8 Reasons You Should Be Dating Your Best Friend

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The thought of dating a friend does not sound right to many let alone the thought of actually dating your best friend. As much as it may sound off, you should consider it.

This is because it comes with several added advantages and below are some of the reasons why it is good to date your best friend and why it is an ideal choice to look at your best friend as a soul mate. Still not convinced?Look at the below pointers and you will identify the key reasons of dating your best friend.

Advantages of dating your best friend


1. You already know each other well

As best friends, there is that link that allows you to be yourself around one another. You talk right about everything and get to hang out a lot. It is through this that you get to know each other very well. In addition, best friends will rarely keep secrets from each other. There will be very little to find out and this makes it easy to relate to each other.

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2. You have several common aspects already

Many people have several friends but when it comes to best friends, this means that you have much more in common amongst your friends. These common aspects bring the two of you closer and this will mean that you will easily find each other in the same recreational centers. This means that your likes and dislikes will differ slightly.

3.You trust each other

Trust is a great foundation for any relationship. Best friends already have a firm foundation of trust. When asking someone else out, it will consume more time as they build trust the relationship grows. This is not the case with dating your best friend.

The time you would have used to build a foundation of trust will be at your disposal and thus more time for you to work on other aspects in your relationship. We all know trust takes time, so best friends are already several steps ahead into the relationship when they choose to date.

4. You already care about each other

Generally, friends care for each other. However, best friends understand how to best care for one another. This makes it possible for best friends to stay in a relationship and make it work. Best friends understand how to best address different matters. For this reason, you are likely to address low moments with more care.

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5. You enjoy and have fun spending time together

By the time two individuals have grown to be best friends, it is evident that they love spending time together. This is more so because you have similar likes and dislikes. In addition, you will find a few similar hobbies. Every moment is fun and you already have some fun moments to live by. You have memories that will rekindle everyone’s moment. You will not be looking to find out what your partner likes. You started dating with great moments so keeping up is no problem at all.

6. They know your good and bad and still like sticking around you

A relationship starting from strangers or acquaintances is based on some attraction. Looking at this, it is evident that there is very little or no wrong at the moment individuals meets. On the other hand, best friends have probably identified the good, bad, and ugly. They are simply dating with everything in the market.

7.You probably know each other’s families

The fears that come with introducing your date at home may not arise when dating your best friend. This is because your families already knew you though it was on a different circumstance. You will be shocked to find out that even family members will approve of the idea faster than you can imagine.

8.Respect has been established

Respect is an important factor in any relationship. Since you got through respecting each other through friendship, it will be easy to respect one another on a mutual ground. This translates to a more open relationship. With this, you know how far you can go without irritating your partner.

Dating your best friend gave you a head start in the relationship that other couples do not have. This is because you have already built on aspects such as respect, trust, and care. This does not guarantee that every relationship that arises from friends will definitely be successful but if the feeling is mutual, it is worth the trial rather than regrets later on.

Though you will have to start dating rather than just hanging out, you will therefore, have to make the right adjustments. The only barrier will be if you treat it as something awkward, which will start to affect even your friendship relationship.However, if you develop feelings for each other as best friends, you are more likely to make it work as you already have a strong foundation.