How to finger a girl – the best sex tips


The art of fingering a girl derives results that are arousing and appealing for both you and the girl. However, it is important that it be done gently and in the right way if you are going to receive outstanding results to please her.

Before you can get started, it is advisable that your hands and fingers are well groomed and clean. This is because you will be playing with a very sensitive organ, the vagina. Below is a guide on how to finger a girl.

4 steps on How to finger a girl


1. Get your woman wet

This is in preparation for fingering her. The vagina comes with elastic properties and when she is not aroused, it contracts and it can be difficult to penetrate through without hurting her. This is why you need to get her wet.

Getting her wet provides for lubrication and acts as a sign that you are doing something right to arouse her. There are options for using other forms of lube but this can be interruptive. It is therefore advisable that you work with her natural juices. Foreplay will help you arrive at this result.

2. Get into her vagina

Once you can feel her juices on your fingers, you know that it is time to make the next move. Keep teasing her (play with her thighs and pussy lips) to make her horny and you can gradually enter one finger slowly into her vagina.

Slide it in with the help of her juices, which you had as you played with her vagina lips just to make sure that both your finger and she are wet. Take it slow initially and with time and her response, you can pick up the pace. As she gets more relaxed and comfortable, you can stay inside longer.

With time, you will notice that her vagina is relaxing and opening up. At this point, you can add a second finger. If you want to turn your fingers, try doing it from the outside. Slide them out, turn them and then slide them back in.

Fingering her goes very well with other techniques such as kissing and touching her other sensitive body parts such as her breasts to prevent her from drying up. In this, keep playing with her body.

3. Identify the rights points of stimulation

The vagina also has some sensitive areas and it is these areas that you want t target if you will get a girl to orgasm. There are two major areas to look out for, for stimulation. These are the G-spot and the deep spot.

The G-spot is about 2 inches into the vagina whereas the deep spot is further in into the vagina. Press your fingers into her vaginal wall and with her reaction, you will know that you hit either of the two points. If she is lying on her back, press upwards and vice versa when she is lying on her belly.

As you are pressing, do not make it rough, instead, start by being gentle then gradually make the presses more firm. Make it rhythmical as you press and release. Watch to see if she gasps deeply or instantly breathes in. these are signs that you definitely got on to her spots.

4. Watch her orgasm

For this process, the girl will indicate when she does and depending on some signs, you will know that she is ready and on her way to an orgasm. Her vagina will increase in wetness, her walls will relax the more and she will want you to keep going even the more.

However, this is not the end of the journey. As you notice this signs, you do not stop at this, you will keep fingering her, but you will need to slow down just a little bit. Drive your fingers in and out, as if you are trying to get her juices out in the open. Be gentle and it is advisable that you keep playing with her clit. Do this until she takes a deep breath and she becomes passive

Fingering a girl quick tips

How to finger a girl is not as complicated but there are pointers you need to keep in mind such as:

  • Maintain hygiene by ensuring you are clean
  • Get rid of sharp long nails as they may hurt her
  • Fingering come with better results if you can incorporate more sexual activity such as caressing her
  • Get her to relax before you can go any step further


To finger a girl, the main aspect is to get her comfortable around you and arouse her. Fingering can derive more pleasure for a girl as compared to sexual intercourse but only if you do it right. However, it is important that as you finger her, you observe her reaction as it will indicate if she is in pain or enjoying the pleasure. The above guide should enable you to get her to orgasm simply through fingering her.