The Best Compliments for Guys-5 Things You Must Say

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Finding the best compliments for guys shouldn’t be difficult. Yes, men also love compliments and you need to give genuine compliments. There are aspects that men would love to hear being complimented. It is a sign of appreciation, as he knows that you are keen. It may be usual that you hear women receiving compliments. There are even songs that are giving tips on how to compliment women but rather very few that are indicating men’s appreciation and compliments.

The following will guide you through on making the right compliments for guys without sounding too corny. This will help appreciate every little detail surrounding his lifestyle making him feel important to you.

5 Good compliments to men


1. Compliment his body or physical appearance

Men are as sensitive about their bodies as the average person they may not show it often because they preserve their fears but they would also love to hear something good about how they look. You may decide to make it a more general complement or you may address a specific aspect on his physic. This can range from how he looks generally, his arms, shoulders, thighs, or even eyes. Say how handsome he looks in a given outfit. Men tend to go out of their way once they notice that you appreciate what they are doing and how they look.

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Try out the following compliments.

  • “I love lying on your sexy chest”
  • “You look handsome when you are asleep”
  • “I love to when you grab me with your sexy arms”
  • “You have a well-built body”
  • “You have a lovely firm grip”


2. Compliment his efforts

While everyone likes a compliment for the effort they make when in a relationship, men get very little of it. Make it up to your guy and appreciate his effort by complimenting him. No matter how little he does for you, that extra mile counts for a great deal. You do not have to wait for him to do something big that will cost him everything he has before you can make a positive compliment. Something as small as helping you do the dishes or fixing your device or shelf will make him feel appreciated. The following compliments will help you make the right compliments regarding his effort.

  • “Thanks for the meal, this is so delicious”
  • “You sure can fix anything, you are a genius”
  • “You did (ABC) for me. I really appreciate it. It is better than I expected.”


3. Show you respect him

Respecting your man is as great as loving him. It is important that he feels respected. The following are ways you can show respect by making the right compliments.

  • “You are a good man and more so to me”
  • “I love how caring you have been”
  • “I love how you treat people around you”
  • “I have respect for you (use this when he has done something extraordinary)”


4. Compliment his leadership skills

Men love to feel like the Alpha in every relationship. While it is a key feature for a man to take the leadership role, it is important that he hear it from the woman he cares and loves. It is important that you pick the right time to make this kind of a compliment in an effort to portray relevance. This will also go hand in hand with trusting him to be it in decision-making or as your man. Here is how you can say it.

  • “I trust your decision”
  • “I am solidly behind you in whatever you decide”
  • “You have always given me the right advice”
  • “You are so smart”


5. Compliment on his effect on you

Men will be more than glad to express what they feel anytime you are around or even when they think of you. It is more fulfilling when you can hear it as a way of reassurance. It is about time you let him know how it works when he is around or when you are thinking of him.

  • “I cannot help myself when you are around me”
  • “You always make me feel better no matter what”
  • “You always know what to do to make me smile”
  • “You make me weak on my knees anytime you hug me”
  • “I love to be in your presence more than anything”
  • “You make me feel safe every time you hold my hand”


The above compliments for guys should be used where applicable or you will come off sounding like you are making a fool out of him. Make it as genuine as it gets or he will feel mocked. They will make him feel respected and appreciated. Avoid making all your compliments based on sexual desire. With the right situation, it will be in the mood to give you his all. Whereas men are different, you will definitely be able to identify the best compliments that bring out the best in him.