19 Cute Names to Call your Boyfriend

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The use of cute names to call your boyfriend is a great way of showing affection. This is not to say that his name is not sexy or is not nice, but that is the ordinary name that everyone will refer to him.

You need special nicknames for boyfriends, Some names are funny, while some you will only restrict to yourselves and only the two of you can relate to. Below are some cute names to call your boyfriend

Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend


1) Babe

The term babe has gained popularity and you will probably hear it more often among couples on a daily basis. This is similar to the term babes.

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2) Baby

Baby is also a common name but it is best that you keep into yourselves. This is because your man will feel babied and this is not exactly the objective.

You will agree he is your baby but it is best that you let him feel like a man in public and you can baby him all you want in private. Rest assured that he appreciates it and he knows that you respect his image out in public and you will get cozy while in private.

3) Baby boo

This is also a common name but and the best part is that it works both ways. While you can call your boyfriend baby boo, he can also use the same term.

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4) Angel

It is a great deal that your boyfriend is like your guardian angel. It is sweet and adorable to call your boyfriend angel. It may have the thinking that this is a nickname to call a girlfriend but it does not have to be that way.

5) Booky

The term “booky” is a combination of the words boo and pookie. It does not have a girly feel to it but it is still sweet and flirty.

6) Captain

This nickname will make your boyfriend feel manlier as well as a leader. This feeling is great for him and it will get him comfortable. In addition, you can use it at any time whether in public or when you are just on your own in private.

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7) Cowboy

The cowboy nickname is most suitable for boyfriends who are adventurous and love the outdoors to resemble the lifestyle of a cowboy.

8) Champ

Champ is short for a champion and if you feel like he is the champion of your heart, this is the best cute name for him. Making it short makes it smooth and sexy.

9) Chief

This nickname works great to show your boyfriend he has leadership skills and that he is doing a great job at it.

10) Dear

Though this is a traditional nickname from time memorial, it works wonders to date. It is not too corny making it ideal for use even in public.

11) Darling

Darling, “darl” is self-explanatory and it is a nice and mild cute name to call your boyfriend whether in private or in public.

12) Handsome

Your boyfriend will love it when he knows that you appreciate his physic as well as his overall appearance. He would definitely love to hear it even more so around other people.

13) Hun

Hun is short for honey. It is fun, simple, yet effective. It is also playful. As sweet as honey and your boyfriend is nothing less than this.

14) Hunk

This nickname compliments him and it is the best way of not being so obvious while at the same time charming him. Flatter him by settling for this cute name.

15) King

This cute name indicates power, royalty, and strength. While he has been treating you like a princess, referring to your boyfriend as a king. Royalty is a great feeling and he will know that despite anything, he is a king in your world.

16) Love

This is self-explanatory and will always remind you that he is the love of your life. This is sweet and cuddly. You could go with a lovey or even lover boy. Mi amour, the Spanish version for my love is also a great version.

17) Prince charming

Everyone knows the fairy tales and the prince charming is everything girls are looking for. Using this cute name will remind him that he is everything to you.

18) Romeo

Romeo is a character in one of the most romantic pieces of literature. This will not only flatter him but he will also feel appreciated and loved.

19) Sexy

Just by the thought that you think that your boyfriend is sexy will work to make him feel good about himself.

How to come up with other great cute names to call your boyfriend?

The above names are great cute names you can call your boyfriend. You do not have to use one name. Looking at the situation, you can pick any nickname to call your boyfriend to avoid monotony.

What is important is that you make him feel good about himself so he can feel appreciated. Pick one that matches up to his character so he does not feel like you are just saying it.