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How To Get A Girl to Chase You: 10 Things Women Want You To Have


Sometimes they are hard to understand. Some men simply don’t know what a girl wants in a man. It is always a tradition for a guy to seek a woman instead of the other way around. Guys make a lot of effort to attract the right woman in their lives. What if I told you there are ways to get a girl to chase you. I bet you are wondering how to get a girl to chase you? It is really not that hard. All you have to do is prove that you are a guy worth pursuing. You can easily do that by following these eight tips that I am going to mention.

how to get a girl to chase you


10 Tips to get a girl chasing after you


1. Confidence

Confidence is key when you are trying to learn how to get a girl to chase you. No woman wants a man that is insecure. You can show a woman that you are confident by having strong, confident body language. Avoid having excess body movements like fidgeting or acting nervous around her. Showing that you have confidence in yourself will attract her to you. So walk with your head held high and with some swag and in no time you will have a girl chasing you.


2. Girls Want What They Can’t Have

Sometimes girls look down on guys that are a ladies man but being a ladies man can be beneficial to you. Woman want what they can’t have. Don’t get to caught up on trying to focus on getting one girl to like you. Make sure you hang out with different girls. Seeing other girls around you will naturally make a girl want you even more. Meet girls at clubs or sign up for online dating. Focus on all of the amazing woman out there. By having girls to choose from you will instantly become more attractive to women.

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3. Compliment Her

Complimenting a girl can get her to chase you. Girls love being flattered and talked to in a loving way. Don’t compliment her too much though because it will make it seem like you are chasing her. Compliment her about the right things because if you comment only on her appearance she may think you just want something physical from her and you do not want that to happen. How to get a girl to chase you? Make her feel like she is special, and she will want more.


4. Hang Out With Your Boys

Having a social life can also get a girl to chase you. Let her see your social life and how cool you are but make sure you are not cocky. It will turn her off, and she would definitely not be chasing you. Keep yourself slightly distant, and she will become attracted to you knowing that she is not the center of your attention. Don’t be a bad boy or treat them mean or completely ignore them because that would hurt their feelings and they would feel confused. Just keeping a little distance would make a girl want you more.


5. Drop Little Hints

Girls can be clueless sometimes about what a guy is thinking. Dropping little hints such as what you like in a girl can get a girl to chase you. Using some qualities that the girl you are talking to has can make her think she is a good fit for you. Don’t be obvious and flat out say what you like about her you should be vague. This will make a girl want to be the right one for you and chase you as a result.


6. Tell Others

A good way to make a girl chase you is to tell others you are interested in her. You may find out from mutual friends that she does have feelings for you. Which will make it easier on you and you can sit back and let her chase you? Do not seem desperate, though; that is a big turn off for any girl. Telling mutual friends can give you the confidence you need to know that you do not have to work so hard to get a girl to like you.


7. Be Friendly

Girls like it when guys are friendly. You want to be approachable, or a girl will not chase you. If you seem friendly and are open to conversation, she will most likely come talk to you first. Not every girl likes the bad boy type. A girl wants to talk to a guy that is sweet and caring, and if you have those qualities, you will be worth chasing.


8. Have Your Life Together

A girl likes a man that is mature and very successful. Having a good education and a career can make a girl chase you. No girl wants a man who is not going anywhere with his life. Creating goals and achieving them can bring the right girl to you. You don’t have to go out and become a heart surgeon but just have your life together that will make girls want to chase you.


9. Don’t Be Too Clingy

Everyone needs room to breathe. Being around a girl is nice, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Give girls a chance to yearn for you and seek you out. Let them come after you when you are giving them space. Seeming to desperate can also cause a girl not to chase you. As the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


10. Focus On Yourself

Once you get to the point where the girl that is chasing you is talking to you regularly, you should ease back a bit. Don’t ignore her just play it cool. Once you realize you guys have had some time apart and have not spoken in a while, she will be missing you. She will message you first and seek you out which means she would be chasing you. Flirting and playing the game right can also keep her wanting attention from you. Just remember it is not good to stay too distant because she will not chase you. Keep your cool and focus on yourself, and she will be at your door.

How to get her to chase you: short term and long term goal you need to set

Finding the right girl can be a daunting task. Sometimes it’s nice not to be the average guy and chase a girl. Let the right girl take the first step for a change. These tips that I have given you will help you find the right girl. It may take some time to find that special someone but before you know it she will be coming right to you.