6 Ways To Tell If Your Boyfriend is Cheating on you

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In a relationship, you want to believe that your boyfriend is true to you just as you are to him. It can be all rosy at the beginning of the relationship, they may get sour and the fear that your boyfriend may be pulling a fast one at you and cheating on you may start to linger in your mind.

While you may not stick around to catch him in the act, it is advisable that you start watching out for signs that he may be cheating on you. The following will be able to direct you on how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating.

How to tell if your boyfriend is cheating?


1) He will start taking you for granted

At the beginning of the relationship, it was all cozy. Lately, he does not approach anything to do with you with the same regards. While getting yourself pretty for him was a big deal, he cannot even notice when you get dressed up. In addition, he will brush you off on several occasions when you seek his audience. Nothing you do attracts his fancy anymore.

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2) You become an option and not a priority

If you start to notice that your boyfriend always has something to do and will give a million reasons of not being able to see you, then you have reason to believe that he may be cheating on you. He will go to the extent of canceling dinner dates and the usual trend of you hanging out hits rock bottom. He would rather hang out with other people than with you. In this, he will always choose something or someone else over spending time with you.

3) His cell phone is off when you are around

In the event that you are going out and you notice that on several occasions his phone is off, he is probably avoiding conflict between two women. Alternatively, the issue with his cell phone may take a different turn.

If he has to leave the room to carry out conversation even when the environment is quiet and conducive for a cell phone conversation, something is up to his sleeve. If it happens rarely, maybe you have no reason to doubt him but if it becomes a habit, it is something else. Be keen to notice if these calls tend to be around the same time.

4) He starts to point fingers for no just course

When your boyfriend seems to find fault in everything you do even for things that were once a reason to get together, he is probably cheating on you. Whatever you do, he gets irritated and just blaming you for failures in the relationship. Every bad thing that happens to him is supposedly your fault in one way or another.

You trying to point out that there is a problem will always take a different turn and the next thing you know, you will be the person to blame in his opinion. Anytime you will ask a question, he will take a defense mechanism and start to act arrogant and the term “nag” will become frequent in your relationship.

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5) Look out for behavioral changes

It is definite that you know your boyfriend very well. In this, you are able to tell what gestures mean even before he puts it in words. You will have mastered his behavior and with time, you will know how to deal with some behavioral changes.

When he starts being cold around you and you notice that he is just fine around other people yet you have done nothing to deserve this treatment, then the probability is that he is cheating on you. It is unlikely that he would prefer to talk to talk to other people with interest but comes to you looking grumpy.

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6) The request to keep your relationship with other people

When your boyfriend asks you not to make it official that you are dating, you need to raise your eyebrow. Initially, it may be because he needs to be sure but if you are still keeping it to yourself after a while, he probably trying to keep it away from your competition. If your boyfriend is hiding you, he is probably cheating on you or is ashamed of being seeing around you, which is not any better. A secretive boyfriend is no good.

My boyfriend cheated on me: How do I notice that fast?
How to tell if your boyfriend is cheating is dependent on his initial behaviors. In this, you have known him and it can be a trigger when things start to change. The above pointers will help you identify if your boyfriend is cheating. If a majority of the pointers is present, then your boyfriend is probably cheating on you.

However, do not make a quick judgment before you can look further into the situation. Many times, when a woman thinks his boyfriend is cheating, the probability is that they have noted some signs to help you make this conclusion. Most of the time, it is important to listen to your instincts.