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How To Get A Guy To Chase You: 10 Ways To Really Make Him Fall For You


How to get a guy to chase you shouldn’t be difficult for women to do. You probably have some girlfriends or know some women that can easily attract a man. Regardless if they are wearing no makeup or in plain clothes some women know the art of attracting men and they know their worth. By human nature men are most likely the ones that like to play the “hunter” role in the dating game but sometimes they need a little encouragement.

how to get a guy to chase you

If you are tired of lonely nights of watching Netflix by yourself or if you have a guy you are interested in there are ways you can get a guy to chase you. Many women want to know the secrets of how to get a guy to chase you. It is easier than you think. All you need to know is ten simple ways on how to get him to chase you.


10 Ways to Really Make  A Man Chase You


  1. Catch Him Staring At You

When a man stares at you, it is an easy way to know that he likes you. You can easily go up to a guy when you catch him staring at you and start a conversation, or he can get mesmerized by you as you walk by. Let him make eye contact with you and let him approach you instead. Walk by him and make eye contact with him, let him try to figure out who that beautiful girl is that just walked by. Sometimes playing hard to get is the best way to get a guy to chase you.


  1. Have Your Life Together

There is nothing more sexier to a guy when a woman has a career and is living her life to the fullest. Having something going for yourself can attract a man to you. Pursuing your passion or career can help you become worth knowing to a guy. If you focus on things that you care about instead of a guy, it will make a man want to be more focused on you. How do you get a guy to chase you? Keep a busy schedule because if a guy knows where you will always be then, he would be less likely to chase you. He will always know where to find you if you are always available and that is no fun.


  1. Have Self Confidence

Sometimes guys can be intimidated by a woman with a lot of confidence, but they are also attracted to them. Let them see how independent you are and how much you love yourself instead of always complaining or needing a guy to validate yourself. If a guy knows that you are comfortable in your own skin, then he would want to chase you because he knows that he will enjoy your company.

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  1. Master The Art of Flirting

You’ve got to know how to flirt if you want a man to chase you. You have to play with your hair, make eye contact, tease him a little bit and maybe even flatter him. You can touch him on the arm, laugh at his jokes or just be playful and fun when you are together. Flirting is supposed to spark interest, and it will give him a taste of what it would be like to be with you. It is important not to come on too strong, and the main key is to flirt with him then pull back. Make him really work for it.


  1. Let Him See You Getting Attention

Making a guy jealous is one way to get a guy to chase you. Do not talk about other guys all the time around him because it would be too obvious. Let him see you talking to other guys and be yourself when you communicate with them. Don’t touch the guys too much or laugh too much because that would make it look like you are trying to make him jealous. Just be natural when talking to other guys. Be interested in the conversation you are having with a guy, and it would really make him jealous. By human nature, men will want a girl more if they are desired by other men. The key is not to take it too far because he may think you are just a big flirt.


  1. Stay Attractive

Find your inner sexy and go for it. Get your nails, hair and makeup done and take really good care of yourself. This will get the attention of a lot of guys, and they would like to chase you. Just wearing a little lip gloss or lip balm and a big smile can really get a man’s attention. You don’t have to go out and buy a ninety dollar pair of skinny jeans, just simply wear something that you like or something that looks flattering for your body type. Taking care of your appearance will make a guy chase you because it shows that you value your self-worth and he would wonder who is that gorgeous girl?


  1. Don’t Always Be Available

If you always answer the phone when he calls or if you automatically tell him you are available to go out on a date when he asks you, he make think you have nothing going for you. He may only believe that you have time to hang out with him. If you want a man to chase you, then you have to have a lot going for you. You don’t want him to think you are always busy though because he may get bored. It is important to have a balance of being busy and being available to see him so he can stay interested in you. If he calls you do not always pick up on the first ring, let several hours go by before you give him a callback. The same rule applies for texting. Do not immediately text back if you want a guy to chase you. Always keep a little mystery as to where you are.


  1. Have Fun With Your Girls

Never neglect your girlfriends. Don’t be the type of friend who never hangs out with her girlfriends because you have a new man in your life. Seeing that you have other people in your life to spend time with can make him really attracted to you. You should have fun hanging out with your girls regardless of being in an intimate relationship. If a guy sees that you are hanging out with your friends, he would be attracted to you because you prioritize your friends. He also may become jealous because he would be wondering if other guys will approach you while you are hanging out with your girlfriends.



  1. Don’t Tell Him All of Your Business

Adding a little mystery can really make a guy chase you. If you give out too much too quickly, there would be no reason to pursue you. If you tell him everything he will think that it is really not worth the effort to get to know you, instead you should make him work hard for it. Only tell him one unique and interesting thing about yourself when you first meet him. Get him to want to get to know you. Men usually love it when a woman opens up to them. It makes them feel like they hit the jackpot, so the less you say, the better.


  1. Let Him Reach Out to You More

Like I mentioned before you should not always seem available. Let him reach out to you more. Let him call you and text you to say hi first. Wait for him to come up with some things you guys can do together. He will definitely want to chase you if you seem like you have more important things to do than wait for him to call.

Video Tips on how get him to chase you

As you can see how to get a guy to chase you shouldn’t be difficult when follow the above tips correctly. If a guy chases you and you fall in love with him, always keep him on his toes. The chase is never over. It does not mean that you should never talk about your feelings with him. It is just important not to get complacent with him. Keep things exciting and fresh in your relationship. Make him feel special and compliment him and always make him feel like he has to work for it.