How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast-7 Steps Plan Women Should Use

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How to get your ex-boyfriend back fast can be very difficult. Strange, that some people are still alive after they break up, knowing that they used to say that ‘I’d die without you. An ex-boyfriend is an ex because it was not working, but, after time you realize that you still love him and you want to get him back. The question is does he miss you enough to want you back and if he does how do you get him back fast?

There are some tips to get your ex-boyfriend back because it is well worth the try. You must begin by making a checklist and to rethink your love and what actions to take to attract him again. One of the best ways to learn how to get your ex-boyfriend back fast is to forgive him. What was your reason for breaking up? How bad was it that you can’t forgive him, take him back, and start with a clean slate.

A checklist should help you think about ways in which you can win him back. Questions might involve, what would you do differently if you got him back or did you do your best to make the relationship work. Other checklist questions might include when your relationship was really working and you both felt great, what did he love most about your being together and what went wrong?

After pondering and crying, get up and brush yourself off and begin your plans on how to get your ex back fast. There are some personal changes that need to take place. Change is not easy because we all believe that we are nearly perfect, just the way we are. But, if you want your ex back, then let’s make some suggestions for change, which will also keep you from continually breaking up.

How to get him back fast – 7 Tips You Must Use


1) Understand why the break up happen

In terms of character and emotions, look in the mirror. Were you too jealous, too moody, too demanding, too nagging, or did you not give him the space he asked for? Whatever it was, when you see him again, he needs to see that you have changed. He needs to see that you are different. However, the real purpose in change, is to better yourself, don’t change just for him.

2) Make changes on your life and look different

The next course of action on how to get your ex boyfriend back is to look different, even sexier. Men are turned on by what they see. Perhaps after a month or two, of not seeing each other, and then when you do – he will be blown away by how much prettier and sexier you look. This may sound shallow, but it works! This can be a crucial step toward getting your foot in the door, by throwing him a sexy hook, then having him bite. Re-style your hair, go to the nearest retail, cosmetic counter and have them give you a makeover.

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3) Do not let him back into your life right away after you see him

Buy an above the knee sensual dress. His desire for you will return quickly. Also, the change in looking different when you see him is to not let him back into your life right away. Yes, you really miss him and you really want to get him back – but don’t do it, at least not yet. Let him pine and drool over how great you look. You both still need some time to appreciate each other, which means don’t you call him constantly after your meeting, instead, take your time and let him think about you and desire you all over again.

4) Do not Unfriend him on Social Media

In modern society, we have to address the Facebook issues. Do you de-friend him or not? Another secret to get your ex back is not to un-friend him, but also do not stalk him on social media websites.

Facebook allows its members to follow their ex, through their ex boyfriends friends, family, or the ex themselves. Don’t become a cyber sleuth because it will only cause confusion and anger, especially with the comments that ‘other’ people post about your ex. Up to 33% of ex’s use of Facebook to keep track of their former partners. If you are using Facebook to spy, you are only exposing yourself to information that will intensify your heartbreak, especially if you run across information about him, like he has a new friend or he has stated something negative about you.

5) Dress to Impress him

Have sex or not to have sex? What happens when you have employed all of the above tips and he seems very interested, as a matter of fact, he is inviting you over to his place or he makes a suggestion to go back to your place. This may put pressure on you, but this is what you wanted, right? Yes, so let’s do it right – that lingerie that you purchased, just for this occasion is going to blow his mind.

Your whole aura and energy needs to keep him excited so that great old memories flood back or you are about to make new memories. The things that you use to do, plus sexual secrets that he use to talk about, are now a part of your arsenal and you are more than willing to perform. Think about what you could do to show him why he should not have left you and this will double your chances of getting him back.

6) Don’t take anything for granted

The goal isn’t just to get your ex back, but that you want him to stay. Couples often have sex again, once or twice, but their relationship still doesn’t work out. Don’t take anything for granted. Make sure he experiences a lovemaking night that he will want to continue, even when you both wake up in the morning.

In the morning there is a smile on your face and undoubtedly on his, you are not remembering anything negative, you will not talk about the past. Just talk about him and ask him what is going on in his life, how he’s doing, and perhaps remind him of something special that only you know about him that you can both laugh about it. Remember, to just keep your conversation light and breezy, because you are different, you physically, mentally and emotionally changed.

7) Patience is the key to win him back

It looks like he is coming around and mentions that maybe you two should give it another try. You have been seeing each other a couple of times and it seems like it is working. Wait, just a minute – people that get back together have a tendency to go back to their old ways because neither of you have really made any changes in your lives. To win your ex back, remember to keep up with the changes that you have made to make him interested in you all over again.

Every relationship is different and may require different approaches. The changes that you made should also be reflected in him, did he change also. After all, you are not married, so he could easily call your relationship quits again, if he feels like it is not working. That is why communication is very important. Talk to each other in a relaxing and calming atmosphere and not with hostility or anger.

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The above tips will help you to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back fast. Remember to treat him with more understanding, interest, trust, and not to take your relationship for granted. Your relationship must be watered like a flower to grow and to continue to re-bud every year.