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How to Seduce Women – 5 Crucial Tips You Must Know

Seduction looks into paying attention to that woman, identifying her needs, and making the right steps into setting the right atmosphere. How to seduce women is a process and not just a pick up line that will do the magic in an instant. You have to exercise some patience and strategically and gradually, make the best of your opportunity. The following are the major steps that will teach you how to seduce women the right way and receive the right results. 5 Good ways to seduce women 1. Set things up right This stage helps you to analyze her and make her notice you. In this, you have to work with the right time if you are going to hit the jackpot. It is important that you exercise patience...


How to be a Good Kisser- 7 Best Kissing Tips You Must Know

If you are worried about making the move and kissing your girl or your guy because you are not sure of how it is going to turn out, the following will guide you through how to be a good kisser.A kiss will do wonders for you and it will probably get you closer to each other once you do it right. In a relationship, it is your first ticket to help turn things up. There is much more to a kiss depending on your situation. You can secure a second date, get someone crazy in love with you, or even get you into bed. If you are looking to learn how to be a good kisser , the following tips will guide you through it. 7 ways...


9 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Make her Horny Fast

Finding dirty questions to ask a girl can get her to explore her wildest dreams. It gets even better when you simply ask a question and the girl has a wild perspective to imagine. A question is not definite and the women get to personalize and turn her on.     By understanding the ideal dirty questions to ask a girl, you will get her interested in you; give you that edge that will boost her mood. However, it is important to relate to the girl as others may get offended. Play it safe to begin with and watch her response. Pick the pace depending on her response. It is definite that one question will not do the trick so you need to have several questions to keep...


How to Kiss A Girl to Make Her Want You

How to kiss a girl  is a question many guys often ask in a relationship. Girls need different motivators to make them want a guy. One of these motivators is the art of kissing. Kissing works wonders in your favor especially if you are doing it the right way. How you kiss a girl will determine whether she will stick around you or whether she will run for the hills. A kiss is meant to be passionate and electrifying. A few pointers must be addressed if you are going to kiss a girl and make her want you. She will be more open towards you.The following are some truths you should know on how to kiss a girl you like. 5 Ways to Kiss A Girl to...

How to Turn a Girl On-9 Tips You Must Use

They say that it is easy for a woman to turn on a man but How to turn a girl on can be a challenge. You no longer have to get her drunk before you can get her to get down with you. How to turn a girl on does not have to be rocket science. Though women can be different, the following pointers will guide you through a simple process that will turn on right about any woman. It takes strategy and once you manage to hack through, you will be sure that she will be asking for much more than a drink from you. what turns women on? The following are what turns women on. Although every girl  are different but you can rest  assure one...

How to finger a girl – the best sex tips

The art of fingering a girl derives results that are arousing and appealing for both you and the girl. However, it is important that it be done gently and in the right way if you are going to receive outstanding results to please her. Before you can get started, it is advisable that your hands and fingers are well groomed and clean. This is because you will be playing with a very sensitive organ, the vagina. Below is a guide on how to finger a girl. 4 steps on How to finger a girl 1. Get your woman wet This is in preparation to fingering her. The vagina comes with elastic properties and when she is not aroused, it contracts and it can be difficult to penetrate through...

How to Have Sex with a Woman you like?

Having sex with a woman may not exactly have a formula on how to do it but there are pointers on how to go about it. How to have sex with a woman is a process that requires gradual progress from one-step to another. If you want your woman to have a night to remember (or day) then the following tips will guide you on how to have sex with your woman. Though there are different types of sex such as anal sex, the following will generally get you through to please your woman during sexual intercourse.   Men tend to get aroused through sight and in many cases; they are bound to want to have sex more easily as compared to women. Women on the other hand...

How to make a woman squirt fast – New 2015?

Making a woman squirt has easily been confused with making a woman orgasm. While it may take almost similar tactics will a twist to a few pointers, these two are very different. Squirting which is also referred to as gushing refers to the expulsion of a clear fluid from the stimulation of the inner vaginal wall. Because women are different, it may require different processes on how to make a woman squirt. However, by factoring in all the different aspects, the following will get any woman to squirt as long as you can follow and understand your woman. In this, you will be able to explore your woman and rebuild your creative and innovative side while in bed or on the floor. It is all about exploring...

How To Make A Girl Horny And Ready For Sex?

How to make a girl ready for sex  is not an event that guys can actually control. If your girlfriend wants sex and you are alone together then good for you, you have scored. But, that is not what this article is about. If you have met a great girl at the pub and you want to take her home and make wild passionate love to her, well that is going to be her call. You are not without hope in this situation, however she might not be the ‘one night stand’ type of girl. If you do end up somewhere alone with this beautiful stranger, then you can ask if sex is a possibility and if she says no, then you should accept that as...

Why Do Girls Get Wet?

Girls get wet for many reasons and I mean wet in the vagina area not wet as in she just took a shower. Sometimes a girl might get wet over a cute guy smiling at her, something she saw on TV that appealed to her, or it might be that she is wet and ready for sex. The things is though if your girlfriend is wet, she might not even be thinking about sex. It is the same as when a guy gets hard and he does not know why. Some guys wake up every morning with a hard on, and usually once they visit the bathroom, it has gone down. There are often times when a guy will get hard and he is not even...