9 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Make her Horny Fast

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Finding dirty questions to ask a girl can get her to explore her wildest dreams. It gets even better when you simply ask a question and the girl has a wild perspective to imagine. A question is not definite and the women get to personalize and turn her on.

By understanding the ideal dirty questions to ask a girl, you will get her interested in you; give you that edge that will boost her mood. However, it is important to relate to the girl as others may get offended. Play it safe to begin with and watch her response. Pick the pace depending on her response. It is definite that one question will not do the trick so you need to have several questions to keep you going.

Here are some sex questions to ask a girl

The following are some dirty questions to ask a girl. Whether you are texting, calling, or doing it face to face, the following are dirty questions you can ask a girl.

1) What do you wear to bed?

This question heats things up and you will be able to shift her attention straight to bedroom matters. With a great response, you will be able to lead the rest of the question towards sexy aspects such as lingerie. Here you can ask if she would prefer to sleep in the nude. It is a great head start and more than likely, it will highlight how free the girl is with you so you can get dirtier or control and limit your dirty talk.

2) What would be your sexiest outfit

This is all about what she loves to wear and she thinks it flatters her. The answer to this question will work in your favor in two ways, you will be able to derive her all her sexy features, or at least what she considers sexy in addition, you will know what best suits her and brings out the best in her especially if you are looking to date her.

3) What are your sensitive body part(s)?

This question gets you to know about her sexual preferences so you do not have to second-guess when you every get to that point. At the same time, she gets her mind swaying around what she is talking about and this will definitely get her wet. Not only will you arouse her but you will also enhance your bedroom skills.This is  one of the best sexual questions to ask a girl

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4) Does a massage turn you on?

Massage is a good sex questions to ask a girl.Massages help your body to relax and many women will probably get aroused during one. This is because the masseuses will more than likely touch on a sensitive body part. Whether her answer is a yes or a no, the fact that you will describe how you massage will get her fantasizing about it and Walla; you will be one step away from raising every hair of her body.

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5) Have you ever watched another couple make out?

This sex question mostly diverts her line of thought. While the key is to arouse her, she will not feel like you are digging too much into her personal life. After all, you are talking about someone else and not you or her. She will also get a break and relax while at the same time you will not look like some sex maniac.

6) How much fun is oral sex?

This heats things up and you will definitely get her to think about sex. Her thoughts will turn to sexual activities whether she gives you a positive or negative answer. Help her by mentioning some oral moves.

7) Which works for you? Me with body hair or completely shaven?

The key objective is to get her to think about you in the nude. More importantly, she will start to picture about your physical strengths and your sexy appeal.

8) Would you love it if I kiss you?

Kissing will always direct a woman’s mind into the actual act and she will begin to picture physical intimacy. Describe a slow and intimate kiss but allow her fill in a few gaps so she is part of your fantasy. This will make her feel complete around you.

9) Do you like cuddling when in bed?

This may sound like a general question but it works wonders. The answer is a definite invite and since you have worked your way to arousing her and getting her wet, she will more than likely give you a positive answer. She cannot imagine anything else other than cuddling up with you and allowing the nature take its course.

Flirting Dirty questions to ask a girl you like

The above are dirty questions to ask a girl whether you are simply flirting or are looking to arouse her and get her wet. Many a times, you will be able to derive more dirty questions from the answers you receive from initial questions. You can go on and on whether you are sexting or whether you are present in person. More than likely, you will be able to keep her guessing and want you more.