Surefire Ways To Get You’re Ex Back On Valentine’s Day

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Love is just love, one of the craziest yet amazing facts of life. When we reach a point of referring to our partners as an ‘ex’ means you have been there and done that and baring a symbol of love gone bad. Nevertheless, you can create love again between you and your ex.

All you need to know is the right time, right words, and the right way, with the right tools to get your ex back.

First, it is important that you know over 80% of breakups can be patched up. Now we are good to go. Interestingly, how to get your ex back is not the tricky part.

If someone has left you before, what prevents them from doing it again? The tricky part is keeping the relationship alive for as long as possible. If there is a great day to get your ex back it is the Valentine’s Day.

Ways To Get You’re Ex Back With Text Message!

There is simply no other day on the calendar that is dedicated to love, flowers and dating. It is a day of manifesting love through actions and words between partners. Valentine’s Day can be the worst day of the year if you do not have anyone to share it with.

This is the time of the year when couples parade around holding hands, buying each other gifts and make an effort to make each others day special.
It is also the time of the year when most girls get proposed to. With couples walking around and being sweet to each other, you are awfully reminded of what you are missing on. For these, and many other reasons, spending valentines with your ex might be appealing and an opportunity to “bury the hatchets” and mend broken hearts.

Well, how you view this is really your choice. Nevertheless, if you want to get your ex back just to spend Valentine’s Day with him/her. To do so you need to know the right way to approach your ex given that the present condition simulates that you are not in good terms for one reason or another. The steps below are just but wise counsel on “how to catch a rattlesnake without getting it angry to bite”.

A delicate situation needs a delicate approach not to cause misunderstanding.

Therefore, here are some basic steps

Step one: Initiating Contact

A few weeks to Valentine’s Day, call just to find out how he is doing. Better still, ‘accidentally’ bump into him at his favorite restaurant. Ensure to make your conversation as casual as possible. This will give you a chance to know whether he is seeing someone or not. It is good to initiate contact prior to the valentine day giving chance for your counterpart to think over it and letting the seasonal feeling of love to set in and they wooed to see you.

Step two: Request a Date

Make a date to catch up- as friends. Be honest or ensure that you sound as innocent as possible; without any ulterior motive. Do not be very open with the Valentine date at first since they might be planning something else; nevertheless just be open to a date

Step three: Propose Valentine Day

Once he agrees to come for the date, bring it on! Propose for Valentine’s Day since it just works out perfectly fine with the season, you once dated this person, right?

This can only mean one thing; since you had him once, you know what buttons to press. Get him infatuated with you once again. This way, when you spend valentines together, it will not be awkward. Instead, he will be sweet and romantic. Just as you want him to be.

Step four: Plan B

Now, the above steps are not a textbook version. People are different and need different approaches. Nevertheless, the steps are general guidelines to a right contact and approach of your ex for a Valentine’s Day reunion.

How To Get You’re Ex Back on Valentine’s day!

If you do not want to do any of the following, do plan B, go for plain old honesty. Call him and tell him you do not want to spend valentines alone. Though I must warn you, it might sound a bit awkward.

The main aspect to getting your ex back on Valentine’s Day lies on one fact mostly, communications. Among the core foundations of a strong relationship is communication.

You do not need much illustration on how communication is vital, the evidence is in the many breakups surfacing in our country today. The most failed relationship starts with the failure of proper or adequate communication between partners.

That gives you a clear understanding of how communication is vital. In our case, the damage has been done and you are trying to get them back on Valentine’s Day as a perfect day to amend. Here you need to know how to contact your ex on valentines given that you are no longer a couple.

The question is not if you should Contact Your Ex on Valentine’s Day but rather how to contact your ex on Valentine’s Day? With an already existing difference between you and your ex, the best approach is rather friendly than romantic. Most people avoid calling or picking calls from their ex.

This shows that using the currently common chat or text messages would be advisable. This is because text response from your ex-prior the valentine day may tell you a lot, including the desire to meet, mood to talk if they are still single or not, and most of all if they miss you back. Well, a call would be then appropriate once you have softly conditioned you ex to listen to you.

For some people, spending valentines with your ex is a no, no. for others, the answer to whether they can spend valentines with their ex depends on what they want after valentines and maybe to chase away loneliness if you’re still single after the breakup.

While for others is a definite yes However, how to get your ex back on this day is not always seamless especially if the breakup was less than a month to mid-February. That is because this is a very crucial time where you should give each other space.

Nonetheless, you can use a good strategy like waiting for the day and reminding your ex how you’re enjoyed last year’s Valentine’s. Remember, you only contact people on this day to go for a date with them.

Therefore, your ex will know what you want. There is no problem with this so long they are not going on date because they can go out with you if you play your cards right. This move works perfectly if your ex loves surprises.

The ideal thing with how to get your ex back is not appearing desperate. Needy people are clingy and that is not the A game that will get your ex back. For a start, you can text or email your ex a few days before February 14th. From there, you can evaluate if they are ready or not ready to keep in touch. Only call if you know your ex hates testing. If you text for a couple of days you can now call them. This eliminates the difficulty of calling them on 14th February more so if you do not have the courage to call.

Go slowly. Yes, you have already been intimate with your ex so there is no need for speed. That means you can start communicating a couple of days before the Valentine’s Day. Take your time and do not try hard to get your ex back. That way you will not look needy or desperate.

It is good you improve your life within this period. Get a job, hit the gym, and join a sports club or simply follow your dream. As a result, your ex will notice you are getting better and she can be more comfortable with you on the Valentine’s Day. It is not rocket science, your ex left you to look for green pastures.

The best way to get your ex back is reminding them of the fun moments you share in the past. It is equally important to tell them how you miss them. Just keep the conversations light and ask her how she is doing rather than talking about why you broke up. Doing this on Valentine’s Day on a call can be rather caring. If the phone talks fairs right ask your ex out and you will not know when you get back together.

How to win your ex back on Saint Valentine’s Day is by apologizing for your shortcomings. If need be, you should seek advice on how to apologize so that you do it right.

Do not be cheated, if you emphasize so much on the fact that you were wrong your ex would find this a desperate move. Again, reminding your ex about the painful experiences is not how to get your ex back. You can also use gifts as a way to apologize and express interest in your ex. Make sure you buy them what they love most and it will be easier for you.

Most of the time, relationships end because of commitments. If you were not fully engaged show effort in becoming emotionally available or even sharing more time together. In addition, Valentine’s DAY is a good start.

If your aim is to get your ex back not just for Valentine’s Day but also for a longer period, then you cannot just call. You have to seduce him. Get him to fall for you all over again. Follow the steps above, but be a lot more subtle.

Remember, you aim is to get him to remember why he loved you then. Get him to relive those days. This way, he will not disappear after valentines. In as much as you know the buttons to press, do not be in a hurry, do not make it appear as though you are out to get him.

People like being the hunter and defiantly girl love the feeling of being hunted so the steps in this love jungle do apply.
What are you waiting for? Do not wait until it is too late, start simple, take your time and you will have your ex back in time for Valentine and maybe forever after, than you ever imagined. All the best!