Are You Interested In Dating An Older Man?


Some women are very keen on meeting men that are older than them, in fact, some women like the idea of dating a man where the age gap is quite large, such as a five to ten year age difference or even fifteen or twenty-year difference. Obviously, these ladies are well aware that there are many benefits to dating a man who is older and this is why they look for such a man.

Dating an older man

Dating an older man or even looking to start a relationship with an older man can be something pretty special. You will find out there are certain advantages when you are with someone older.

For a start, many women feel that men do not mature as fast as a woman, therefore being with an older man may well mean that you are on the same level of maturity. You would be surprised just how many women will agree with this. Especially women who have gone the other way.

Some women may have experimented with dating younger men and found them to be completely incompatible when it comes to maturity. They might have dated men who are the same age as them and could not believe just how immature and childish these men could be. Now, not all men mature at the same rate and there are some really intelligent and mature twenty-something men out there, it is just that most men do mature at a slower rate than women do.

You might also need to consider that young people are far more mature and grown-up than you might have been at their age, all the generations are different after all. You might meet a younger guy and he could be more mature than you were at his age.

Having said that, dating an older man still has other benefits that younger men simply cannot compete with. Even if your hot, young, stud of a boyfriend is really mature, he is likely to be very inexperienced in matters of the world, life, and romance.

Spending time with an older man could be far more interesting than dating men your own age. The communication will be different for example. An older man generally values a woman who he can talk to easily about most topics. Your chances of having a relationship that is strong when it comes to communicating with each other are better when you choose a man older than you.

Most men who are a little older than you or quite a few years older are probably going to be serious about settling down. So if you have met an older man who you like and get along well with and it is your desire to find a life-partner, your chances of finding this are better if you are meeting and dating older men.

Many men who are aged thirty-five and beyond are focused on finding the woman of their dreams. If you are tired of meeting men who are only after something casual, then perhaps you should think about dating an older man.

How to date an older man?

So, you might be wondering how to date an older man. You might want to know how to get started. Usually, the best way to do this is to have mutual friends introduce you to some men who they feel you would get along with. You can tell a lot about your friends by who they set you up with.

You will soon know how well your friends know you when you meet their friends and prospective dates. If a friend sets you up with someone who you do not click with, then it is probably wise for you to seriously consider that this particular friend has no idea who you might get along with. You might also benefit from getting to know this friend a little better.

When it comes to meeting men via mutual friends, it is wise to choose people who know you well to suggest someone you can date. Your closest friends know you best and will know whether a certain male friend of theirs is someone you could be happy with.

Your best friends want you to be with someone who makes you happy. If your friend offers to introduce you to someone they think you would like, and you are interested in meeting new people, then go for it. You might meet someone really special, you never know.

If you are interested in dating an older man and your close friends cannot think of anyone to introduce to you, you could try the Internet. Online Dating is not so bad, and it can be fun. If you are heading into your forties or fifties, you might feel a little weird about Internet dating, however, you might have spent your younger years married and raising your kids, and perhaps you feel like you do not remember how to date. The mere thought of going on a date scares the heck out of you.

Benefits of dating an older man

Another great benefit of dating an older man is that he will be wise, intelligent and probably very good at solving problems. When issues occur in a romantic relationship, sometimes a younger man is not good at dealing with them, simply because he is inexperienced when it comes to relationships and many older men might have been married in the past or perhaps he has had a few long-term relationships and will have a better grip on how to solve a problem that might crop up and threaten to come between you. Read now: How to read the body language of men that like you?

Relationships bring up all of our emotional stuff, and it is within our romantic relationships where we learn about love and what it means to commit to someone. Every relationship you have is a learning experience and you will have the benefit of learning from your mistakes. An older man will probably tell you that he has made mistakes in the past and the positive that comes from this is the knowledge you both gain.

Older guys often know that people need to lead their own lives outside of their relationships. You might have been dating younger men or men the same age as you and perhaps they were a little possessive. An older man will understand your need to have a girl’s night out and he will certainly understand if you just want to be alone one evening. You don’t need to be worried about being able to do the things you usually do alone or with your friends.

When you choose to date an older man rather than someone your own age, you will find that an older gentleman knows who he is and what he wants and desires from life. Younger guys are still finding themselves and often do not know what they want. You want a guy who knows exactly what he is looking for. He will also usually be upfront about this. If it is a casual affair, friendship or a committed relationship he is after, he won’t waste time in letting you know how he feels.

An older man is far more likely to know how to respect your friends and family. If he’s really into you, he is going to want to meet your family as soon as you can get everyone together. Older guys are usually in it for the long haul. They believe that life is too short to mess around and will be upfront if he’s really into you. He will also be more experienced in dealing with the nervousness of meeting your parents for the first time.

He will also really make the effort to get along with your family and friends because he wants them to like him. He realizes the importance of your family and friends liking him and accepting him as your boyfriend.
He also knows if your family or friends do not like him, then this is not a positive sign for the relationship, as he is aware how important your best friends and your family are to you. Sometimes a younger man does not understand this, a younger guy might be naive enough to believe that what you feel about him is all that counts, but life is not like this. For many people; their families and friends are important and their opinions matter.

Chances are also good that he will want his friends and family to like you as well. If he has a possessive mother who is a little protective of her son and she insults you, it is far more likely that an older man will tell her she is crossing a line. Older guys also value family above most other things, if he has kids, be prepared to get to know them well, he will want you to spend time with his kids and become close to them.

If you are dating an older man, you will not have to worry about him putting his career ahead of your relationship. A man in his forties or fifties or even older than this will usually be settled when it comes to his career path and is probably comfortable and happy at work. Younger guys tend to be obsessed with building their careers and identities. A man who is older is usually working towards retirement and thinking about what he wants to do with his life once he stops working.

An older man who has his career sorted and is happy with his job is very likely to be financially secure. He will probably be capable of managing his finances and will understand that financial security is important once he gets to a certain age. It is highly unlikely that he will be careless with money unless he is a millionaire and even then, he will probably be sensible with money.

A younger guy might be careless with his finances, he may not have any savings or he might not even be putting money away for retirement. Choosing to date an older man with the intention of perhaps building a relationship is beneficial simply because most older men will have a solid plan for their financial future and are probably looking for a special person to settle down with. If you are sensible with your finances and you want financial security, then choosing to start a relationship with an older man might be what you need.

You will also find that an older man will not be obsessed with getting you into his bed. He will approach lovemaking in a mature and caring way and not like a teenage boy on heat. Some young men have high sex drives and it is not uncommon for many young guys to only want something that is fun and exciting. Young guys are looking to sow their oats and most of these guys are not ready for a commitment. There can be exceptions to this rule, but generally most younger men have many other things they want to do before getting serious with a woman.
Sex Life benefits when dating an older man

Another benefit you need to know is that your sex life will be more interesting and stimulating with an older man. The bottom line is that he will be more experienced in the bedroom and when you get to that stage, you will experience lovemaking like never before. An added bonus is that an older man really knows how to please a woman.

They have had other relationships and have learned far more about making love to a woman than a young guy has. In fact, some young guys might think they are doing you a favor if you are an older woman dating a younger man. Older men are not silly enough to behave badly in the bedroom. Most older men want to please you and will spend the time it takes to satisfy you in bed.

Because you are younger, your older boyfriend will probably give you more attention and he will be proud of you and pretty pleased with himself that he met you and that you agreed to date him. It is far more likely that an older man will show his appreciation when you do something nice for him and many older guys know it is not a good idea to take their girlfriend for granted. He will do what it takes to make you feel special and cared for.

As you can see; there are many benefits to dating an older man and if you end up deciding to move forward with a relationship, the odds of your union being a happy and successful one are good. If you have no problem with dating someone who is a little older than you or significantly older, then you really might find that dating an older man is just what you need. You might not end up married to the guy, but it might change how you feel about dating and your compatibility with men in general. If you meet a nice guy who is older than you and you like what you see, then you have nothing to lose by giving it a chance.

It is not easy to find the right partner in life, and you might feel as though this will never happen. Perhaps dating an older man is what you have been missing. You might find out that the guys you did not consider dating before might be just what you are looking for.