How to fix a Broken Relationship with 7 Crucial Tips

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How to fix a broken relationship can be tough sometimes. So let me guess Your relationship with your significant other has just fallen apart. It may have been very sudden and unexpected or it may have slowly disintegrated over time.

Whatever the case is, it is very important to you to fix it no matter what the cost. You care about this person and would be devastated if he were not in your life anymore. Before you understand how to fix a broken relationship, you must, first of all, examine the relationship as objectively as you can, even though this may be very difficult for you to do at this point.

If the other individual is already in a new relationship or will not speak to you at all, there is very little that can be done. It takes two to forge a lasting bond and if one is just not willing to fight the good fight to bring both of you back together, it is best to move on no matter how much it hurts.

Remember the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr which so eloquently states, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

If you know that you are both really in love and just need to find your way past this rocky point in time, continue with your quest to bring the two of you back together again. How to fix a broken relationship and the steps to bring back the love, caring, and long-term relationship with this person are as follows:

How to mend a broken relationship: 7 Tips You Must Follow


1) Communicate With Your Significant Other

The most important step to take is to communicate with each other. There may be issues that one or the other is not aware of and the relationship cannot continue unless the air is cleared. Take the time to sit down in a quiet spot and really talk about where your relationship is going and how and if it can be salvaged.

This conversation may need to take place in a public venue to keep tempers from getting out of control. Be honest about how you feel and allow the other individual to be forthright with his own feelings. Take turns speaking your pieces as one person doing all the talking is not going to solve anything or present both sides of the story.

Another step on how to fix your relationship is to be fully prepared to hear some blatant and not very pleasant things about yourself or the relationship as a whole. Never raise your voice or use profanity during this time even if the other person does. Show that you are calm, cool and totally committed to working things o

If you have issues to bring up that may be harsh or brutally honest, take the edge off by talking about the good things you have together first. Gently lead into the more negative aspects of the conversation. Maintain eye contact at all times and, if possible, add a tender touch to the hand or arm while speaking.

Refrain from begging, pleading or making deals. This will hurt you far more than it will ever help you to fix the relationship and can be very humiliating for the person who takes this route. Be candid, forthright and totally upfront with your significant other. Tears may ensue but sometimes that just cannot be helped, but do try to maintain all dignity in whatever way, shape or form that you can.

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2) Give Your Significant Other the Space Needed to Think Things Through

This is not a good time to be a clingy, needy person if you are really serious about how to fix a broken relationship. Give the other party a chance to re-group and think about the issues for a period of time. Constantly calling and showing up at his place of residence will do nothing but irritate him and drive him away even more.

Many men and women sometimes do stalk the objects of their affections when their relationships become broken. This can be very unsettling and scary and should be avoided at all costs. Even little things like driving by his house, showing up at his workplace, or making excuses to call should not be done no matter how much you want to see or talk to your significant other.

Keep your own sense of pride, take a step back yourself and utilize this time to think about what you want out of this relationship and how it can really work if both of you put your heart and soul back into it. Time away from each other may make the two of you realize just how important you are to each other and how much you miss the other person’s company and conversation.

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3) Be Understanding

No matter whose fault it is that the relationship isn’t what it used to be is, both parties should try to understand the other individual’s position. You both may not be thinking clearly at this time but every effort should be made to put yourself in the other person’s shoes for a few minutes just to get an idea of what things have been like for the other individual. For example, if your lover cheated on you, examine yourself and see what part you may have inadvertently played in the scenario

Have you been pushing him aside lately, taking him for granted and spending more and more hours with friends or at work instead of with him? Have you been toying with the idea of cheating yourself just to put some zest back into your own relationship? Cheating is serious but realizes that it may play the role of a wake-up call if what the two of you have together is real and is to survive.

4) Forgive

If a wrong was done and you truly want your love back, forgive that person for their indiscretions or wrongdoings. As stated in the previous paragraph, if your significant other cheated on you with another person, you are going to have to decide if the relationship is worth salvaging or if you are going to live in the fear of a repeat offense.

There is a common saying “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but this is not necessarily true. Take a step back and examine your own feelings about the situation and ask yourself if you can truly forgive him and take him/her back into your heart and your life.

If you are going to bring the past indiscretion up at every argument and opportunity in the future, it may be best to let go of this person as you still do harbor many resentments. Wipe your slate clean and start over. Keep the issue in the past where it belongs and make a point to only look ahead and plan for a very happy and satisfying future together if you are serious to know how to fix a broken relationship.

If you are the person who wronged your significant other, you may even need to forgive yourself before the relationship can move forward. You may realize that you have truly hurt this special person and are angry with yourself forever doing such a thing to alienate the affections of the person you love most in the world. Promise yourself that you will never put yourself in such a position again and do your best to show the other person how committed you are to make things right.

5) Be Discrete

In this day and age of social media, what a person says online can be very hurtful. If your relationship is on the rocks, do not write about it anywhere where others can view and respond to your situation. Making comments on social media sites can be very hurtful and damaging and you must avoid talking about your feelings online at all costs. Remember, once they are written, they cannot be taken back.

Don’t talk about your significant other with all of your friends or his friends. So much may get back to him which will make the situation even worse. When questioned about your broken relationship, just calmly tell friends and relatives that the two of you are doing the very best to work things out together. This will let the other person know that you still have hope for continuing the relationship and are very positive about the final outcome.

If you have a very close friend who you can trust implicitly and can vent to, by all means, do so. You will feel better and she may be able to point out some issues that you do not see before.

This must be a friend who will not air your problems with others or even discuss them with your significant other. Do not use her as a messenger but rather a sounding board so you can get an objective viewpoint and release your frustrations.

And whatever you do, don’t try to make him or her jealous by speaking of other individuals you may be interested in if things don’t work out. Even if this is true, this may backfire on you when he realizes that you may have moved on in your mind already. Keep your “Plan B” to yourself if you have one as this current relationship you are fighting for is of utmost importance to you.

If you must write about what is going on, buy a journal and record your feelings there. This can be very therapeutic and can sometimes reveal points that you had not thought of. Venting your feelings can also bring about a calmness just by putting them on paper.

6) Stay Busy

Some individuals who are going through a crisis will just shut down and become almost paralyzed by the troubles and trials of a broken relationship. Depression sets in and soon some can barely function due to the overwhelming thoughts of how they are going to get back together again with the person they love so much. It is important to remember at this time that there are other people in your life who need you and will miss you if you become a recluse or just refuse to participate in other activities.

One of the very best means of feeling better about yourself it just to help someone else. If time is heavy on your hands, go out of your way to volunteer at a soup kitchen or children’s home. Spend time with family and friends who love you and assist them with their issues. Work at a hobby or strive to be the best you can be at your job or career. Staying active and busy will help calm your mind and reduce the stress and strain of your thoughts about your broken relationship.

7) Remain Positive

As long as there is hope of a reconciliation, remain positive in your quest to reunite with the one you love. Emily Dickinson tells us that “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.” As long as there is hope, remain optimistic and focused on learning how to fix your relationship and bring back to its former state. Visualize the two of you making up and becoming closer due to these temporary difficulties.

Be positive in all aspects of your life including what you say, how you act, what you do and you think these are all the steps that contribute on how to fix a broken relationship. If it was meant to be, it will be.

How to fix a broken relationship Video guide!

Using all of these steps to save your relationship will help you and your loved one get back on track again. If the love is still there and there is still a spark, use these tips to help fire up your feelings for each other again. You will be glad you made the effort and took the time to rebuild your life together. This is all you need on how to fix a broken relationship.