How to Find a Girlfriend Online and Date with Her (8 Tips)

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It is no doubt that getting a girlfriend can sometimes be quite a daunting task. I know how disheartening it is when you unsuccessfully try countless times to get a fitting partner. You just may be a shy person or may not have much time to mingle with people and make new friends. You may also be clumsy and find yourself turning off girls on all your first dates. That is why I put together this list with tips on how to find a girlfriend online. My list will help you avoid deal breakers and date your girl longer. So, let’s cut to the chase and look at tips to successfully date a girl online.

Let Paramount Information Be On The Top of Your Profile

While looking for a suitable girlfriend, you will also want to help them find you. Not everyone has time to or is willing to go through your profile top to bottom. Ensure that the important information about you appears first in your profile.

But don’t fill too much information that you wouldn’t be willing to read. Your profile is aimed at giving people a snapshot of who you are. So, even if one doesn’t have time to read your profile, she will have a rough idea of who you are.

Carefully Go Through Your Prospect’s Profile

Remember, just as you created an online profile about yourself, so did other people. Don’t you think that theirs is as important as yours? You just don’t jump straight into talking to them.

All your potential mates are trying to communicate to you through their profile about what you should expect of them. Besides, it is all part of the online dating procedure so it will be pointless to skip it because there is vital information in that profile that will help you approach her.

Craft an Excellent First Message

It is through your first message a girl will gain the interest to get to know you better. A simple “Hi” will definitely not work especially now that there is stiff competition in the online dating world. Your introductory message will set the mood of your conversation.

Having read a potential profile, you can effortlessly write a good message with some personal touch, but avoid being creepy about it. A message with a personal touch shows that you are genuinely interested in the person. Another way to make the message more appealing is to keep it casual and brief. You don’t want to make anyone feel pressured, do you?

Flirt If You Can

It’s just like body language flirting when offline dating. Generally, flirting will differentiate love and friendship interests. This does not permit you to be downright nasty with her or suggest an intimacy with her.

You have to be careful not to paint a perverted picture of yourself or offend her. It is a good way to make clear of your intentions but if you come too strong she might confuse your good intentions with bad ones.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

The worst mistake you can do is pretending to be someone you are not. No one wants to be lied to, especially not when they are trying to know you. There is no specific method you can use to prevent coming off as a boring or arrogant person.

I would recommend you not to try to be someone who you think other people will like. Also, avoid misrepresenting yourself through posting old photos of you or even those of other people. You may be throwing a potential long-term relationship out the window. Instead, just be yourself.

Retain an Air of Mystery, But Don’t Play Games

If you really want to get a girlfriend, do not dare to play games. If you fail to reply to her messages or act disinterested, she will move on to the next guy. However, according to a certain deal breakers survey, about 44% of women consider blasting their phone with messages a deal breaker.

Always leave space for her to keep guessing. Also, remember that she will only need assurance that you are serious and want to be in a relationship with her. If you have been talking for long enough and feel like she is a perfect suitor and interested in you as well, ask her to be your girlfriend.

Patience is key

Dating, whether online or offline is flat out hard. One of the major reasons you might prefer online dating to offline dating is because you don’t have time to go for countless dates before finding a partner. It is also important to note that people are committed differently and hence online dating may not be one of the top priorities.

Do not give up just because you did not get a response right away or after a few days. As hard as it might be, all you need is patience because your worthy partner is still out there somewhere.

Be Graceful With Rejection

As pointed out earlier, online dating can be discouraging. It may take a while before you find a suitable partner. Don’t let rejection drive you to bitterness and change your interactions with other people while dating online.

It is true that online dating experience, especially for men, is usually not as smooth as women’s. So learn to accept reality and make a decision to always be graceful with rejection and to move on from such situations.

Wrap Up

I hope you learned a few things from my article. Did you enjoy the read? My intention is to get you a girl of your dreams and I hope that by implementing these eight items, you will find true love. Yes, true love is hard to find and a lot of men do not know dos and don’ts when looking for a partner.

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