8 Funny Pick up Lines That Capture a Woman heart


Everyone will agree that it is not easy to pick up women. However, if you can work try some funny pick up lines to capture a woman’s attention.

If you can capture a woman’s attention in an interesting and funny way, then you can bond together.

Funny pick up lines tend to give you a positive welcome with women because you sound interesting and you are able to make her smile.

If you are looking to approach women, your first objective is to be amusing. Forget trying to be smart or tough as this is not impressive.

The following are some funny pick up lines that capture a woman’s heart.

Here are the 8 funny pick up lines you can use on her


1) Can I borrow your phone? I just want to call your mum and thank her for you

This pickup line is bound to put a smile on her face for the reason that it shows you not only respect her but that you also appreciate that she turned out just great. This will also raise her curiosity and want to hear more. It is funny and it will definitely work in your favor to capture her attention.

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2) I had a pickup line but your beauty made me forget it

This pickup line is more direct but with a warm twist to it. While you are admitting that you want to use a pickup line, you are also acknowledging that she is not just beautiful but her beauty is out of the ordinary.

This indicates that her beauty is mesmerizing while including a funny moment that is captivating. The focus is on her beauty that the closer you get, the more beautiful she gets.

3) I seem to have gotten lost in your eyes and need a map to find my way

This pickup line is more specific and indicates that her eyes draw you. She is everything you want to look at. It gets funny when you request for a map to help you get around but not to leave the maze she has drawn you into.

You like what you see and you do not want to leave the amazing sight. Deliver this and she will not only want to giggle but you will touch on her feminine side and you will notice she will also shy away.

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4) Something is wrong with my cell phone. Here it is your number is not in it

Playing victim will help you capture the attention of a woman with the thought that you need help. It is until you complete the statement that she will realize she has something to do with your “problem.”

This will definitely put a smile on her face. Fun men will always capture and retain the attention of a woman.

5) Heaven must be missing an angel if you are here

This is a common funny pick up line but works like magic. Make her feel like she is the only woman created in the likeness of angels and she will want to know more. This has also been used in poetry and love songs so it is bound to capture her attention.

6) I am not a photographer but I can picture the two of us together

This is a bold move, which indicates your intentions. The direct comparison to the photographer chips in the funny aspect of this pickup line.

The intention of wanting to together work in your favor as once she warms up, you know you have a chance with her. It is more direct but it also goes a long way into making you look good.

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7) Damn you are sweet, I have a toothache

Many discourage sweets in an effort to keep their teeth healthy. Too much sweet is good for your taste buds but dangerous for your teeth. This pickup line indicates that she is too good to be true but she definitely is not going anywhere because you do not mind a toothache.

8) I hurt my leg but I do not mind because I hurt it falling for you

This funny pickup line is not only funny but interesting too. Pain is not going to stop you from seeing her as long as the pain is as a result of her. This means that despite being the funny guy, you are definitely falling for her charm and beauty.

The above are some funny pick up lines that are bound to capture a woman’s attention. The key is to exploit your charm while at the same time allowing you to express yourself.

Why women love funny pick up line?

Every woman loves the charming, fun guy type and if you can deliver these funny pick up lines as you should, you will be a woman magnet in no time.

Be careful how you slot them into the conversation to retrieve the desired effect. Whether you just like her or you want to go the extra mile with her, the above will help you.