How to Get a Girl to Like You fast-5 Important Tips You Must Know


How to get a girl to like you can be nerve-racking for some guys. You are out and about one night and you catch the eye of a beautiful girl that you just have to approach and get to know. So how do you do this without scaring her off? How to get a girl to like you without her wanting to run for her life. You freeze and cannot catch your breath, you have no idea what to say to her and you feel as nervous as hell.

If you have felt this way before, then you understand the pain when the women you absolutely want to attract , walk away and you never had a chance to even start a conversation, let alone get her to like you. If you are looking for a solution on how to get a girl to like you then read this post to the end.

How to get girls to like you and want to be with you Forever

Well, the good news here is this: You can start a conversation with her, and she will not ignore you or walk away. You must learn some basic rules about how to attract women. If you follow these rules, you will attract the women of your dreams easily. Men are often scared and self-conscious around women they like, especially beautiful women that they like a lot. You can learn how to get girls to like you by following some simple guidelines.

The problem is you think you are not good enough for her and your confidence is shattered into a million pieces, especially when she walks away. She is so beautiful, that you feel you are not good looking enough to attract that women. That girl could very well be attracted to you and you will never know because you are telling yourself all kinds of lies. She is human, just like you are, she has things, she is self-confident about and she also feels doubt towards her own personal attributes and looks.

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Women want someone who will care for them and not see them just as beautiful and attractive ladies, they want more from a man than to be told they are beautiful. Walking up to a girl and proclaiming how beautiful she is will turn her off, as she will believe you are only interested in her looks and not what she has to offer you as a person. Despite popular beliefs, this is not how to get a girl to like you.

If you can learn how to do the right things then you will capture her heart, you will get girls to like you, you will know how to attract girls. You don’t have to be a cool person or even that good looking to attract women.  Most women are not interested in men for their looks. Sure, attractive men might attract more women, but usually, that is not what impresses the girl, it is often much more than that. She will see something within you that is different, unique or special and this is what will motivate her to want to get to know you.

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5 crucial steps to get a girl to like you


1) Understanding what a woman to attract with a man

This is all about understanding what a woman wants when it comes to attracting with a man. Instead of focusing on her beauty, you need to find something about her that you like that has nothing to do with her looks. If you are in a bar and you happen to casually sit down next to her at the bar, smile and say hello. Don’t offer to buy her a drink or compliment her looks straight off the bat. Say hello or hi and wait it out to see if she responds. If she doesn’t, buy your drink and leave the bar, find a table or go sit with your friends.

The next time it is your turn to buy a round, try again if she is still at the bar. Just say something simple like “hello again; are you having a good night?” The chances are that she will respond this time and there is your chance.

2) Her body language

When looking to learn how to get a girl to like you, pay attention to her body language, is she looking over at you at all. Look at her and smile and then look away, continue chatting with your friends and keep an eye on her to see if she looks your way at all. If she does, then you should approach her and ask her if she would like a drink or would she like to join you at another table, so you can talk. If she refuses, don’t give up. Go back to your friends and continue enjoying your night, keep an eye on her to see if she is looking your way. If she is interested she will look over at you.

If she does not look your way, then move on, chances are she is not attracted to you. She might be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen but there is plenty of fish in the ocean, so set your sights elsewhere to attract other women.

Another way to attract a girl if she is looking over at you, then perhaps you can try to approach her the next time she goes over to the bar. Offer to buy that drink and even if she refuses the offer of a drink, pull up a bar stool and ask her something about herself. Don’t use lines like “Do you come here often?” That is just gross and you will lose your chance with this girl if you resort to corny lines.

Ask her if she is there for a special celebration or just a night out with friends. Once you get her talking, keep your mouth shut and listen to her, really listen. This will impress her because women love a man who listens to them.

3) First impressions

First impressions are everything on how to get a girl to like you and you need to make a good one. Concentrating on listening to her is a good start. Volunteer something interesting about yourself, like something you really love to do.  If you have an interest in animals or own a dog, tell her you are looking forward to your run in the park tomorrow with your dog. There are not many women who dislike animals or don’t appreciate a man who adores his dog.

You also need to make sure you are looking your best, so you can attract the women of your dream, it’s worth saying that before venturing out, dress nicely, but casually, unless you have a formal engagement to attend before going out bar hopping. Staying fit and looking fit is also a plus when it comes to attracting girls. Women attracted to men who appear to be focused on taking care of themselves. Getting a girl to like you will be easier if you look nice, so pay attention to how you dress whenever you go out to meet girls.

You don’t need to be rich or good looking to get a girl to like you. This is so wrong and yet so many men believe the only way to get the girl to like them is to be successful, rich and handsome. Most women attract men who are down to earth and easy going, personality is at the top of their list when selecting a man to date, not looks or money.

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However, having said that, Women attracted to men who are generous with their time, affection and deeds. This does not translate into buying her expensive gifts, but once you are dating, buying her something special is not a bad idea. Girls/women are generally looking for responsible men who work hard and can support a family. They are generally not attracted to a man who sits around all day playing video games and smoking pot.

4)  Stay Honest

Honesty is a very strong value on how a girl to like you If you want to know how to get a girl to like you then honesty is your best bet. Don’t exaggerate and tell silly stories, tell her truthful things about yourself. Talk about your family and your plans for your career or even what you envision your life will be like in five to ten years.

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Don’t ever get caught out telling lies, this will turn her off like nothing else. If you are seeing other women, tell her you are, and that you are not ready to commit just yet, however also tell her that you see her more than the others and you are feeling like there is something special between you. The truth is guys, you will not want to see other women if you are besotted with this girl.

This was addressed before but listening to her when she wants to talk about emotions is in your best interests if you really like her. Men don’t like the emotional stuff and girls are well aware of this, but they will want to talk about this stuff sometimes, so do your best to listen.

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The truth is Women cannot help who they are, and neither can guys, so when she is in an emotional mood, try to go with it. Show her you respect her and like her. You need to be prepared to spend quality time with her, this is the only way she is going to get attracted to you.

Take her out to romantic dinners or picnics in the park. Some girls can be anxious and a little insecure about themselves, so try to make allowances for this. Remember how you felt when you first saw her. You did not think you had a chance in hell, well she doesn’t have total faith in her attributes either, so just try to remember this.

She might believe that any pretty girl will steal you away. Reassuring her that this won’t happen and she is stuck with you will go a long way. Believe it or not, you can attract any girl you want, once you get her confidence things will be easy for you if you’re lucky enough you will be able to learn how to make a girl wet too.

5) Boost Your Confidence

The last thing to address here is confidence. It is the key if you want to learn how to get a girl to like you fast.. Girls/ women are not attracted to men who are insecure and unsure of themselves, so work on your self-esteem and build your confidence up.

You might not be the most good-looking man in the bar, but you have a lot to offer and you have to remember that beauty is only skin deep. In fact, having confidence is probably the most important thing you need on how to get a girl to like you. This is why it is towards the end of this article.

You can never work hard enough on your confidence because it can take something so simple to smash your confidence. You could be feeling on top of the world one day and then something happens to take the wind right out of your sails and you are feeling really down on yourself.

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Try to avoid feeling like this when you are out and about meeting women. They can smell a guy who lacks confidence a mile away, so put on a happy face and do your best to be as happy and as confident as possible. Remember confidence is the key to win and attract a girl, with your confidence you will get thousands of women ] you like. If you are out with friends and there are females present that are your mate’s girlfriends, practice with them. Start a conversation about anything and practice interacting with a woman. Practice make things better, the more you have the better you will get. When the time comes you will be able to attract any women that you like

In fact, your mate’s girlfriends will be happy to help you out and give you advice on this subject. If the lady of your affections is present that night and keeps looking over at you talking with another lady and looking confident, this will tell you exactly how attracted she really is.

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So in summing up, how to get a girl to like you is not too difficult but you need to have the guts to start a conversation and be able to show her you are a good listener. Give her affection and allow her to be emotional at times. Make the effort to talk about the emotional stuff with her and most of all be confident and show her you are a generous, caring, kind and happy person. This is how to get a girl to like you and attract to you.