10 Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like


If you are reading this post you probably looking for dirty questions to ask a guy you like. Women have a way of getting through to men they like without having to make it rather obvious. When it comes to a guy you like, you feel free and would love to get to know him better. It gets to that time when you want to get naughty and turn on that guy just to get his attention in a more positive way.

Bringing out your feminism while at the same time getting naughty by asking the guy you like the following dirty questions. The following will get him on the same page as you. Make it sexy and flirt a little bit with these simple dirty questions to ask a guy.

10 Dirty Questions To Ask a Guy


1. What are the sexiest parts of a woman?

By asking this dirty question, you are already changing his mind set on the topic. This will help you to easily to break the ice without making it provocative and capturing his mind. He will also get the direction the conversation is heading without having to make it so obvious or desperate.

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2. Would you buy lingerie for a woman?

Get to know his feminine side by getting to know what he thinks about women in lingerie. If you like him and you are trying to find out more o what he likes, this is your question to get you through to him and get him to spill a few beans on what he likes.

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3. Where is the craziest place you have had sex?

With the first two questions, you have opened up your guy to embrace a few dirty questions and you can now go deeper and get sexy out of him. This will provide you with information on how far he can go in seeking adventure in regards to sex. However, it does not exactly reflect on how much further he is willing to go. At least you will know he is adventurous and you will definitely turn him on.

4. Do you enjoy phone sex text?

This dirty question provides an avenue to allow you to start on sex texting depending on the answer you get. The good thing about it is that no matter the answer you get, you will only take a different route but eventually the result should be the same. If he has not, this is your opportunity to get him a piece of what he is missing out on. This is one of the best dirty questions to ask your boyfriend.

5. Do you support nightwear in bed?

This brings out the naughty side of both you and the guy. As you get your freak on, so will he. By asking this question, you will get to understand how he prepares for bed in the presence of a woman. In this case, many men will come with different ideas. There are those who will prefer sleeping in the nude while there are those who love to see fine and sexy lingerie.

6. Would you consider a threesome ever?

While women will shut out their sex life, men will brag about it. This question gives him a chance of doing so, this is by far one of the best dirty questions to ask a guy. He will get into it and share his information with levels you will not believe. Pleasing more than one woman at the same time is definitely something that every man will keep going and going as long as he is given the chance.

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7. What is your favorite sex position?

This is where you make things more personal and sexy. You will get to know whether he goes all crazy in bed or whether he gets intimate. If you really like this guy, you will definitely get a heads up on him.

8. Would you prefer lights on or off during sex?

There are some shy guys out there while there are some outgoing men who are perfectly fine with going all out with lights on. Whichever way he likes it, it is a plus that you are in the know-how so that if you get to that point; you will know how to get him comfortable.

9. What do you think of skinny-dipping?

Skinny-dipping takes guts and requires swimming out in the nude. Find out with whom he went out and if it had any meaning. However, whichever way it goes, just thinking about it is a turn on. You will be able to get him thinking dirty.

10. Have you had a one-night stand?

This does not have to give a positive answer. It is the thought that counts. If he has had one, he can brag about it and if not, it triggers his mind into thinking dirty and naughty.

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With the above dirty questions to ask a guy, you will be talking dirty the rest of the way and at any time, you like with the guy you like. You do not have to drop them all at the same time. You can now get the guy you like to talk to you comfortable even during a dirty conversation.