Does He love Me -7 Signs to look for

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You have been dating this guy for some time now and you really want to know if he loves you as much as you love him. Girls tend to worry a lot when it comes to love, often ask “does he love me  ” question and it can be a challenge when it comes to confirming on matters concerning love.

More than often, the question, “does he love me?” has crossed your mind on several occasions. Considering that, actions are louder than words, then it is best you consider what he has to offer than what he keeps saying. This will require knowing him well for you to make an accurate analysis.

How to know if he loves you-Signs to look for


1) He will prioritize you rather than treat you as an option

If he treats you like a priority where he includes you in every aspect of his life, then you have reason to believe that he loves you. He will find out how your day went without running to you because there are things he needs to be done. He cares and puts you as the center of everything in his life.

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2) He has not tried to change who you are

When a man tries to change you in any way, he is trying to get you to be something that he likes. It is not you that he fell in love with. He is trying to create a possible replica of what he would like. This is in reference to your personality, looks, and traits. If he simply likes who you are and has not made suggestions that you should change anything, then you are with the right man.

He loves what he sees and is willing to deal with it anything you come with. He does not love one aspect of you but rather loves you as an entire package. If you have been changing an aspect, then it is time to know that you will never please him and this is the reason he is always finding fault with you.

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3) You are an important part of his circle of friends

A man who will treat you with importance is the man for you. This is because he is not afraid to hang out with you when he is with his friends is a man for keeps. He is proud to introduce you to his friends and family. This means that you will be a part of his life in the long-term. This is the reason he opts to introduce you. In reference to his boys, the introductions are made so his friends can respect you while at the same time he shows that he is not ashamed of you.

4) He considers your opinion in his decision making

A man acts as the head of a partnership. However, if your man really loves you, then he will consider your opinion even when the decision he is about to make concerns just him. He feels like he does not want to wrong you. In this, before he can make an important decision, he will consult you. Even better, if you are not comfortable with an idea, you will realize that he will try to adjust it just for you.

5) He places you in his future

This does not apply when you are still new in a relationship because you are still getting to know each other. However, if you have been dating for a while and you notice that he makes a speech as “we” when talking about his future, then you are with the right man. He sees his future with you and he is not ashamed to declare it. If he is not putting it in speech, check his actions such as whether he takes you along to his friend’s weddings. He will also talk about children and a family with you as a self-initiative rather than you starting the conversation.

6) He loves to cuddle with you whether you are in public or private

A man who simply loves to cuddle and is not looking to just get into your pants is the man for you. His key objective is to have you around so he can spend time with you. He will call you to come over and watch a movie just so he can sit next to you. His focus is not on sex.

7) He still stares at you

Even after all the time you have spent together, you will still find him staring at you and smiling about it. The stare is mostly non-intentional and the moment he realizes you have noticed his stare, he will turn away.

How to fully understand “Does he love me signs”

It takes time to fully understand a man and not every guy will express their love the same. The above signs will help you understand whether you are in because he loves you or not, if you are still questioning does he love you? It might be time for you to make the move and talk to him because he can be shy or afraid of rejection. You can use the above tips to determine his intentions with respect to love. It is these little signs that will help you evade the tears and endless times you have pondered whether you are with the right man or not.