How to Make A Man Crave You – Best Tips to Make Any Guy Desire You.


Now, these days how to make a man crave you is a more difficult process, but it is possible you will succeed, especially if the guy in question likes what he sees. Men are visual creatures who seek visual stimulation, so pay attention to your looks is what you need to do to stimulate that interest.

If you want to know how to make him crave you and desire you then it is not a good idea to go home with him on the first date. If he gets to have the “cookie” within hours of meeting you, he will not value the ‘cookie’ and you can rest assured he will not crave or desire you.

If he is interested in you, then he will call you or ask you out for coffee, you should not have to work really hard. The idea here is to get your guy literally begging for you to touch him. It is a fine line of ladies. Do not be teased or leave him hanging for too long. If you want a relationship and a no sex policy before marriage, this is up to him if he can go along with that. Most men are not keen on marrying a woman they have not had sexual relations with.

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So, let’s find out how to make a man crave you. Let us assume you two meet in a bar or you both on your first date together. You should dress in a way that he will never forget, but you should also be conservative. Do not wear the sexiest outfit you possess, this will send the wrong signals. Be affectionate with him, hold hands, kiss and cuddle. All of this is fine, but do not show affection that is sexual in nature.

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How to make him crave you?

Keep your kissing and cuddling to a little bit more than platonic. Again, if you are to forward and show affection that stimulates him to get hard, you might be labeled a tease and you do not want men seeing you are a ’prick tease.’ You will end up with a reputation and no man will want to date you.

At end of the evening or whenever you feel you should go, say goodbye to him with a kiss, a very sexy, affectionate kiss, then turn and get in your car. Do not allow him to get in your car or taxi cab with the intention of coming to your place. If he suggests this, refuse politely and ask him to give you a rain-check. He will be happy to do this.

If this guy has been with you all evening and there has been quite a lot of affection and easy conversation, it is also possible he went home that evening and could not stop thinking about you, in fact, he desires you so bad that he had to relieve himself. Well, that is no surprise, we all need to do that now and then. If he calls you in a couple of days and asks you out again, the chances are that he is full of desire and is craving the feel of your body when you touch him.

If you are looking to find out how to make a man crave you, patience is the key and get to know your man. If you choose to go home with him on the second date that is your decision, but if you are looking for a relationship you had better keep the sex out of the relationship before you get to know each other a little better. If he is not interested in a relationship, this will become obvious around about the fourth date.

He will basically stop calling if all he wants is sex and you are not putting out. So, it is wise to save the ‘cookie’ for someone special. If he is in it for the long haul, then it will be pretty clear by the third date. Every date thereafter will see him become more and more attracted to you and more curious about how it will be in the bedroom.