Fun and Flirty Text Messages Every Women Want To Read


Flirting is a lost art that men should bring back. Sometimes, with social media and instant everything- we don’t take the time to put our thoughts into words. It takes skill to flirt through text messages but practice makes perfect. If your text doesn’t land, try a new approach next time. Girls really enjoy being flirted with, so take the time to get your game up with flirty texts.

This is the day of flirting with texts and online. If you want to keep up, you need some witty one-liners to impress her with. Just be careful you don’t want to cross the line. There are different types of flirts for texting. Some are just good natured banter with friends; others are to let someone know you are interested; still others may be a little more daring and provocative.

When looking to send flirty text messages, First you just want to make sure that you are appropriate and that your texts are wanted. Flirting on texts can be fun and you can get your message across in sweet or romantic ways. Flirty text messages  can be your best friend, if you use them in the right way. If you are a little rusty here are some great flirty texts:

26 Great flirty text messages for her


  1. “Sweet dreams, honey-hope I see you in them. “ This is a playful suggestion that you hope she does dream about you.
  2. “I just woke up and you are the first thing on my mind.” Sweet and flirty that will melt anyone’s heart.
  3. “My wish is that I was your mirror, so I could see you every morning.” A little cheesy but still may work for a flirt.
  4. “Are you a believer of love at first sight or do we need to meet again?” Again with the cheese but still cute.
  5. “Just remember that U and I are always together on your keyboard!” This one is so lame, she may love it.
  6. “Our friendship is great and I think we would be even better as lovers!” Direct approach that may appeal to some.
  7. “Don’t use up too much energy at work, you are going to need some tonight!” This can be seen as cute and suggestive.
  8. “I’m laying here trying to fall asleep but all I can do is think about you.” Girls will love this one!!
  9. “It is a beautiful day that could only improve if you were with me.” Again, girls will like this.
  10. “Every time you walk into a place…you also enter my heart.”
  11. “I just want to your parents to know how much I appreciate their gift to the world.” Your parents may like this one more than you.
  12. “C’mon girl don’t listen to the world…just obey your heart!” This could be a red flag if your friends and family are not liking him/her.
  13. “I can’t believe it! You look just like my next girlfriend.” Cute play on words.
  14. “Could you empty your purse? I think you stole my heart.” This one is a little trite but she may get it.
  15. “Can I be your teddy bear?” Nice way of trying to get in her bed
  16. “I know you are busy but could you put one more item on your to-do list…little old me?” Playful and suggestive.
  17. “If your feet are hurting, it’s because you have been strolling through my thoughts all day.” This is a tried and true line.
  18. “Penny for your thoughts…dime if they involve me.” Witty play on old line.
  19. “What are you doing… for the rest of our lives?” This will give her heart a little jolt.
  20. “I would walk a thousand miles to hold you tonight.” Anyone will love this line.
  21. “You are the person I want holding my hand when I die.” This text will inspire butterflies! Better not use this one until you really mean it.
  22. “You never forget your first love but you find all your dreams with your last love.” Girls love an eye to the future.
  23. “If you come over tonight, you will find all your favorites…sushi, liquor and ME!” Suggestive but not too much.
  24. “Hey, I see you thinking about me!” This one catches her off guard.
  25. “My friends are so jealous when I tell them about you.” She will blush when she thinks about you describing her!
  26. “If we were together right now…what would we be doing?” Prepare for some real answers on this one

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Flirting via text video tips

Flirty text messages is perhaps one of the best way for a  man to express his feeling, as you can see texts can be romantic, serious or funny. There are so many ways to flirt with that special someone. Of course, your phone also provides many emojis to help you make your point. Just don’t get carried away with them…they can get obnoxious after the first 20. It takes more work to come up with actual words, instead of searching through a million emoticons for just the right one.

Also, remember that you need to be clear when you text because your recipient won’t have the advantage of your tone or nuances. You have to make your words clear to get the message across. Sometimes, bold texts are the best and the least likely to be misconstrued. No matter what you choose, check your spelling so you don’t make a bad impression.

Girls have different moods, so hopefully you will know her pretty well before the flirting begins. Sometimes she wants you to be serious, so make room for that in your texts. Other times, you may need to go for romantic instead of provocative. Girls are very sensitive to these types of things. The main thing is to match her mood with the appropriate text messages.

Just respect the rules of texting. Don’t text late at night or early in the morning (unless you are very close). Don’t keep texting if she isn’t responding. If she ever asks you to stop texting her…respect that because you could be breaking some laws otherwise. Don’t bombard her with texts at work (or really anywhere). Don’t always be the first one to make contact. Just respect her and you will do fine. Flirting is a lost art that text is bringing back!