87 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

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Being in a relationship can be the most amazing thing ever. Memorable moments are created that may last forever. Other than what you intend to do, it is important to find cute things to say to your girlfriend and match your actions with the right words just to make sure that smile on her alive in the long-term.

Romance is not just about actions considering you may not be present at all times. However, even with the distance between the two of you, words definitely work magic and impress her. They not only express one’s emotions but also make her feel wanted and positive about herself and the relationship.

Appreciating the little things in life will get your girlfriend to not only feel appreciated but also willing to do more. Keep in mind that the things you say to your girlfriend are similar to the last ingredient that makes your meal delicious. Without it, there would be nothing special about the dish.

Similarly, you may be in a relationship with your girlfriend, but you definitely need to spice things up to keep the relationship alive. In addition, you can also keep her thinking about you just as you are thinking about her. After all, where is the fun in a one-sided relationship?

The Importance of Complimenting Your Girlfriend

The ability to verbalize your feelings romantically is a definite plus as it brings you and your girlfriend closer. Other than the obvious “I love you”, you need to keep the fire burning and make an extra effort. Change is good and it will keep her anxious as it breaks the monotony. However, it should be realistic even when you are raising a sense of humor.

The following are some cute things you can text or say to your girlfriend. Keep in mind that how you say them add a whole lot to delivery making them cute and sweet. This makes the comments elaborate better your actions and intentions. They are cute yet sexy, sweet and have a sense of humor to keep her intrigued.

Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

  1. Forever is not long enough to have you by my side.
  2. Without you, I have nothing to hold on to.
  3. There is no me without you as you complete me.
  4. You are a treasure that cannot be hidden as you shine so bright.
  5. If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you. I would be a competitor to the World Bank.
  6. Can’t wait to see you.
  7. Allow me to lick off some ice cream off your belly, as it tastes even better.
  8. As usual, I can count on you to make me smile even when everyone is being negative about the current happenings.
  9. Losing you is not an option.
  10. Nothing can get you off my mind even in the afterlife.
  11. I sent out a MOST WANTED poster, as the world needs to see your beauty so I can brag I am the only person who gets to do so in person.
  12. I cannot stop thinking about you even if I was guaranteed to hit the jackpot if I did.
  13. You are my darling and you reflect on my entire world.
  14. When I am around you, nothing else matters.
  15. You are my addiction and I would not mind being an addict so long as it is you.
  16. You are not just everything I ever wanted I a girlfriend but much more than I bargained for.
  17. I will grow old right by your side.
  18. I love it when you sexy eyes look straight at me.
  19. I am your genie in a bottle and I do not mind granting you any wish without a limit.
  20. You look sexy in right about any outfit.
  21. You are the definition of beauty and glamor.
  22. If I did not know better, I may bet that you can read my mind as you get every aspect of what I need right.
  23. When I am around you, everything is perfect.
  24. I did not believe in luck until I met you and it has been just that up until now. You make a horseshoe seem unlucky.
  25. Share the secret. You always look beautiful.
  26. It may never be too late, but I wish I had met you earlier.
  27. Other than being my lover, you are also my best friend.
  28. You are my soul mate.
  29. Every time I touch you, I feel all weak and helpless. After all, you are by my side.
  30. Spending time with you is the only time well spent.
  31. I cannot seem to stop reaming about you.
  32. I consider myself a champion as I have you.
  33. It is because of you that I want to be a better man.
  34. I go crazy every time you just look at me.
  35. It feels all warm and cuddly when you hug and put your arms around my neck.
  36. I love every bit of you.
  37. You pulled me out of my lonely and empty life and you have helped me high.
  38. I have a perfect life knowing that I am coming home to meet your beautiful self.
  39. I cannot stand it when you seem low because I know my world is cramping up on me.
  40. Every time I close my eyes, I get a clearer image of you.
  41. You smell amazing.
  42. Your hair rubs off on my shoulder and chest when we cuddle that I do not want to let go of you at any moment.
  43. Every time we meet, it feels like the very first time and I get all excited just the same.
  44. I would love to wake up only to see your lovely face every day.
  45. Everyday, I want to be able to do more just to make you happier.
  46. You are God sent.
  47. I would love to kiss every inch of you.
  48. I love to watch you laugh not only because you are cute but also because the joy rubs off on me.
  49. The thought of you makes me want to grab you and hold on to you tighter than ever.
  50. While many celebrate valentines once a year, I celebrate it across the year as long as you are by my side.
  51. Amazing is an understatement when referring to you as I do not know what to do if you walked away.
  52. I love it when you get all naughty but I cannot stand punishing you, as you are so cute. It would be an offense too.
  53. I love making out with you as my body gets helpless yet stronger than ever.
  54. Whether you are giggling or laughing out loud, it sounds like heaven.
  55. I love watching you sleep. The peaceful state is a match to none and it feels great to be the one to be right there to experience it.
  56. I could not understand why I felt so empty but since you walked into my life, I can clearly understand what the void is all about and I thank you for completing me.
  57. Just a hug from you and I want to hold you forever.
  58. I know I have someone I can count on through my life since the very first day I met you.
  59. Thank you for being a part of my life and making it even better.
  60. I could stare all day at you because your spark drives me off the wall.
  61. You are everything any man would die for but too bad for them. I have the privilege of keeping you all to myself.
  62. It is thanks to you that I believe in love.
  63. Ever since I met you, I knew you would bring me much more than joy.
  64. Every positive effort I make is being driven by the thought of you. I would definitely not do what you would not do.
  65. I did not have a role model until you came along and showed me the way.
  66. I would hold you all my life if I could just to make sure that I do not lose you.
  67. You are a rare jewel that is second to none and this makes you irreplaceable.
  68. You compliment me and if I had the option to have you by my side at all times I would take it hands down.
  69. You must be the angel that was sent to watch over me.
  70. Everything about you is appealing to me. Your smile, laughter as well as your beauty.
  71. Your company is much more than companionship and I look forward to spending my life with you.
  72. You are a rose that stands out amongst other roses.
  73. You are the queen who runs this castle. It may seem small but it is everything I have.
  74. I just called to say how much I miss you already.
  75. You are the missing piece of my life puzzle and I am glad I met you when I did.
  76. You will always be my baby even as we age and gray.
  77. I sleep with a smile on my face just knowing that you are everything I want and need.
  78. I need to figure out how to let you cage the whole of me and not just my heart because it feels good.
  79. Every time we are spending time together, you make me feel like I own the world.
  80. Nothing else seems to matter as long as I hold your hand tight close to me.
  81. Why watch the movies when I can come home to you and lay right next to my piece of art?
  82. I want to make out all night long just to be closer to you.
  83. I love it when you whisper into my ear as it turns me on.
  84. Taking a nature walk with you only makes nature better and brighter.
  85. I am at your every command, so you can wish away and watch as I fulfill them.
  86. Every kiss is a memory to preserve as it always feels like the very first time our lips touched sending chills through my entire body.
  87. Giving up on my dream girl is giving up on every dream I have had.


Why You Should Say Sweet Things To Her

Many may feel like this is an art that requires creativity, but you will notice that it will come to you when you can use some of the lines above. It is said that men have few words but being able to express yourself in the right manner will give you a heads start, will make a girl happy. While you cannot stop thinking of her, you can also make it vice versa and make it a long-term relationship by finding cute things to say.

Spice up your romance and make your girlfriend feel like you are the only one for her. Shakespeare left a landmark not in what he did but in what he said and in how he said it. It will keep the flame of the relationship burning and your love life at peace.

She remains happy and you also become happy. There are quite a number of sweet things to say to her to her blush and lighten up as well as spark things in bed.