How To Get Him Back Fast- 3 Crucial Things Guys Want You to DO


Did you ex dump you, or did you dump him, this is important. So, you are looking for tips on how to get him back? Whoever did the dumping is usually going to cope better with the breakup. The person who was dumped is usually not in such a good place.

If your lover has broken up with you and you really want to learn how to get him back, you need to start by focusing on yourself and get your life back together. If you succeed in winning back your ex, this is the payoff, however, you need to fix your problems, sort out why he broke up with you and accept responsibility for your part in the breakup.

It takes two to stuff up a relationship, so do not behave as if you did nothing wrong, because this could not be further from the truth. Do not kid yourself, if you stay in denial about your ex and the relationship, you might get them back, but it will not last. The following tips below will help you learn how to win him back fast?

How to win him back – 3 Tips To Use


Take some time off and do not chase him

Leave him if he broke it off. Once you recover and get your confidence and self-esteem back, you will be in a better position to negotiate a reunion. Cut off all contact and focus on your life and what you need to make yourself happy.

You will need to spend some time learning how to love yourself again. You also know full well, that if you have no self-love for yourself, you have no business asking someone for their love. Work on loving yourself, and then go after him with the intention of bringing you and him back together.

Give him Space

So now you need to think about your strategy to win him over. If you dumped him, then you might want to give him some time, he might be really hurt and angry. Time does heal and he may need this. You can let him know whenever you want him back in your life, but if he requests some time you need to let go for awhile.

If he dumped you, you should not contact him for at least two or three months. This is one of the best tips if you are really serious to learn how to win him back? He is going to need time to realize he needs you and loves you and you can convince him of this to staying out of his reach. Do not text, email or call and if he calls, let the machine pick up the call. If he does call and you answer the phone accidentally, be cheerful even if you don’t feel like it. Let him think that you are happy and getting on with your life. He will wonder why he has heard nothing from you, and believe me, his ego will be bruised because you have not been chasing him.

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Make Contact With Him

If you take the advice above, you might not need to be the one to make contact. He will be curious about the fact that he hasn’t heard a peep out of you and he will probably call you. This is your chance, invite him for coffee and have a catch-up chat.

Keep it light and breezy, not heavy stuff and no relationship talk. Change the subject immediately if talk goes down the road of too personal. By the third coffee or lunch date, you should tell him how you feel. Delaying this any further is a waste of time, and you want answers so you can move forward with your ex or concentrate on your new life without him.

If you did the dumping, you are going to have to be very clear that you made a mistake and that you still love your ex. He will either agree to work things out or not and if he’s sure about this then you should back off. Tell him you are happy to be friends and you are also happy to give him some time if he needs it.

Do not try to emotionally blackmail him or manipulate him. This is dishonest and you will lose in the end. People usually know when they are being played, your best bet is to be as open and honest as possible.

How to get him back fast Video Tips?

Do you really want him back if the only reason he came back is that of guilt? Guilt is a wasted emotion and this is the last thing you want to base your relationship on. Be brave and take a leap of faith, if you love this guy, then you need to try, or you will never know. How to get him back fast or how to win him back  shouldn’t be difficult but require patience with the above tips you should be on your way to win him back