Does She Like Me-How to know if she likes you


You want to know if she loves you. If you are asking, “ does she like me ?” and you do not want to approach her with the question, then you can look out for the following.

It is important that you do not confuse physical attraction for love. You are crazy about her and you are sure that you love her. However, you want to be sure that she loves you too to avoid letdowns as well. There are a few factors you can focus on rather than ask her or wait for her to declare what she feels.

When you ask yourself “Does she like me” sign You need to look for


1) She includes you in her future plans

When she makes her speech, you will notice that she tends to use the term “we” a lot. In this, she is looking at the future and there is no future without you. Listen to hear if she asks you questions about kids and marriage and the questions are not generalized, then you are talking to someone who is planning a future with you as part of it.

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2) She is in constant communication with you

When a woman calls and texts you often to find out how you are doing, she is concerned. After she finds out how your day went, she is likely going to include everything that happened in her day.

The concept is pointing out if she is concerned about you and not necessarily calling you to ask for something or she is a damsel in distress. In the event that she finds out you are not feeling well, she will go out of her way to see you before you can say no.

3) She is exclusive

Being exclusive is very important as she clearly indicates that she just wants you. Even in times of concerns, you will not hear her talk of wanting her space or asking for a break. She is willing to fight through trying times with you in the vicinity. She is not considering the option of dating other people.

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4) You have met or she is planning for you to her immediate family

If you have not already met members of her immediate family, you will hear her invite you to events where her family will also be attending. When you meet them and they indicate that they have heard about you, then you know she wants you to stick around. This rule also applies to friends also. If she avoids any sort of introduction, yet you have been around each other for a while.

5) Getting you gifts

Getting a gift that is relevant and falls in the likes and preferences you desire is an important sign. This means that she has taken her time to identify your likes and dislikes. She is also familiar of your favorite things. In addition, watch to see if she is spending within her means.

Do not go accepting an expensive car yet you know she cannot afford it. This tells you that something is wrong. In this, you should consider the offer and gesture rather than the price attached to the gift.

6) Showing affection even in public

If she does not mind holding your hand in public and she gets slightly touchy, then she probably loves you. Most of the time, she will do this on impulse without the slightest idea. She prefers cuddling up with you as opposed to hanging out all night getting drunk. When she hugs you, watch out to identify how long or short her hug will last. If she takes her time to hug you just because you met, it is probably love.

7) She is appreciative

When she is appreciative of everything including what you consider little. She is very proud of every little achievement. She appreciates and believes in your dream and will even try to help you achieve them. She will help you with your tasks to the level that she can and will not expect anything in return. She is happy that she was able to help you.

8) She helps you

When you notice that she will go out of her way to help you with right about everything she is already showing signs that she is trying to learn as much as possible around you. This is not about coming over to watch a movie of which she will then clean after. No.

This is she will clean after you and your friends even when she was not present during the party or get together. She respects you she will offer a helping hand.

Some girls will make it obvious if their love you, you won’t even need to ask “Does she like me”. It is time that you invest your love with a girl that reciprocates the love.

It is time you are sure of what she feels for you and the above will answer your question on whether she loves you or not. If she is the silent or shy type, you simply have to ask her what she plans for her future and if she talks in the plural, then you know that she has plans with you.