The Pros And Cons of a Double Date – Why you should or shouldn’t do it

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We have all heard the old saying, “there’s safety in numbers.” Does that logic apply to date? Double dating is popular among certain groups of people today. Supporters of group dating say that it promotes strong relationships and is just more fun. There are some detractors who don’t think double dates are a good idea. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of double dates.

Pros of double date – 5 Things you should know


1) Eases the stress of first dates

We all know the stress and worry of that first date with a special someone. We worry about what to talk about and awkward pauses in the conversation. What if we don’t like the other person as much as we initially thought? Double dates provide a cushion to ease some of this concern. If there is a pause in the conversation, the other couple can fill the gap. If you and the other person don’t hit it off, you can depend on the other couple to help salvage the night.

2) Let’s you get to know your date’s friends

Many times, a couple double date with friends. If you and your date have mutual friends to go out with, this is a big bonus. You will learn more about your date from the friends and the entire atmosphere of the evening will be more comfortable. If you are going out with friends on your date, it helps you see what kind of people he/she have in their life. This can be very telling.

3) Safety

It is very true that dates with a group are safer than single dating; this is even more important if you don’t know the other person well. If you are just meeting someone for the first time, it is wise to double date with friends who will be there if you need them. A person is less likely to be too forward or aggressive if there are others around.

4) Double dating saves money

If a group of you go out, you will save money on gas as you can all ride in one car. You can also save by getting group discounts for concert or sporting tickets. As you all think about planning a date, look for ways to save money, and that’s makes everyone happy.

5) The more, the merrier

Let’s face it, more people usually equal more fun. A group of friends can make the most of a night out, with more personalities and ideas, you are guaranteed to find fun. Also, you can do things like play doubles in tennis or group card games.

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Cons of double dating – 5 opposite thing you must know


1) Causes more stress

If you are introducing your romantic interest to your best friend for the first time, a double date can be stressful. You want them to like each other and to approve, so you are understandably nervous. If things don’t go well, it could cause problems in both relationships.

2) Personality conflict

Every person is different, and it could be that if you team up with your friends for a double date…everyone might not get along. Sometimes people’s personalities just clash, and it isn’t much you can do about it. If this difference happens on your double date, the best thing to do is just grin and bear it.

3) Lack of privacy

Group dates don’t provide much time for intimate moments between people. If you are on a double date, it could feel awkward to show affection or be romantic with each other. There also may be less time to talk to just each other if it is a double date. Double dates are designed more for group fun and activity.

4) Double dates can cause men versus women problems

If you are on a double date, you can find yourself on the wrong end of a man/woman debate. The guys on the date start talking about “women” and using stereotypes. The ladies on the date then feel the need to defend themselves or vice versa. This can lead to a tension-filled time with the lines drawn in the sand.

5) Guy/Girl bonding

Double dates can cause guys and girls to drift toward each other instead of their date. Guys start talking about sports and immediately lose themselves in conversation, leaving the girls out. Girls bond over shopping and forget they are even on a date. These bonding moments are a risk you take when double dating.

So, is double dating a good thing or a bad thing? Just like most things in life, it depends on how you handle it. If you have bright ideas on what double dating means, you will have a real time. You should talk to your partner about the pros and cons of double dating and make a decision together. It might also help to have some ground rules to ensure success.

Double dates can be significant and create beautiful memories. It is up to the people involved to determine how well things go. Don’t just leave it up to chance to see how things go. Talk to your girlfriends or guy friends and decide how you will all handle the situation. Be aware of differences in personalities and goals.

If you are a younger date, parents feel more secure when you go out on double dates. The grown-ups know that the date will be less formal and more geared toward group activity. Parents feel better if you aren’t one on one with the boy/girl. Keep this in mind if you are trying to convince your parents to let you start dating.