9 Good First Date Ideas With Best Romantic Places

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You are looking forward to having your first date and you are not sure of what to do or even where to have it. Unlike the monotonous ideas where the first thought is taking her out dinner or a movie, it is about time that you go for other original first date ideas and spice up your first date.

You want it to be memorable and even better; you want it to lead to other dates. The following are some first date ideas you can explore depending on their availability and your comfort zone. Many are not expensive so you do not have to go to a five-star hotel just to make your intentions.

9 Best Date Ideas You Can Do


1) Visit the beach

The beach is open to all sorts of fun yet you can enjoy yourselves. Remember to pack your picnic basket and swimsuit. The environment is conducive and none of you has to feel pressured. If the water is too much for your liking, you can still enjoy the sand as well as long walks on the beach simply talking and catching up.

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2) Suggest horseback riding

Whether you have riding experience or not horseback riding is always part of some good date ideas for a first date. It gets even better when both of you are not so familiar with horse riding. This is because the mistakes you make will leave to be memorable. Rent two horses and if you will not be learning to ride, then you can follow a trail and ride as you talk and get to know each other better.

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3) Visit a carnival

First dates are not to be enclosed. This is major because you do not know each other too well. If you are looking to have a great date with lots of activities, the carnival is a great idea. Buy two tickets and while inside, play a few games and win your partner some prizes. This is healthy competition and everyone would love some fun. You also get to know each other.

4) Bungee jumping

For individuals who love the adrenaline rush, going bungee jumping will do the trick. You can fall off the cliff together or you can choose to fall off separately. The thrill is worth every minute you are in the air. If your hearts will not be racing at the end of the jump, you will definitely want to take the second jump.

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5) Attend a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun and mysterious. The element of surprise is fun and captivating. For a first date, this would be a great idea especially if you are not too close. He adventure is bound to allow you have fun. For a couple, the idea is not to find the hidden treasures but to spend time together doing something constructive.

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6) Visit the zoo

The zoo is not just for kids. This will help you get around while at the same time ensuring that you have something to look at. All the animals have a story to tell and you may never tell if you will see an animal you have not even heard of before. This makes it fun and a learning experience for both you and your partner. You are bound to witness funny as well as scary images at the zoo.

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7) Watch the sunset

If you are looking for a romantic date idea, watching the sunset should be considered. Identify a position with a great view; pack a blanket and some snacks. As the color changes with the setting of the sun, this view is a romantic date idea and it may just warm things up. Normally, this goes very well with a quiet environment in the outdoors.

8) Go bowling

If both of you are sporty, it is best that you go out and bowl. While there are several other sports, not many will accommodate the two of you. In addition, bowling is fun with less restrictive terms and regulations. It is ideal even for beginners so there is no worry if you have no idea how it goes. The bottom line is that the two of you have fun and live to remember it.

9) Attend a concert

Concerts are good first date ideas as long as the concert is a preference for both of you. Get two tickets and surprise your date. It is best if the concert is in the evening so that you can avoid the dark, which for first dates does not translate too well.

How to come up with good first date ideas?

You no longer have to worry about your first date. Maybe on what you have to wear but depending on the venue and idea that should be easy to shortlist what is in your wardrobe. Depending on your date’s personality, picking out an idea will not be so difficult. All the above first date ideas will not drain all your savings but will be fun and if you are looking to secure more dates, they will work in your favor.