4 Effective Breast Massage to increase Size Fast


Breast massage is healthy and they serve different purposes. When performed as required, the results are outstanding and effective. Depending on what you are looking for, you can use breast massages to help enlarge your breasts or make them firm and fuller.

The major functions of breast massage include boosting the overall appearance of your breasts, improve your breast contours, eliminate the presence of toxins, as well as improve the Lymphatic system.

4 Type of Breast Massages That Work Great


1. Reiki Massages

This breast massage aims at increasing your breast size and increasing the amount of circulation to your breast. In addition, this breast massage will help you to make your breasts firm thus improving saggy breasts. This massage technique is gaining popularity and the results are positive without any side effects.

How to perform it

  • Get into a comfortable position where you can easily reach for your breasts while avoiding any type of strain you can choose to be seated or standing.
  • On each of your breasts, place your palms which helps to position them
  • In a circular motion, start rubbing your breasts with an inward motion. This means that you will be rubbing them towards each other such that your right hand is moving in a clockwise motion while the left hand in a counterclockwise motion.
  • Firmly, press downwards while ensuring you do not let go
  • While still holding the firm position, rotate your breasts beneath your palms. At this stage, you will be using your palm and not your whole hand to create motion
  • Simultaneously rotate both your breasts to prevent them from growing at different rates
  • Repeat the rotations for about 5 minutes but you can increase them if your arm is not fatigued. However, once you get fatigued, it is recommended that you do not force yourself


Repeat this on a daily basis until you get the desired effect.

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2. The Feng Shui Breast Massage

This technique aims at increasing the cup size of your breasts. It meets this objective by facilitating circulation of energy without necessarily focusing on only your breasts.

How to perform this massaging breast method?

  •  Using your knuckles, start by making a circular motion on your breasts
    (repeat this 20 times on each of your breasts)
  • As you alternate between your breasts, grab and slap each in turns. (repeat this about 50 times on each breast)
  • With both your hands, claw a breast from the exterior as you move up to approach the nipple (repeat this 20 times for each breast)
  • Hold up one breast at a time using one hand, and with the other, massage the top half of each breast (repeat this 20 times)
  • Squeeze your boobs off for about 5 minutes every time you take your bra off

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3. Breast slapping technique

This technique, just as the name suggests recommends that you strategically slap your breasts until they grow in size. While slapping is only part of it, it includes other strategies which when combined provide the desired results. This is however for the strong as it can be painful.

How to do this breast massage technique?

  •  Hold up your breast with one hand and with the other one, slap your breast all round
  • Repeat this procedure frequently on a daily basis
  • It is important to note that it will sting but you should take this as a sign that it is working.
  • It is also recommended that you combine this technique with other techniques such as fat brushing technique for better result and faster results.


4. Chi Massage

Chi massage technique is about making your breasts firm as well as growing them naturally. This technique includes focusing on your breasts so that you channel your energy so that you are able to increase blood flow to your breasts. It combines both physical and mental capabilities to obtain the best results.

How to perform it

Performing this massage technique is not complicated but it requires dedication. You are required to hold your breast in your palm and rotate them in the direction of your cleavage. Every session will require that you rotate your breasts in the motion between 180 to 365 rotations.

Incorporate Other Techniques During your Breast Massage

When massaging breasts, it is also recommended that you incorporate other techniques not necessarily limited to massages that will help you achieve your objective. You must also have a well-balanced diet in sufficient quantities.

In addition, you can use recommended lotions, creams, or oils during the massage processes. It is also recommended that you exercise.

These massage techniques require dedication and patience. In this, it does not offer quick results such as medical options do. However, they are effective and though they require patience, the results are positive and they last in the long-term without any side effects.

The results are gradual and it is recommended that you monitor your progress all through the process until you receive your ideal results.