love Someone

There are many articles and advice from friends and family about the subject of how to know if you love someone, especially early into the new romance. Some people say you …

why women like bad boys

Bad Boys: Why Women Tend To Love Them

Since the time memorial, it has been noted that women have developed a thing for bad boys. Bad boys will probably be self-centered, selfish, rude, and will not bother anyone …

how to turn him on
Dating Love

7 Ways To Turn Him On

Are you wondering how you can turn a guy on? Well, you can turn on a man in several ways. Though many argue that it is dependent on what the …