How To Deal With A Break Up 10 Crucial Tips You Must Know

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How to deal with a break up can be hard sometimes if your significant other just break up with you, you need to read this post. So Are you extremely heart-broken? Did you honestly believe the two of you would last? Are you looking for any breakup advice?

Do you feel like it’s not actually over? Did the two of you just work so well together, that you are left feeling as though it can’t possibly come to an end? Are you left feeling lost and confused? You don’t know what to do? Where to turn and how to deal with the breakup? Well, your heartache ends now. I am here to provide you with some breakup advice and some helpful tips on how to get the love of your life back.

Steps on: How to deal with a breakup?


1) Deal with the pain

First of all, when it comes to the pain that follows your break up, you need to do one of two things:

  • Let it go. You need to get rid of it in order to think rationally about these next few steps.
  • If you are unable to let it go, you must not (under any circumstance) show these emotions to your ex. In order for this to work, you can’t show them weakness.

Once you have accomplished letting your pain go, finding signs your ex wants you back or have gained control over it, you are ready to move onto the next step on how to deal with a breakup.

2) Do not contact them

During this process, you cannot contact them until step 5. If they make contact with you, that is okay and you can talk to them or respond. Otherwise, steer clear of drunken phone calls.

3) Be confident

Confidence is the best break up advice especially when you desperate to know how to get over a breakup? Nothing will get under your ex’s skin better or faster than seeing you act with confidence. Even if they are unable to physically see you, their curiosity for how you are doing will lead them to check up on your Facebook or Twitter page.

Post pictures where you look drop-dead gorgeous and happy. I guarantee you, this will bother them. They will start to wonder “We just broke up, why are they so happy?” It’s not because they want to see you suffer, they most likely just want to see some sign that you actually cared about them and the relationship.

Whatever you do, it’s important not to over-do it. You don’t want to make it obvious that you are faking your real emotions. You have to be convincing. Sometimes, this is the only step a person needs to take in order to deal with a breakup or on how to deal with a breakup.

After seeing that you are taking care of yourself and smiling, there is a big chance that they will then decide to initiate contact with you. Maybe a phone call or text. They might ask how you are doing just to see what you’ll say or they might flat out ask you how you can be so happy and relieved after the breakup.

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If they do contact you, go ahead and show a little bit of emotion but don’t make yourself seem vulnerable. Simply say something like, “I did care about you and I still do. But I have to continue living my life and I’m not going to sit around and mope.” This shows that you do care, but that you are also a strong and confident human being who is determined to move on and not let yourself be hurt by the breakup. They will react one of two ways.

  1. They will feel hopeless, let it go, and allow the conversation to end.
  2. They will realize that they miss you and start dropping hints that they want you back.

If you find them dropping hints that they want you back, handle it accordingly. You can play hard to get and drop some more hints that you are moving on; making them fight even harder for you is a great break up advice.

You can also jump on the opportunity and ease into a conversation about getting back together. However you handle it from this point on, remember not to appear too vulnerable.

If they allow the conversation to end and you have not succeeded in getting them back, it is time to move onto step 3.

4) Make them jealous

Jealousy is another great way to deal with a breakup It is critical not to take this step too soon. You need to allow your ex enough time to process your relationship and to think about how it came to an end. This is the best way that you are going to deal with the breakup.

This is also allowing them an appropriate amount of time to be able to miss you. After all, they initiated the breakup and most likely have the mindset of enjoying the single life for a little while. I recommend waiting 2-3 weeks, at the least.

When it is time to take this step, there are several ways you could go about it. You could plan a date and tell a mutual friend about it. This way, you know the word of it will most likely reach them through that person.

Another option on how to deal with a breakup? is to make plans to hang out with someone you know they would be jealous of. Perhaps another ex or a friend they felt insecure about you hanging out with during your relationship.

Post to a social media site (because they will be checking up on it from time to time) that you are going to hang out with that person. Take advantage of this by conversing with your date on social media. Again, don’t over-do it. You have to remain authentic and convincing.

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Once they find out that you are entering into a social situation with someone who is a potential future boyfriend or girlfriend, they will become jealous and start to think about the good times you had together. This will eventually lead them face to face with a truly sincere desire to come running back to you. Whether or not they do come running back, is up to them. This is one of the great breaks up advice. If they decide not to get back together with you, realize they are feeling pretty emotional at this point. Take advantage of that, and move onto the next step.

5) Pull the friend card – Break up advice

After you are sure they have seen how confident and happy you are without them and are sure they are aware that you have started dating again, wait a few weeks and contact them. Give them a ring or shoot them a text.
Tell them you were wondering how they have been doing since the two of you parted. If the conversation goes in a good direction, tell them you wish you guys would have remained friends.

Express to them that no matter what, you guys always seemed to have a really good friendship. Mention how laid-back or fun it was, and tell them that you need more friends like that in your life. Hopefully, the end result is that you become friends again, and Guess what? you will be one step ahead on how to deal with a breakup! then you move onto step 6.

6) Be funny

You have to remind them of all the fun times you guys used to have together. You are friends now, so go out and do some fun and spontaneous things. Preferably with a group, unless you think they will okay with hanging out with you alone. Do whatever you can to make your time together an absolute blast!

This will not only remind them of how much fun they used to have with you, but it will allow them to laugh, joke around, and be comfortable being in the same room with you again.

7) Be vaguely flirtatious

After the two of you are settled into a comfortable, easy-going friendship, you can start the process of pursuing them with very mild flirtation. You don’t want to make it obvious. You want to leave them wondering, “Are they flirting with me?”

You want to do this so well that they will spend most or all of their spare time dwelling on it, therefore leaving their mind flooded with thoughts of you. You also want to make sure they like the thought of you flirting with them. If it seems like they do, you are pretty much in. This is how to deal with a breakup.

8) Make them want you

This is another great break up advice, You have to get them to want you, bad. Up your flirting game a little. Flaunt your good stuff around. If you’re a girl, do yourself up a bit and wear a shirt that’s a little low-cut. You don’t want to over-do it, though. The goal is to get their attention, not appear slutty.

If you’re a guy, wear a shirt that shows off those muscles and gets a haircut that will look crazy sexy on you. Again, don’t over-do it, trying too hard isn’t sexy. You know how to look good, do it.

9) Play on their want

Now it’s time to be a bad person and play with their mind, a lot. I know, you don’t like the sound of this but you are doing it for a good reason. Once you two are back together and living happily-ever-after, they will appreciate your efforts.

Go from vaguely flirtatious to boldly flirtatious. Tease them with the idea of having someone as sexy as you in their life again. Make playful comments about you two being together, or better yet what you would be doing if you were together.

You can also play with their emotions a little bit. Bring up some happy moments from the past or go in another direction by mentioning an awesome date you had after you broke up. Shoot, go both ways with it. Spark their longing and their jealousy. This is another way on how to deal with a breakup and try to work things out

10) Make the move

They should have long made their move by now. But if they haven’t made a move on you yet, it’s time to make yours. People, who say there is no such thing as the right time, are dead wrong. In order to be successful in this step, you have to choose your moment carefully.

I would recommend a time that the two of you are reminiscing about old times or at least a time when they seem like they are in a really good mood. As much as I hate to say it, maybe even try this after a few drinks. I’m not saying to get them drunk, that would be taking advantage of them. I’m saying, get them to loosen up a bit before trying anything risky.

You could even go about this in a daring way and strike up a conversation about the two of you getting back together. If you go this route, perhaps you should start out with telling them that since you started being friends again, you’ve realized that you miss them, and you wanted to mention the idea of getting back together.

Don’t let them know it’s what you have decided on in your head; just indicate that you were playing with the idea and wanted to know what they thought about it.

If you follow these breakup advice, by the end of it all they will probably be dying to have you back but simply didn’t know how to go about it. (They probably missed on out the reading of this article. Ha-ha, kidding.) They will most likely jump on the first opportunity to have you back in their life.

After everything is said and done, if you have to be the one to make the move or mention getting back together, go for it! This is how to deal with a breakup? This is the best break up advice! Good Luck!