Dating a Man with Kids Pro and Cons

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You fancy this guy and he has everything you are looking for in a man. Later you find out that he is a single dad. Dating a man with kids require patience. Well, it is best that you first understand what you are up for and up against.

While you may think of dating him, you have to keep in mind that kids are involved and that there are things that have to be considered. This is not to say that it is all bad, no, it also has its advantages. When looking to date a single man with kids, the following are the pros and cons you must consider.

Pros of dating a guy with kids


1) He tends to be mature and owns up

When dating a man with kids, you will notice that he will be mature in the sense that he will not have any childish behaviors. This is because his kids have nurtured a sense of responsibility from taking care of them. With this, you will not have to worry about traits such as disappearing acts in the middle of the night or running from other responsibilities.

He will help you out where he can and he is mature enough not to walk away from a task. This also makes him reliable. His maturity will also lead to his honesty where he will let you know when he cannot do something rather than pretend he can do something he has no idea.

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2) He is more nurturing and sensitive

Many single dads tend to develop some positive traits such as being more sensitive and nurturing personalities. This comes alongside other wonderful traits. In this, they will keep you feeling protected and warm.

While you may not be the center of attention, you will still feel his love and care. You may spend less time with you but you are more likely to feel the effect. This is because he is used to caring for his kids and it is rather difficult to separate his traits easily.

3) He is likely to make more concessions for you

A single dad is more likely to look into your personality traits other than concentrating on how you look or your keen attention to the amount of makeup you apply.

He is more open to learn and understand you as a person and what you have to offer other than look at how pretty you are. He is not looking for a woman with the body of a goddess. Instead, he is looking for a woman who has a big heart and he will make a good stepmother to his kids.

Cons when dating a man with kids


1) You will not be the only center of attraction

Men with kids have to care for their kids as much as they have to prioritize you. He has a lot to worry about and his attention has to be split between you and the kids. In addition, you have to deal with all the other people who care for the kids. In some instances, you will bump into the kid’s mother.

2) Time has to be shared

You will experience a lack of quality time with him as he has to schedule for his with his kids too. This is dependent on whether he has full custody of his kids or not. While he may try to create some time for a date with you, you may experience late arrivals or even canceled dates. This is due to the babysitter either getting late or calling to cancel.

3) Finances on you are not a priority

Every man would love to pamper his woman and buy her gifts. However, when dating a man with kids, this is not a priority though you have to understand the current situation. Kids can be expensive and he will not simply ignore their needs just to spend on you. However, you can opt for more fun activities that will not necessarily need a lot of money. With the right strategy, this should not be a big problem.

4) The kids may look at you as an intruder especially in the initial stages

Initially, the kids will look at you as an intruder and may not want you around due to their instincts where they prefer their biological parents together. It is, therefore, important that you exercise patience and allow the kids to get used to the idea.

Dating a man with kids comes with its ups and downs but if you can exercise some patience, you are likely to enjoy the relationship. Keep in mind that you will also get to know his kids maybe not at the first few dates because the man has to be sure of what he is nurturing before involving his children.You may have to compromise a few aspects but on the other hand, you will identify interesting traits you will come to love. Take it slow and you will enjoy the dating.