How to Get a Guy to Like You- 15 Things Every Men Want You to Do


We’ve all been there. There’s this cute guy you like. You are confused about whether or not he likes you back. His mixed signals aren’t helping anything. A million questions are running through your head on how to get a guy to like you?

Is he flirting? Is he just being nice? Did that look mean anything? Was he trying to get personal when he brushed against your arm? How do you tell? Better yet, how do you cut out the nonsense and get him to like you?

The good news is, you are! In fact, you can get any guy you want. The way to a guy’s heart is no secret, you just have to know how to make him fall head over heels for you. I am here today to give you a few tips that will make him want you more than anything in the world. If you follow these guidelines, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t wind up down on one knee, ready to dedicate his entire life to you.

How to make a guy like you: 15 crucial tips to use on him


1) Get his attention

The first step on how to get a guy to like you is getting his attention. He won’t be able to like someone he barely notices, you have to find a way to get cute things to say to your boyfriend.

2) Get him to like what he sees

If you want a guy to look and admire, you have to give him something he will love looking at. If you want a guy to like what he sees, you have to like yourself, first. Confidence is sexy; more than makeup, more than that pair of jeans that make your butt look good, and more than getting your hair or nails done.

All of those physical accessories mean nothing if you don’t have the self-confidence to back it up. You should look your best but you need more than outer sex appeal if you are going to pursue him. The way you speak and the way in which you hold yourself says more about you than a sexy outfit and some pretty nails.

You have to represent your confidence, your boldness, and your love for yourself and all that you do in all areas of your life, including your appearance and attitude, will help to get a guy to like you.

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3) Be fun

Another great tip when looking to learn how to make a guy like you is to be fun. Who wants to engage with someone who is negative and boring? The man of your dreams is much more likely to notice you if you are having a good time. Show him your love for life and people. Show him your spontaneity and humor. You are much more appealing when you are lively and warm-spirited. He will want to be a part of the fun

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4) Don’t appear desperate

Nothing is more unattractive than a girl that is desperate for attention. If it takes a little while for him to notice you, it doesn’t mean to push harder. Be yourself, be confident, and be fun. He will eventually notice. If you try to force it, you will wind up pushing him away, instead of making him to like you.

When you look in his direction, don’t quickly look away and don’t look too long. You don’t want to seem nervous but you also don’t want to come off as some creep. Simply hold the glance for a few seconds, smile, and get back to whatever you were doing. When you walk by him, do so gracefully and with purpose. Don’t linger and don’t zoom right past him.

5) Be approachable

You have to appear approachable if you ever want your crush to approach you. If you have followed the suggestions above, you are already most of the way there. Along with being confident and fun, you have to be friendly. He needs to know you are open to engaging in a conversation with him, this is an easy way on how to get a guy to like you. Being approachable is easy. When he looks at you, just smile a modest yet noticeable smile and bat those eyelashes just faintly.

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6) Make your presence known/Talk to him

A lot of guys won’t approach a girl because they are shy or afraid to get shot down. There’s nothing wrong with making the first move and introducing yourself. Saying “hello” when one of you enters a room and “see you later” when one of you leaves is a good start. He will start to notice you and in turn, approaching and talking with you will become more comfortable.

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7) Linger in his mind

You have succeeded in getting his attention and making conversation easy. Now, you want to remain in his thoughts when you aren’t around each other, that’s how you are going to get a guy to like you.

The quickest way to keep a guy thinking about you is some mild flattery. Give him the occasional compliment; it could be about a new haircut or the shirt he has on. You could even slip in something about how cool the color of his eyes are or mention how he must be a gym fanatic because he is so fit.

Another way on how to get a guy to like you is through flirty humor. Guys cannot resist a girl with a playful personality. Believe it or not, borderline harsh humor may just be the true way to his heart. Jokingly calling him a dork or playfully insulting him might just do the trick. A girl who doesn’t take things too seriously and is funny is super attractive. He will think back on how comical and laid back you are, and how much fun you had together.

8) Form a connection and Get to know each other better

The best way to get to know another person is to talk about yourself. You don’t want to overdo this and come off as conceited or self-absorbed, but mentioning a few fun facts about yourself should get him talking about himself a bit. Once you guys know a few things about one another, you will have things to talk about in the future.

9) Find common interests

Again, find common interests by talking about some of the things you like best. It could be food, a hobby, a sport, etc. This shouldn’t be too random, try talking about things that make sense to the current conversation or setting.
If you guys run into each other at a café, talk about something café related like your favorite place to get coffee or comment on the song that is playing. This should get him talking about his favorites in return and vice versa.

10) Do things together

When the time is right, you can use your knowledge of the things you have in common, and invite him to do something with you. For example: maybe you both like hockey. Put yourself out there and invite him to a hockey game, all these little things will contribute on how to get a guy to like you. It could be a group thing or just the two of you, but unless you want it to feel like a date, I would recommend making it a group thing. This the best advice on how to get a guy to like you.

11) Be mindful of the Friend Zone

In the process of getting to know each other better and at the start of hanging out with one another, you want to be mindful of the friend zone. You should be his friend, but you also want to let it be known that you don’t want to just be his friend.

You have to stay at the top of your game in order to get a guy to like you. Keep looking your best, keep giving him the occasional compliment, and don’t forget to be flirty and playful. Although you don’t want to overdo these things, you don’t want to under-do these things and wind up in the friend zone.

Make the next move

At this point, don’t be afraid to step your game up even more and tempt him.

12) Take flirting to the next level

Even throw in a few indistinct and indirect dirty jokes or comments to make him wonder. Smile whenever you see him. If he is in a group, save the best and biggest smile for him. Walk by him more often. As you don’t want to overdo it, this is a good way to make him notice you more. The more chances he has to watch you strut that good looking body of yours past him, the more he will do just that.

13) Make more eye contact

We all know this move. Look at him from across the room or at a distance; when he looks back at you, hold the glance for a few, and then smile and look away slowly. Tease him with your cute little glances, guys love women who are confident and by far this another great technique on how to get a guy to like you.

14) Increase physical contact

Physical contact has been proven to be a great way for intimacy and to get someone know more about you. How to get a guy to like you -Touch him in a more-than-friends kind of way. Lightly brush his arm when you are talking or playfully mess with his hair a little bit. This is the best way to give off the vibe that you are interested in and at that point, he will start to notice. Plus, if he likes it, he will want physical contact with you more often, and on different levels.

15) Hang out with him more often

After going out several times to watch a band perform or to visit an art gallery that you both like, ask him to hang out with you with little or no purpose for doing so. Ask him to come over to watch a movie or eat some pizza.

It isn’t necessarily about having to go do something, it’s about being in each others company. At this point, it’s time for the two of you to get comfortable being alone without a lot of distractions. Who knows, the night might end just the way you want it to and you might just get that good-night kiss you’ve been longing for.

If the first night doesn’t end the way you hope it will, stay at the top of your game and continue to spend time with him, and it will. Just have patience and remember that you can’t force things.

What to do if nothing else works

Hopefully, you have succeeded in getting him to like you by now. If all else fails, there are a few more things you can do. You need to get him to recognize his feelings for you. Unfortunately, there are only two real ways you can do this. There is a possibility you will have to do both of them.

How to make a guy like you: 2 Major things you must do


Make yourself less available to him

You may think this is the opposite of what you want to do, but it may be necessary to go out on a limb here and try some reverse psychology. Not only do you want to be less available to him, you want to give him the impression that you are okay with not having him in your life as much.

This will result in three things. The first, after the experience of not having you around as much, he will start to miss you. The second, he will begin to wonder why it is easy for you to spend most of your time away from him.

The third, he will try to wiggle his way back into your life because he does miss having you around and he wants to know more about why you are spending less time with him and why you seem to be okay with it.

Make him jealous

You will only need to make him jealous if making yourself less available doesn’t work. And yes, we all hate to go there, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. Besides, he will appreciate the efforts you took in order to get him to like you, later.

You don’t have to go overboard with this step. Simply plan a date and make sure there is a way he will find out about it. Make sure the date is a casual thing with no expectations, so no harm is done by not having a second date with this person.

This will definitely trigger those deeply rooted emotions he has for you. When he sees you sometime after your date, he will probably ask you about it. You should tell him the person wasn’t a good fit for you and that you sort of has your eye on someone else. If he doesn’t ask you, find a way to make it known.

When he asks who that person is, flirtatiously say “I think you already know” and gently stroke his arm or lightly place your hand on his chest. Once you do that, you are in.

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Note: You can’t force someone to feel a certain way, but the guidelines above make it more than possible on how to get a guy to like you.

Good luck ;)