Do Girls Like Shy Guys-Reasons Why They Do


Bold men are something else but this does not mean that the shy guys do not have what it takes to capture the attention of ladies.

It is easier to grab the attention when you are bold but it can be tricky to grab the right attention when you are shy,but the question is do girls like shy guys?

However, it is important to note that shy guys definitely get noticed but it is difficult to approach them and it is for this reason that women may stay away. You can use your shyness to your advantage and once you master the art of being charming even when you are shy.

The question, do girls like shy guys is debatable depending on what comes with being shy. On a large scale, girls do like shy guys. Do not give up yet on the girl you fancy.

It is difficult for a girl to admit that they like shy men. Most of the time, women will go on and on about some bold guy but you will rarely hear of a group of girls speaking with enthusiasm about a shy guy.

The difference is that talking about the shy guy is more reserved. Girls talk about shy guys all the time. It is important to note that different personalities have different preferences. In this, there are other factors that are considered. Looking at this, the following are reasons girls will like shy guys.

5 Reasons Why Girls Like Shy Guys


1) They tend to listen more

Shy guys may not be have a lot to say but these makes them great listeners. Girls love men who listen to them. Their shy attitude has them speaking less but the few statements they make count for every moment. Most of the time, they will listen to the girl and they are more than willing to do so. They actually enjoy just listening and finding out more about the girl.

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2) They are very attentive

Being attentive is all rounded and is not limited to communication. While they listen more they will also notice everything that goes on around you. They will notice that you changed your hairdo, or that you prefer water to juice. Detail impresses girls and shy guys offer this more than often.

3) They rarely take things for granted

There are things that every man will compliment a girl about. Her hair, her nails, or her dressing. But there are some aspects that you may think are not even noticeable. Shy guys do not think that anything should be left out.

It is not just about looking for an aspect that will flatter you. Instead, they tend to appreciate everything about you. They are also concerned about everything that concerns you.

When you want to move, they get into detail on why and where you will be moving. Having a flu is also a concern for them. They will be there for you especially when things are tough and it feels like you are losing it. They will also be able to recognize when you are feeling low no matter how much you try to hide it.

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4) They react positively depending on the situation

Shy guys are not about all talk. This character trait is naturally within them but they compensate the less talk with actions. For example, he may allow you to talk as much as you would want with very little contribution from his end but you will notice that he remains engaged in the conversation.

He will smile, laugh, nod in agreement or denial, but will not pretend to be listening while he is not. His active participation without the use of too many words will intrigue so many women.

5) They enhance the aspect of mystery

Girls like men who do not hold out some aspect of themselves and wondering what could be surrounding the thought turns on girls. You will notice that shy guys will take time to reflect even and absorb your point of view in a discussion.

It is not just about keeping the conversation going but about bringing the best out of the conversation. This trait comes out naturally in shy guys and it give the girls something to figure out.

Why do girls like shy guys?

Looking at the above reasons, it is interesting to know that shy guys do not have to be boring. While it can be difficult for shy guys to communicate verbally but they are quite interesting. They will not only give the necessary attention you need if not more than you bargained for. While it is easy to notice the talkative and outgoing men, you must agree that the impact can be short lived.

On the other hand, a shy guy will leave a lasting impression even though they will talk less. They have a way of leaving a greater impact with less words.

Do Girls like shy guys is a question that will continue to go on for many shy guys. If you have been wondering whether girls like shy guys, the above points out that they do and why they do.