Does she love me- 6 Signs She really in Love with You


Does she love me is a question that so many guys ask. You probably have a crush on this girl and you just want to be certain that she feels the same way as you do. Well, asking her is not an option as it may sound mistrusting or on the other hand, all talk may not exactly be all true. You can actually confirm if she loves you without having to ask.

After all, actions they say speak louder than words. Look out for the following if you are looking to answer the question, “does she love me?” under many circumstances, love cannot be explained in a few words and it is in these actions that you find refuge and rest.

6 Obvious signs she loves you


1) Is she exclusive?

When a girl loves you, she will be exclusive just to you. You will never have to hear of any conflicting messages about you and her. It is important that you notice whether she keeps close to any other guy. She loves you if she is all for you. When you feel like she is glad she is just for you, then it is just you in her mind. Being exclusive means she has her focus on you. You will not have to hear about her ex or anything he did even when things are on the rocks between the two of you.

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2) Does she introduce you to family and friends?

An introduction to her family and friends indicating who you are to her should send you a positive signal. This means that she is glad that you are in her life and that she is happy to expose you to her world and what is important to her. She wants you close and by introducing you to these groups of people, she is bringing you into the inner circle. She will try to invite you to a few events that she has been invited such as weddings, birthday parties, or even families get together.

3) Does she talk of you in her future?

When a woman loves you, she pictures you in her future and she is not afraid to already picture her future next to you. Listen to her. Does she plan for things and make statements with terms search as “we” or “our” when making statements. If she has to buy something for the house even when you are not staying together, you will hear her make judgement while considering your opinion as well. On the other hand, it is questionable if she only thinks of herself. She clearly cannot see the future without you.

4) Does she buy you gifts?

Gifts are a great way of showing that one cares. It is important to note how these gifts are bought and the purpose of buying them. It can be obvious when she buys gifts for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. However, if she simply comes across something amazing and simply buys it for you as a sign of good gesture, it is important that you appreciate this woman because she does not need an occasion to think of you. This goes hand in hand, with her coming in to offer a helping hand. If she does this genuinely without having to wait for you to ask, she probably cannot watch you struggle on your own because she loves you.

5) Is she proud of you?

If your woman affirms her pride and cannot help but acknowledge that she is proud when you do something, then she appreciates you. She is willing to accept that your contribution plays a great role in her life. She will notice the slightest adjustment. You do not have to do something big for her to appreciate you. Everything is equally important to her. Sometimes, it is the effort that counts. Even when you did not achieve what you wanted, she is still thankful that you went ahead and tried.

6) Does she communicate easily and openly?

Communication is a very important aspect in any relationship. If she is concerned about your well-being and calls up to check on you, this is a good gesture. Open communication is a great way to show that she loves you simply because it shows her care. In addition, she also wants you to know what is going on in her life even in your physical absence.

How to know if she loves you?

Whether she loves you or not can be debatable if you do well on asking her. The above tips will guide you through the process of analyzing her feelings for you. For the shy guys, the list will help you ascertain whether you can make your next move or not. Love is a great thing especially if you are both on the same page. Enjoy the experience and know that she loves you by highlighting the above aspects. She does not have to show all of them at the same time so exercise some patience and you will reap the fruits of genuine love.