Dating Multiple Women Without being notice

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Dating multiple women excludes the value of commitment. Some people are not comfortable with this kind of dating and they will shun you down. For others, they believe in an open relationship and do not mind dating multiple women.

In other circumstances, there are guys who love to date multiple women and they do not necessarily have to talk about it to the several women they date.

If you want to date multiple women but you are not sure of how to date multiple women, the following will guide you through how to do it in a smart way and avoid scandals. You can either decide to be open and tell the women you are dating that you are seeing other women or you can take the risk and live the deceptive life and sneak about.

How to date multiple women: 8 Steps You Must Follow


1) Indicate that you are not looking for a serious relationship yet

There are women and men who do not mind the open relationships. You can try being open if you are confident and courageous to go that far. You may leave a bad impression if the girl is not up to the whole ordeal but if she is up to it, you will not have to sneak around.

It will also be more manageable so you can equally avail yourself. When the woman understands your objectives, she will at least not get into a shock when things get loose. The drama will be less as she knew the relationship was not serious.

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2) Ensure all the girls you are dating do not have the possibility of meeting

This is one of the deceptive ways to date multiple women. It is important to ensure that any of the women you decide to date will not possibly end up in the same social circle as any of the others. Find out what she loves to do, where she loves to hangout and her hobbies. This way, you can analyze where to hang out with the different girls without getting caught.

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3) Buy similar gifts to all your girls

This may sound awkward but buying similar gifts will ensure you do not forget what gift you bought one of them. Anytime she has to mention it, you can agree without hesitation. You do not have to keep a record, which will mean that you will not have to lie constantly as you try to get out of a lie.

It is also important that you buy the gifts around the same time. You will also be avoiding confusing time or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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4) Use pet names rather than their actual names

Pet names such as sweetheart or honey are general and can apply to everyone. Using their names may confuse you and the repercussions of calling one girl a different name will get you into trouble.

In addition, you can try using different pet names will work to your advantage. Women are sensitive and they will notice when you suddenly change her pet name. In this, avoid using one specific pet name for a specific girl.

5) Avoid being friends on social media

Social media provides an open book for people to meet and it can be difficult to keep a secret when several girls are all over you calling you one pet name or another and reminding you of something you did together. Avoid providing a platform where they can meet. Even if you have a social media account, simply deny that you have one.

6) Avoid several dates on the same day

This is a great risk and it is best that you always separate your dates more than 24 hours apart. The chances of getting caught are higher if you have dates within the same day.

7) Avoid going to the same venues with different girlfriends

It is advisable that you do not, at any cost, visit the same venues frequently with different girls. This is because people are bound to notice. The bigger problem is when people start to say hi and ask about the other girl. These people are not exactly trying to sell you out but being social. However, it is obviously going to dent your relationships.

8) Avoid giving too much information

Try and make your conversations as general as possible. This way, in the event, that there are questions that will follow up will also require general answers. Making it specific will tie you down. It is all about avoiding too much information and not exactly lying to your girlfriends.

How challenging is it to date two girls at once?

Dating multiple women can be a challenge or easy depending on how you carry the relationships and how you carry yourself. Some people believe in an open relationship and do not mind dating multiple women. On the other hand, there are guys who love to date multiple women and they do not necessarily have to talk about it with the several women they date.

The above guide will help tackle the question and worry of how to date multiple women. It is definitely tricky but you can pull it through.