How to flirt with a guy over text- 6 Crucial Tips You Must Use

How to flirt with a guy over text

How to flirt with a guy over text shouldn’t be a challenge if you know how to do it right   .Guys have a naughty side that will help them flirt and make it sound like it is everything a woman needs. The difficult part is when you have to flirt back. It gets even more complicated when you have to text flirt especially for shy girls.

How to flirt with a guy over text

Women however need to have a limit on how far they can go and still allow the guy feel like he is in control. In addition, every girl should realize that the aim of flirting not to sound or act as a slut but to tease. If you are looking to do it in the right way, the following tips will help you understand how to flirt with a guy over text and make it work in your favor.


6 Tips To Use When Flirting with A Guy


1. Look to compliment him or something about him

When looking to learn  how to flirt with a guy over text you need to try to make them feel good. Men have an ego and if you can make them feel good about themselves, then you have the key to a whole lot when looking to compliment them. Be sweet to him and appreciate even those things that you think are petty.

While the guy may find it easy to express himself and flirt, when they get the response that you give can kill the conversation or keep it going. To get you started, appreciate what he is good at or what you like about him. However, if you overdo it, you are likely to get him thinking you are talking about a totally different person.

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2. Keep the messages short and simple

It is advisable that you ensure your messages are short and simple. There are several advantages related to keeping texts short and simple including, you are less likely to make errors, you will keep him guessing to arouse that curious aspect, and you will keep the conversation going. By not spilling out your beans, he will want to find out more and you will find reason to flirt over text effectively.

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3. Use emojis/ emoticons

Emoticons are a great way for a girl to text and flirt without using any words. The more common emoticons you can use when flirting include the smiley faces and blush faces. They are also fun to use for both you and him.

He will place the wording in and he will be able to express what he thinks in return. Remember, he still needs to stay in control over the conversation. They have a positive impact and knowing that you are smiling or blushing creates confidence in a guy. Deliver his expectations and he will deliver yours.


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4. Avoid conversations that suggest you always want to meet

The aim of flirting via texts is not only to get naught and suggestive but to also to keep the distance between the two of you interesting. Texting can be a lot of fun and it serves its purpose but if you want to destroy its purpose, keep suggesting that you should meet every time you are texting.

This prevents you from sounding desperate or like the texting is boring and you do not like it. Try to maintain your charm, it is an asset and you can use it to your advantage. Instead of suggesting that you meet, you can try to play hard to get. This has a way of playing with a guy’s mind in a nice way.

how to flirt with a guy over text

5. Master the art of mystery

Mystery is a key player when flirting with a guy over text. Mystery will help you play with the guys mind in a positive manner. This makes you strong and men love emotionally strong women.

Do not let out everything about you in the first few text messages. This will not only destroy the conversation, but it will turn him away as there is nothing exciting about the conversation. Let him keep guessing about stuff but try not to appear as a stalker.


6. Being clingy is a “NO” go zone

One key trait for a girl to remember is that you should not be clingy. It is not only a turn off but you may appear as a stalker. In the event that you start a conversation and he takes longer than you expected to send a reply, do not go hysterical, and send ten texts one after another wondering why there is no response.

If you are looking to learn how to flirt with a guy over text, don’t act desperate. Give him some time, as he may be busy or worse he may not be in the mood.Whichever the reason, you being clingy and insisting on sending texts only make your position awkward.


How to flirt with a guy over text to let him know that you like him


Flirting with a guy  does not have to be complicated and you can make it work in your favor but only if you can do it in the right way. The key is to keep your charm alive and he will probably take the wheel and help you to keep the conversation going. Depending on the guy’s likes and dislikes, it is best that you work on your creativity.

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