How to find a girlfriend may come as a simple task but not to the majority. While there are several women out there, it is actually a challenge to get a girlfriend. This is because the specifics define the different personalities you are looking to find.

Even for the more confident men, the thought of “will I ever find love” cannot stop bothering them. If you are looking to find the ideal woman that will match many of your traits, then you will need to be more specific in your search as well as being patient so as to find the best.

There are several places that you can meet women and use these tips to introduce yourself, but depend on the type of girl, you are looking for, then this process would be a little simplified. The first step would be to identify what you prefer in a woman then you are on your way towards finding the love of your life.

This does not mean that you will follow every step before you realize that she is the woman but what you point out will act as a guide to get you started.

How to find a girlfriend?

The following is how to get a girlfriend among the millions you come across.

Go out and meet girls

go out and meet girls

Before you can settle for a girlfriend, you will need to meet girls first. While looking at what you prefer or want for a girlfriend, you will find out that several women will come with the same features. In this, you can get started by being friends and not promising anything more. It is advisable that you do not start to ask every girl out once you meet her. You will seem desperate and the chances that every girl will avoid you are high.

As you meet girls, it is important that you show confidence. This trait is attractive to women and it is important that you do not look like you are off your guard. As you make conversation with several different women, you are more likely to sharpen your confidence around them. This also works as a defense mechanism as you do not feel the urge to desperately find a girlfriend.

When meeting girls, you are advised to meet as many as you can. It is advisable that you become social and go out a lot. Whether you prefer hanging out at the mall, taking drinks at the bar or going out to restaurants, it is best that you talk to them all. A simple hello will start great.

Assist someone

assist someone

Being nice around other people is a sure way of getting the recognition from girls. Whether it is she you are helping or another person, you will be building a good rapport with the woman you may fall in love with. In many cases, you are more likely to make a girl from the many that you meet than those who are far from you. Giving a helping hand, not only gets you noticed but it also builds a good and desirable reputation for you.

Embrace the probability that you may fail sometimes

While it is normal to experience the probability of being rejected, this should not pull you down. Go out there, meet girls, and no matter the outcome, do not let it get to you negatively. Instead, take it as a challenge and get back on your game.

Do not make excuses

As you get out, the chances that you will try to avoid some women for one reason or another. Its either she is not in your league; she looks too busy or something different to get you out of a conversation with a given girl. In an effort to try to perfect anything, you need to keep practicing. Rather than compromise the possibility of finding love, it is better than you try and fail than not try at all.

Be yourself

be the one you are

Living a lie is the worst thing possible not just for you but also if you are planning to find a girlfriend. Your potential relationship will not last long. This is because you will not be able to pretend to be what you are not all your life. Use your charm and stop trying to give what you think the girls want. After all, you will not be able to succeed in making belief with all women you come across.

Network and socialize

network and socialize

Create a network of people through socializing. The larger the network, the more people you’ll end up meeting. Through creating a network, you get to meet friends of friends as well. Some people tend to revolve around themselves and may not be sure of where to start socializing to expand their network.

A tip on where to get started would be to enhance on your hobbies. This is something you love doing and it will probably get the best of you. You having fun doing what you do best will attract people with similar traits and preferences? While the internet may give you a heads start, the real thing is more appealing as you are connected in a more personalized manner.

Address your physical outlook

address your physical outlook

How you look will fight either for you or against you. This is not to say that looks are everything but they play a major role in getting someone close to you in the initial stages. You need to address how you dress, the odor, neat and well-kept hair plays a key role in attracting women. In addition, your body structure will matter a lot.

Rather than going for designer outfits, the best approach would be to make sure that you are neat, clean with clothes that are not creased. Ensure that you shower on a regular basis, brush your teeth, as well as keep physical fitness. By looking good, you are also building our confidence, as you have nothing to worry about. This goes a long way into making the best of any situation.

Learn to compliment girls

learn to give a compliment

You need to learn how to make positive comments. Keep in mind that some comments may sound all right to you but tend to be offensive to others. In this, you need to learn how to compliment a girl and not offend her. This may become complicated when trying to compliment a body part.

It may come off defensive depending on how you approach as well as depending on her state of socialism. It is also advisable that you adopt a more general conversation that will limit how much you can compliment. Some aspects you can compliment include a skill she has, a trait you find fulfilling, or a talent you noticed.

Flirt appropriately

flirt appropriately

Remember, the key objective is to find a girlfriend and not simply pile up more friends. In an effort to try and avoid getting every girl you meet to think that she should be in the friend zone, it is advisable that you flirt slightly. This also does not tie them around you.

Identify the girl that caught your eye

Once you identify the girl, you have a thing for, do not waste more time but rather close the deal. In this, you finish the conversation but try to suggest another meeting. At this point, you are still not sure that the girl will accept your proposal. Whatever answer you get, you need to remain positive and move on.

Be assertive

Be your own man and try to make decisions while at the same time giving her the option to make suggestions. When you decide to call her for another date, it is important that you have something you may suggest that you can do. Call her and suggest a date while proposing some venues. If she does not like any of them, allow her to make a suggestion. Do not be bossy.

Go on a date

go on a date

It is now time to invite your girl out for a date. If you need some great suggestions, we recommend that you read our guide on how to make a perfect first date. In this case, it is important that it is a real date. Avoid the scenario where your first date is in a club and you are constantly asking to buy her more drinks. The first thing that will pop in her mind is that you are thinking about making out with her f not sleep with her. You are trying to find a girlfriend and not a one-night stand.

Suggest for dates that are more open, and in more quiet places. You could try going out for coffee or ice cream. If you really like this girl, you will ensure you ask her out on a date by calling her. Doing it through a text message or chatting makes it seem like a quick hookup. Just as you took the step and invited her out, ensure that you offer to pay for the meal or drinks.

Keep the suspense

After the date, avoid calling her back right after she leaves. Even when the date went perfectly fine, try to wait up until 24 hours are over. This is in an effort to avoid looking desperate and clingy. After the time apart, you can now call her to remind her that you did not forget about her.

Ask her out on a second date and more dates with time

go on a second date

The first date gets the two of you closer by allowing you get t know each other a little better. After conversing and chatting, and you are sure she still melts your heart, you have every right to request for more dates. You can do dinner now that you are more acquainted with each other. She will also be more comfortable.

Find more places/venues to go out on more dates. Keep this a repeat business and you will be fine. Just ensure that as much as you would have suggestions about where to go, she should be allowed to make decisions by herself.

Ask her to be your girlfriend

The several dates will help you identify if she is the right person for you. If you still weaken your knees when you meet, then you are ready to ask her to be your girlfriend. You no longer need to worry about finding love. No matter the manner in which you choose her, do not push her to provide a response. Just like with the first date, ensure that you do not do this via text or chat. You can go ahead and make her feel that she can take her time to give the response.

Exercise patience

exercise patience

There is nothing as pathetic as constantly demanding for an answer. It is advisable that you do not rush into a relationship.

How to get a girlfriend can be simple but it requires your patience and determination. In addition, you need to be open-minded. With these traits, you will be able to find yourself a girlfriend and even better fall in love.

How to get a girlfriend if you’re shy

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