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DufNet / Break up advice  / How to get your ex girlfriend back fast?

How to get your ex girlfriend back fast?

After a breakup, many would love to get their ex back. Though it may be difficult especially if you are the one in the wrong and you are not sure how to get your ex girlfriend back? you still have hope in getting her back. There are different approaches of doing it depending on several factors.

All these factors are not to be the reason of your concern. The key objective here is that you want her back and you should stop at nothing to get her. You will be glad to know that you will not have bring down the skies to do this.

The following are secrets on how to get your ex girlfriend back. This step-by-step guide will help you meet your objective.

How to get your ex girlfriend back:9 steps you must follow


  1. Reconnect via a text

Since the two of you have not been talking, it is advisable to try and attempt to reconnect with her. This is the first step and it is very important that you do it right. Before sending the text, ensure that you have allowed her time to cool down.


The absence of something you cared about may just make the situation conducive for you to make the move. Keep in mind that this is not the moment to make her feel that the reunion is based on bodily desires. The text should be simple and sweet to attract her attention positively. You may opt to remind her of special events that you shared. A response from her is your queue to move on to the next step.


  1. Do not rush

Rushing things will only freak her out. This is because everything you do raises suspicion before her eyes. It is important that you do not push her away by trying to rush things. At this point, identify the best opportunity to request for a meeting. It is important that it does not sound like a date (this is rushing). Taking it slow even rekindles the romance that once existed. It also makes her feel like she is in control, which is a good thing at this point. A positive response is your indicator to move on to the next step to get her back.

  1. Make a call

At this point, your confidence is growing stronger and things are getting hopeful but you are still not through with the journey. Make a call now since she is now open with communication. This will allow your voice speak tonnes on your behalf. This is like using one of her sixth sense to distinguish what exactly you want. Sound sincere though this should not be difficult since you have decided that you want to get her  back. Request for a casual date. If she accepts, do not get it twisted with that she is back. Play cool. If she declines, allow her more space and do not whine about it or start begging. This sense of responsibility and understanding may just get her rethinking. Remain calm.



  1. Show interest

Once you get her back in agreement with you over a casual date, make your basic intentions known. To avoid getting her mad, show interest by asking after her life. This is not about you but about her. Indicate that you know her just as she would expect. It is said that men do not listen. Showing that you were actually a part of the relationship despite the disagreement gives you a thumps-up. Ask her how she has been fairing and how some of her favorite activities are still holding up. This secret on how to get your ex girlfriend back will allow you get more information that you can use for the approach through this guide. Read now: How to get your ex girlfriend back?


  1. Take responsibility

This requires that you swallow your pride for the better of the two of you. Make an apology for what happened. This should only come out if you are sure of what exactly you did to prevent you from making a worse situation. Be sincere with yourself and make the apology real. The first thing about solving a problem is that you acknowledge what it is you did. If she had raised a concern about the relationship that you were initially not willing to address, this is the right opportunity to do so. A therapist may help you get through this step by helping you point out the main problem.

  1. Let the past lay

You have acknowledged your mistake and the last thing you can do is keep referring to the past. This will only refresh her wounds. It is time to mend and not time to rekindle the worst of the worst in your previous relationships. To get you started, you should put emphasis on the positives rather than the negatives. This raises good memories that are bound to jog her mind in the right direction in favour of you. Yes, everyone wants to live the good life and before you can live it, you need to identify what it is you mind first. Grab this secret to get your girlfriend back.


  1. Literally create a friendly environment

Show her that you are not just about getting back but about getting back to stay. You are looking for a new beginning for your relationship to last; you need your old time mutual friends to help you out on this on. In the presence of you mutual friends, you are more relaxed and laid back. The environment is conducive and all you are seeking is to give her a good time and allow her have time. As the tension goes down between the two of you, seek an opportunity to have some time alone with her. At this point, explain your intentions in detail as she has the time and peace of mind to listen and compromise. The two of you will open up and everything will flow smoothly from there if you agree on majority of the conversation.


  1. Do not bring up other dates

You have been apart for a while or even years and a lot must have happened during this time period. It is not in your position to alert her on what was going on. It did not involve her then and it should not involve her now. It is a habit that men think that by comparing her to other girls and making her look like she is the best thing contributes to such situations positively. This is a wrong move. It only makes her feel like an option and not a priority. Place the focus on her and do not bring up any previous dates after the two of you separated.


  1. Pronounce your romantic side

The recovery process started off as a friendly approach to ease her protective amour. It is now time to carry the victory home. You are now past that level and if you have gotten to this level, then things are good. Turn on your romantic side and act upon it. This may lead you to start sending her lovely flowers or a box of chocolates. Since you know her better, approach it by thinking of her favorite approach.

First  flowers you are sending her, make them her favorite. In an attempt to gain more favor, send this gifts to her office. This draws attention towards her and that attention makes her feel all warm inside. Her colleagues will throw in complimentary words, which will influence what she thinks of you.


  1. Make the next step and get serious to get your ex girlfriend back

If you are sure about what you feel for her, it is important that you seal things up with an engagement ring. This indicates that you are not willing to her at any cost and that you are worth keeping. Your commitment may have been the reason why she thought you were not serious about the relationship previously. This is a big step on how to get your ex girlfriend back and you need to be sure about it before you end up in the same situation where each one went their separate ways. Every woman would want to rekindle a relationship that is making progress and making the right decisions towards taking the right path.



Video of how to get your ex girlfriend back?

This is not for everyone depending on how the above steps go through.   By following this guide on how to get your ex girlfriend back, you would gradually rekindle what you thought was lost. It is important to note that it will take different times to complete the process. While other may take a shorter time, others may have to exercise patience and allow her more time to heal. While you may want to have you ex-girlfriend back, you need to stop looking back and comparing it to the present.


No matter what the issue that led to the breakup was, it is time to focus on your objective, which is to get her back. Looking at the above approach, you will not expect to have her back in just a week’s time despite how badly you want her. Do not whine or beg as it only makes you appear desperate. Patience is key as the time also allows you play your cards right to get your ex girlfriend back.


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