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How to Seduce Women – 5 Crucial Tips You Must Know

Seduction looks into paying attention to that woman, identifying her needs, and making the right steps into setting the right atmosphere. How to seduce women is a process and not just a pick up line that will do the magic in an instant. You have to exercise some patience and strategically and gradually, make the best of your opportunity. The following are the major steps that will teach you how to seduce women the right way and receive the right results. 5 Good ways to seduce women 1. Set things up right This stage helps you to analyze her and make her notice you. In this, you have to work with the right time if you are going to hit the jackpot. It is important that you exercise patience...


How to be a Good Kisser- 7 Best Kissing Tips You Must Know

If you are worried about making the move and kissing your girl or your guy because you are not sure of how it is going to turn out, the following will guide you through how to be a good kisser.A kiss will do wonders for you and it will probably get you closer to each other once you do it right. In a relationship, it is your first ticket to help turn things up. There is much more to a kiss depending on your situation. You can secure a second date, get someone crazy in love with you, or even get you into bed. If you are looking to learn how to be a good kisser , the following tips will guide you through it. 7 ways...


9 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Make her Horny Fast

Finding dirty questions to ask a girl can get her to explore her wildest dreams. It gets even better when you simply ask a question and the girl has a wild perspective to imagine. A question is not definite and the women get to personalize and turn her on.     By understanding the ideal dirty questions to ask a girl, you will get her interested in you; give you that edge that will boost her mood. However, it is important to relate to the girl as others may get offended. Play it safe to begin with and watch her response. Pick the pace depending on her response. It is definite that one question will not do the trick so you need to have several questions to keep...


How to Kiss A Girl to Make Her Want You

How to kiss a girl  is a question many guys often ask in a relationship. Girls need different motivators to make them want a guy. One of these motivators is the art of kissing. Kissing works wonders in your favor especially if you are doing it the right way. How you kiss a girl will determine whether she will stick around you or whether she will run for the hills. A kiss is meant to be passionate and electrifying. A few pointers must be addressed if you are going to kiss a girl and make her want you. She will be more open towards you.The following are some truths you should know on how to kiss a girl you like. 5 Ways to Kiss A Girl to...

How to Turn a Guy On Fast-7 Great Tips You Must Know

How to turn a guy on to make him want you more. Well, you can turn on a man through several ways. Though many argue that  it is dependent on what the man likes, it is not necessarily true. There are key pointers that are bound to turn on every guy. What turns a guy on? The added advantage is that men can be turned on by what they see even before they get to touching. For women, it can be a little easier to turn on a man as opposed to a man turning on a girl. For every girl out there, the following tips will help you to learn how to turn a guy on.   7 Ways to turn a guy on    1. Go mild on...

How to Kiss a Guy to Make Him Love you More – 8 Tips to Use

How to kiss a guy shouldn't be difficult for any women at all. Kissing is passionate and perfecting this art can make your guy love you more and want to be with you. A good kisser will always have her way through very many things without necessarily having to have sex. To make a kiss everything that he wants, you need to be prepared and it is best that you learn how to do it right with the best kissing tips below. The following tips will help you learn how to kiss a guy. 8 Kissing Tips You Must Know   1. Make your lips stunning Before a guy will even want to kiss you, he must like what he sees first. In this, it is your role to ensure...

First date sex Pros And Cons you Must Know

You have noticed your ideal guy but you are hesitant to have sex on a first date because you are afraid of what might be going through his mind. A million of questions are going through your heart" is it okay to sleep on a first date". well, You can rest assure that you will learn all the Pros and Cons before you decide For a first date sex. It's important to understand not all guys are the same, Some might think it is to early for a woman to have sex on a first date while others might see it perfectly fine especially if their like the women. There are some advantages and disadvantages for sleeping with a guy on the first date. The following are...

How to Turn a Girl On-9 Tips You Must Use

They say that it is easy for a woman to turn on a man but How to turn a girl on can be a challenge. You no longer have to get her drunk before you can get her to get down with you. How to turn a girl on does not have to be rocket science. Though women can be different, the following pointers will guide you through a simple process that will turn on right about any woman. It takes strategy and once you manage to hack through, you will be sure that she will be asking for much more than a drink from you. what turns women on? The following are what turns women on. Although every girl  are different but you can rest  assure one...

10 Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

If you are reading this post you probably looking for dirty questions to ask a guy you like. Women have a way of getting through to men they like without having to make it rather obvious. When it comes to a guy you like, you feel free and would love to get to know him better. It gets to that time when you want to get naughty and turn on that guy just to get his attention in a more positive way. Bringing out your feminism while at the same time getting naughty by asking the guy you like the following dirty questions. The following will get him on the same page as you. Make it sexy and flirt a little bit with these simple dirty...

How to Tease Your Man and Make Him Want You?

How to tease your man does not require a rocket science. Relationships require that you spice them up with time in an effort to ensure that the spark remains alive. While men want to be in control of a relationship ad feel like they own it, a woman plays a major role in keeping the relationship alive. Making your guy want you will always get him to fancy you and want to stay in the relationship in the long-term. While teasing may be easy for some women, it can be tricky for many. Getting to know what your man likes is a plus when you want to tease him. This is because you do not have to think too hard to find out where to get started....